I can’t think of anything besides being lonely and wanting to see friends. The perpetually stubbled singer-producer- This song simply cannot be performed by an artist below the age of 25 because you feel the weight of Murphy's world experience and musical knowledge shining through. It is hard to realize but if you think about it, our IRL friends of now are most always totally different of the ones we used to consider as best friends when we were young. I quite identified myself with your first paragraph of well written analysis. Created Mar 29, 2013. LCD Soundsystem's subsequent single "All My Friends" included covers of the song by Franz Ferdinand and former Velvet Underground member John Cale. AIB to cut 1,500 jobs and close several Irish branches as part of cost-cutting measures, Sale of luxury castle in Kerry, described as "one of Ireland’s best kept secrets”, completed for €4.5 million. And, especially in this case, incredibly easy to relate to. At least with myself, I miss a lot of friends that have either moved on on their lives in a way I can't follow them anymore or had grown up in interests and singularities that ended up detaching our friendship of their priorities. 1. The American band LCD Soundsystem employs a unique style when it comes to their brand of electronic rock music. It's equally adept at filling dancefloors as it is tugging at your heartstrings and memories. All My Friends by lcd soundsystem: Listen to songs by lcd soundsystem on Myspace, a place where people come to connect, discover, and share. We check the charts And start to figure it out. There must be more. Compared to the first LCD Soundsystem album, Sound of Silver is less silly, funnier, less messy, sleeker, less rowdy, more fun, less distanced, more touching. The digital download "All My Friends" EP also includes a cover of the early Joy Division song "No Love Lost". The song even starts at a house party as some late night flirting develops into a relationship. We go back to your house. I suppose we are walking to a death-trap in regards to human presence, as we are more and more focused on ourselves instead of caring to the people who we like of. It was released as the second single from their second studio album Sound of Silver on May 28, 2007 and was written by Pat Mahoney, James Murphy, and Tyler Pope. What the hell is 'Stomp and Holler', and why does Spotify insist that you love it? It peaked at #41 on the UK Singles Chart. Online. Press J to jump to the feed. B-sides for the single include covers of the song by Scottish indie rock band Franz Ferdinand and former Velvet Underground member John Cale. You're too obscure, too niche or too different to be released on a major label. Lcd Soundsystem's LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends music video in high definition. Members. I always identified with him as a musician because he's the epitome of the underdog. "All My Friends" is a song by American rock band LCD Soundsystem. Your head isn't screwed on, that comes later. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. 3. Discover all LCD Soundsystem's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss and download. James Murphy has obviously written this song whilst on tour and it follows a night he spends with all his friends and he talks about how much he misses it. That's how long it took him between starting his first band and releasing the debut LCD album in '05. There's almost a loving nostalgia for those moments when "the sun comes up, and I still don't wanna stagger home" but things never escalate beyond there because of that nagging doubt that you want more. His success is proof that those people in suits who look at audience figures, demographics and trends for what's popular actually know nothing about what's good. So are we. But in middle age, priorities change and friendships fade, leaving him to wonder where is friends are tonight. My interpretation is that this song is about being nostalgic about how you used to hang out with your friends a lot, but you don't anymore. The song feels as if it has its finger firmly on the pulse of the times which is ironic because those two opening piano notes are enough to get any listeners pulse beating. Song information for All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem on AllMusic In “Someone Great,” Murphy takes you on a journey through the entire grieving process, starting at the very beginning — the moment you get that phone call. Would he top it? What does All My Friends mean? There's a point where late parties, drink and drugs just aren't what people are looking for because, as he says, " if I'm sewn into submission, I can still come home to this". To quote the songs opening lyric, "that's how is starts" because it's almost impossible to separate the lyrics of 'All My Friends' from James Murphy's own life. We'll be adding a new LCD Soundsystem live performance a week, so make sure you subscribe to ensure you don't miss one! Documentary on the story of hip-hop in Ireland to air on RTÉ tonight. Doors were closed in his face but he never gave up. You just have to find them. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. 7:42 PREVIEW All My Friends (John Cale's Version) 2. The song received acclaim from critics and was on many year-end lists. James Murphy was a man who had clearly heard lots of records, played even more, and knew what he liked. Riddled with nostalgia, this song finds LCD mainman James Murphy recalling his crazy younger years, which were filled with excitement and bad decisions. He was 32 when LCD's game changing debut was released. Narcissism ultimately leads to the shit hitting the fan and it does. Even if you were expecting it, even if you feared it was going to happen soon or were thankful it didn’t happen earlie… If you have never listened to LCD, “All My Friends” is its magnum opus, a bullet train of a song that’s undeniably one of the best of its generation. Lyrics submitted by Davids Bowie & Byrne, Brian Eno, post-punk, art-rock and techno were all present and name checked. As the twin centerpieces of Sound of Silver, “Someone Great” and “All My Friends” located a side of LCD Soundsystem that people didn't expect. “Someone Great” is a seemingly upbeat song. You'll have boozy nights, self involved moments and lose direction in the minefield that's your late 20's but there's always friends that can help you out. LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” was on Grantland’s bracket. Sound of Silver has some stunning tracks, Someone Great, North American Scum and Us v Them all spring to mind, but some songs have a unique ability to capture a period in people's lives. However I beg to differ with the rest of your opinion. If I could see all my friends tonight If I could see all my friends tonight Writer/s: James Jeremiah Murphy Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. They’re just good songs that sound great. The insistent, mechanical beat of “All My Friends”—and the implication that those friends are elsewhere, waiting—reminds us that this is impossible. “Someone Great” was written by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, one of the most influential musical geniuses of our time. Guitars were out, decks were in and anthems like 'Yeah', 'Daft Punk Is Playing In My House', 'Loosing My Edge' and 'Tribulations' filled the floors. Murphy’s lyrics are consistently raw, honest, emotional, and poetic. Listen to All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem, 357,292 Shazams, featuring on Indie Anthems, and 2000s Indie Essentials Apple Music playlists. "It comes apart, the way it does in bad films, except in parts, when the moral kicks in" but what young head is mature enough to accept their failings when they can be pasted over with a show of bravado/ignorance? Don’t have an account? It’s super easy, we promise! This song is the soundtrack to those 'tear-away late 20's' and the need to slow down in your 30's. Who wouldn't boldly proclaim that they wouldn't  "trade one stupid decision another five years of life". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... Community for LCD Soundsystem, bands associated with LCD, and for the fans of LCD Soundsystem. 29. Sorry about feeling bad though :(. And their popular song “Someone Great” is a wonderful example of their music for a first-time listener. "All My Friends" is a song about a few things, but mostly, as the above line above illustrates, it's about aging. That's how it starts. Lyrics to 'All My Friends' by Lcd Soundsystem. Apart from the music and incredible production values, the songs brilliance is that you can project any mood into it. James Murphy's a man that never compromised on what he felt was right or lost faith in his own talent. One of the best and most buzzed-over bands of the 2000s, the electro-disco-rock band LCD Soundsystem is the project of James Murphy. The word no is what shaped LCD Soundsystem. Great post, if i saw this earlier i probably wouldn't have said anything, ha. 8.5k. 2007 Preview SONG TIME All My Friends. A self-effacing spoof of the outrageous pissing contests that often occur whenever music geeks cross ... LCD Soundsystem debuted with "Losing My Edge," a single that became one of the most talked-about indie releases of 2002. tesla3396, edited by hellafortnight, edges, tuesdaymush, "All My Friends" as written by James Jeremiah Murphy. The song plot, if we can actually say that a song have a plot, revolves about how nice is to have friends around you to have a good a time. Interested in the deeper meanings of LCD Soundsystem songs? He was 37 when the song was released. Throughout the entire song it is described that James and his friends have a bender (an all-nighter on drugs). Irish musical Sing Street is headed to Broadway this year. Lcd Soundsystem All My Friends lyrics & video : That's how it starts. LCD Soundsystem's frontman should be everyone's friend because of this. 7:38 PREVIEW No Love Lost. LCD Soundsystem song meanings and interpretations with user discussion. LCD Soundsystem - Samples, Covers and Remixes on WhoSampled. We go back to your house. I reckon I did the same with a lot of them too. The man's a hero with an appreciation for music's history that's unrivaled. Clearly if you listen to the song he is reminiscing about his memories of his old friends, whom he doesn't see as often as he used to see them. First LCD (it's like this) and then Cale (it's also like this). The great thing about songs is that any of us can read it and live it the way we want, like, etc. Dublin's Olympia Theatre to host Bohemian Rhapsody and The Greatest Showman sing-a-longs. I used to listen to “All My Friends” by LCD Soundsystem and dream about when I would feel nostalgic for it. About “All My Friends” 4 contributors Taken from the acclaimed Sound of Silver, LCD Soundsystem’s second single is a restless raver that has the inadvertent ring of a Killers track recorded … He's our generations David Byrne and he wrote a song that's a gift to everyone. There isn’t much meaning behind the songs on LCD Soundsystem, per se — at least, not in the sense of lyrical or personal content from Murphy. His success wasn't overnight nor was he plucked from some karaoke show like X-Factor, the man paid his dues and he paid them for 17 years. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down Lyrics. Great offers on Phones and Accessories when you switch to Vodafone, The one stop shop for all your Christmas Gifts. It seems to me that his group of friends were very close but they grew apart as they grew older. It got easily shut out in the first round by Usher’s “Yeah!” by a score of 41,491 votes to 17,322 votes. The word no is what shaped LCD Soundsystem. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, Great insight! read the lyrics, its very simple. 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