management examples - management in a sentence - 28. In spite of his caprices he appears to have shown competence in the management of external affairs; enterprises of pretenders both in Egypt and Syria were crushed with promptitude; and his name was at times mentioned in public worship in Aleppo and Mosul. Jones favours a dynamic, hands-on style of, 26. Franklin's superior management of the paper, his new type, " some spirited remarks " on the controversy between the Massachusetts assembly and Governor Burnet, brought his paper into immediate notice, and his success both as a printer and as a journalist was assured and complete. By far the greater part of the interest now paid in the civilized world is, in the language of the English economists, only a fair reward for risk of loss and for management of capital, and a necessary stimulus to saving. and his cousin, the cardinal Giulio de' Medici, were much perplexed about the management of the republic. His devotion to mathematical science seems to have interfered alike with his advancement in the Church and with the proper management of his private affairs. Other advantages are given in connexion with the qualifying of experts, &c., while nearly all the county associations in the United Kingdom employ qualified men who visit members in spring and autumn for the purpose of examining hives and giving advice on bee management to those needing it. The management and maintenance of the highways and bridges is vested in county road trustees, viz. The former of these were designed for the completion of the training of the most promising pupils in the communal elementary schools, and were left to local control or even to management by private individuals. Integrating tightly with all other dataflow modules, the result is the instant availability of essential management information throughout your company. In 1582 after the execution of Father Campion he withdrew to Dethick, and attaining his majority occupied himself for a short time with the management of his estates. Jonathan had band practice with his friends and Alex was in his recliner, reading a letter from a wildlife management area in Colorado. ), with advice upon the proper management of various classes of people within the Church (v. The mode of electing officers, and the system of management generally, was challenged by three members who called themselves "artificers, poor men of the craft of goldsmiths.". When the Metropolitan Board of Works was formed by the Metropolis Management Act of 1855 the city was affected to a certain extent, but by the Local Government Act of 1888 which founded the London County Council the right of appointing a sheriff for Middlesex was taken away from the city of London. 0. (personnel) " That's a management decision. " Most have been sent in by email, so the collection of project management proverbs continues to grow. Nell Gwyn, who sold oranges in the precincts of Drury Lane Theatre, passed, at the age of fifteen, to the boards, through the influence of the actor Charles Hart and of Robert Duncan or Dungan, an officer of the guards who had interest with the management. At the beginning of 1863 he assumed the management and editorship of the Moscow Gazette, and he retained that position till his death in 1887. This assembly elects three small committees, and with them rests the whole management of the irrigation. But due to lack of policies for proper water management the irrigation system is too poor. Alignment Alignment of goals and strategy at the organization, department, team and individual contributor levels. In 1746-1747 he fulfilled a short engagement with Rich at Covent Garden, his last series of performances under a management not his own. Financial assistance and assurances as to sales and prices have been given liberally by the association where they are needed; ginning and buying centres have been established; experts have been engaged to distribute seed and afford instruction; and some land has been acquired for working under the direct management of the association. Access to the papers is restricted to senior, 22. The company's management did not give satisfaction, and the use of the telephone was consequently restricted in the metropolis, when in 1898 a Select Committee on Telephones reported that " general immediate and effective " competition by either the government or local authority was necessary to ensure efficient working. But Benjamin's management of the paper, and particularly his free-thinking, displeased the authorities; the relations of the two brothers gradually grew unfriendly, possibly, as Benjamin thought, because of his brother's jealousy of his superior ability; and Benjamin determined to quit his brother's employ and to leave New England. Examples of 'management' in a sentence management. Impelled by serious charges against Fremont, the president sent Montgomery Blair, the postmaster-general, and Montgomery C. Meigs, the quartermaster-general, to investigate the department; they reported that Fremont's management was extravagant and inefficient; and in November he was removed. the establishment and maintenance of, and the contribution to, reformatory and industrial schools; (viii.) I think that Management as a proper noun ie. Another word for management. 82 examples: This would create a desire to change the musical structure unexpectedly, and so… First, we need to decide whether it can move beyond the role of passive recipient of management information to exert active influence over company policy. They took over the management of the Roman and Megalesian games, the care of the patrician temples and had the right of issuing edicts as superintendents of the markets. He remained at Lincoln, did nothing to prevent the defeat of Essex's army in the west, and when he at last advanced south to join Essex's and Waller's troops his management of the army led to the failure of the attack upon the king at Newbury on the 27th of October 1644. Always in pecuniary straits through his extravagance, he pursued a foreign policy which would have been expensive under the most careful management. Because there are so many moving parts within an organization, the sales management process needs to be fully grasped to ensure each “aspect” of the collective sales effort is operating efficiently.. While Bird Song fed its guests only breakfast, there was always fresh fruit available and the management triumvirate ate heartily of nature's stores. He is himself one of the board of education, of the board of public works, and of the board for the management of the house of correction. The accession of this prince was followed by an incursion of the Carmathians into Syria, before whom the Ikshidi governor fled into Egypt, where he had for a time to undertake the management of affairs, and arrested Ibn Furt, who had proved himself incompetent. as in the management team / the name of a department in a company would be capitalised eg. Both management's assertion and the auditor's attestation are based upon reasonable assurance. There are ten art colleges, of which two are managed by government, three by native states, and five are under private management. The advantage of this combination is that, by simplifying the conditions with which the composition of the pig iron has to comply, it makes the management of the blast furnace easier, and thus lessens the danger of making " misfit " pig iron, i.e. Management sentence examples. 174. His management of the war, more especially on Lake Champlain, was severely criticized, and he was threatened with a court-martial, but died before the trial came on. Under the energetic management of Mr (later Sir) W. Pro vincial control has caused some diversity of management; the interpretation of the denominational agreement has led to acute differences of opinion which have invaded the field of politics. The supervisor is also the township assessor, and the several township supervisors constitute the county board of supervisors who equalize property valuations as between townships, authorize townships to borrow money with which to build or repair bridges, are entrusted with the care and management of the property and business of the county, and may borrow or raise by tax what is necessary to meet the more common expenses of the county. (buyout, shake-up, reorganization) " We need to hire a management company. " Iron-mining - perhaps the first in the New World - was begun in Virginia in 1608, when the Virginia Company shipped a quantity of ore to England; and in 1619 the Company established on Falling Creek, a tributary of the James river, a colony of about 150 ironworkers from Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Sussex, who had established there several ore-reducing plants under the general management of John Berkeley of Gloucester, England, when on the 22nd of March 1622 the entire colony, excepting a girl and a boy, were massacred by the Indians. He took a prominent part in the proceedings against Strafford, was chairman of the committee of management, and had charge of articles XIX.-XXIV. They provide advanced, vocational qualifications in heritage management and industrial archeology for those who wish to enter these sectors. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. But in 1888 the Local Government Act, dealing with the area of the metropolis as a separate county, created the London County Council as the central administrative body, possessing not only the powers of an ordinary county council, but also extensive powers of town management, transferred to it from the abolished Board of Works. It appears that he became mentally feeble some years before his death, and was obliged to surrender the management of his affairs to his brother Marcus. Later, after the guests left, the three-person management team was cleaning up when the front door bell rang. 2. In 1741 the Swedes made an effort to recover the ceded province, but through wretched management suffered disaster, and were compelled to capitulate in August 1742, ceding by the peace of Abo, next year, the towns of Villmanstrand and Fredrikshamn. agreed that copies should be circulated to the Traffic Management Committee for discussion prior to inclusion on the June agenda. In the sentence you read, are there any pronouns? "have you asked Management about this?" The treatise on husbandry of Walter of Henley, dating from the early 13th century, is very valuable as describing the management of the demesne under the twoor three-field system. The assembly of notables claimed the right of voting the budget, and thus came into conflict with the foreign controllers who had been appointed to guard the interests of the bondholders in the management of the Egyptian finances. In 1903 a state banking department was created under the management of a commissioner of banking appointed by the governor with the concurrence of the Senate for a term of five years. The charitable institutions of the state are under the management of local trustees appointed by the governor. 4. In early life he had little time for politics, but after 1880 he became prominent in the affairs of the Republican party in Cleveland, and in 1884 and 1888 was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, in the latter year being associated with William McKinley in the management of the John Sherman canvass. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Management" in Example Sentences Page 1. It was endowed by Dr Francis Andrews, provost of Trinity College, was erected in 1785, and in 1791 was placed by statute under the management of the royal astronomer of Ireland, whose official residence is here. TOM PETERS - author and management guru Best known for his maverick writings, Peters has produced a string of influential business bestsellers. How to use management in a sentence. Certain general remarks may be made on the efficient management of the zoological gardens. 3. She also works closely with the Student Study Support Unit to organize workshops on stress management, exam anxiety, assertiveness and confidence building. He micromanaged every detail of the budget. I I of the act a tenant is entitled to compensation for disturbance, when he is compelled to quit without good and sufficient cause, and for reasons inconsistent with good estate management. He became secretary of the scientific society of that city, and under his management the society was advanced to the position of one of the most noted in Europe. Carlson, of the High School of Gothenburg, succeeded in forming a party of Liberals and Radicals to the number of about 90 members, who, besides being in favour of the extension of the franchise, advocated the full equality of Norway with Sweden in the management of foreign affairs. To develop analytic, communication and management skills to enable you to work effectively in a business environment. He is external assessor for the City University's MA in Museum & Gallery Management. So thoroughly had he now mastered the management of glazes that he could combine yellow, green, white and claret color in regular patches to imitate tortoise-shell. Since 1887 the management of the town had been entrusted to a nominated sanitary board, under the chairmanship of the mining commissioner appointed by the South African Republic. All of these institutions are under the management of a bi-partisan State Board of Control which consists of three members appointed by the governor for a term of six years, one every two years, and also removable by the governor in his discretion. To achieve their object, a double line of conduct was imposed upon them: they had to absorb the powers of the doge, and also to deprive the people of the voice they possessed in the management of state affairs by their presence in the concione or general assembly of the whole community, which was still the fountain of all authority. In 104 he superseded Saturninus (q.v.) The smaller houses are far better for cultural purposes, while the plants can be classified, and the little details of management more conveniently attended to. When the British declared themselves heir to the nawab of the Carnatic at the opening of the 19th century, they had no adequate experience of revenue management. The lay priests were divided into four classes that undertook the management of the temple in alternate months; their collective name was the hour-priesthood. The specialized use of the word as equivalent to the management of the public expenditure and receipts first became prominent in France during the 16th century and quickly spread to other countries. Surgical management of obstructive sleep apnea in children with Down syndrome. This last was under the direct management of Cobden, who, in 1830 or 1831, settled in the city with which his name became afterwards so closely associated. aspireresearch focuses on aspiring middle managers within the context of a formal postgraduate management award. All these varieties were represented at the annual show of the Kennel Club in the autumn of 1905, and at the representative exhibition of America held under the management of the Westminster Kennel Club in the following spring the classification was substantially the same, additional breeds, however, being Boston terriers - practically unknown in England, - Chesapeake Bay dogs, Chihuahuas, Papillons and Roseneath terriers. It was decided to entrust the management of state affairs to a committee of twelve members chosen in equal number from the three estates. This is one of those 15 minute power naps they raved about on the time management course you sent me on. 87 examples: Has all the architectural effort and the change management made the business… the provision, enlargement, maintenance and management and visitation of, and other dealing with, asylums for pauper lunatics; (vii.) The head of the Orthodox Church, the metropolitan Gennadius, had for some years past, as head of the philanthropic establishments founded by the princess Brancovan, desired to obtain the entire management of these wealthy foundations, and had made violent attacks on the two administrators, Prince George Bibescu and Prince Stirbei, both members of the Brancovan family. The NOAD reports that management, when used to mean "the people in charge of running a company or organization, regarded collectively," is treated as singular or plural.. With the close of that season Fleetwood's patent for the management of Drury Lane expired, and Garrick, in conjunction with Lacy, purchased the property of the theatre, together with the renewal of the patent; contributing 8000 as two-thirds of the purchase-money. the borrowing of money; (iii.) An urban council may also provide slaughter-houses and make by-laws with respect to the management and charges for the use of them. Besides a great saving of labour, only partly offset by the cost of repairs, these machines have the great merit of making the management independent of a very troublesome set of labourers, the hand pig-breakers, who were not only absolutely indispensable for every cast and every day, because the pig iron must be removed promptly to make way for the next succeeding cast of iron, but very difficult to replace because of the great physical endurance which their work requires. Key management refers to management of cryptographic keys in a cryptosystem.This includes dealing with the generation, exchange, storage, use, crypto-shredding (destruction) and replacement of keys. The judge arbitrated a disagreement between workers and, 18. Few candidates had received any training in management. in 1898, and his pieces first became well known to the ordinary playgoer by the performances given at the Royal Court Theatre under the management of Messrs Vedrenne and H. The Vedrenne-Barker management also revived Candida (April 1904), You Never Can Tell (May 1905), Captain Brassbound's Conversion (March 1906) and John Bull's other Island (November 1904), a statement of the Irish land question, which had been produced at the Camden Theatre in 1903, and later by the Stage Society. Use "management" in a sentence. Tools. In 1889 he was deposed from the management of Commonweal, and gradually lost all confidence in the movement as an active force. 1. Course develops managers to have a critical appreciation of the disciplines of media management at strategic, tactical and operational levels. Complex projects can be carried out on multiple continents through project management tools. The facts that the outlays averaged less than 47% of the gross income, and that accidents and irregularities are not numerous, prove that Japanese management in this kind of enterprise is efficient. How can you use “self-management” in a sentence? Smith & Williamson is an independent investment management, financial advisory and accounting group. Furthermore, a recent survey by Institute of Leadership & Management, revealed that management speak is used in almost two thirds (64%) of offices, with nearly a quarter (23%) considering it … In 1893 the Board of Agriculture took over the management, and Table XXIV. This left the management of the business to the other three. Performance management: providing the means to enhance competency and stimulate … The management of the company had meanwhile passed into the hands of others, whose sole object was to settle accounts with the government, and wind up the undertaking. After dinner, and obligatory rave reviews by the other two-thirds of Bird Song's management team, Dean joined Cynthia in the parlor. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with nouns: " He applied for the management role. " Each county has its own administrative boards and officers; and there are two justices of the peace and two constables for every township. At the close of the Peloponnesian War the Spartans gave to the people of Delos the management of their own affairs; but the Athenian predominance was soon after restored, and survived an appeal to the amphictyony of Delphi in 345 B.C. An agreement was finally reached between, 14. After graduating at Hamilton College in 1818, he assumed the management of the vast estate of his father, Peter Smith (1768-1837), long a partner of John Jacob Astor, and greatly increased the family fortune. The territorial extent of each town was determined by its grant or grants from the general court, which the towns served as agents in the management of land. Her purse was always open to assist convents, monasteries, and religious works and societies of all kinds, as long as they were under the management of the Church. 40. After two years in his father's office in London, he was sent to Birmingham to join his cousin Joseph Nettlefold in a screw business in which his father had an interest; and by degrees, largely owing to his own intelligent management, this business became very successful. management involves authority (the right to direct actions) and responsibility (accountability for actions). entrusted the management of affairs purely provincial consists of 25 members, elected by the parliamentary voters and each representing a separate constituency. So far as practical gardening is concerned, feeding by the roots after they have been placed in suitable soil is confined principally to the administration of water and, under certain circumstances, of liquid or chemical manure; and no operations demand more judicious management. Problem Solving. The following are examples of management strategies. The company went bankrupt because of its poor, 11. My most recent article on security abeyance has been recently published in the British Journal of Management. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. In many of the state parliaments resolutions were carried protesting against the system of imperial railways, and from that time the preservation of the local railway management has been the chief object towards which, in Saxony, Bavaria and Wurttemberg, local feeling has been directed. This is represented commonly as a revolt, but as IIomran was a client of Othman, and remained in favour with the Omayyads, it is almost certain that he took the management of affairs only to maintain order. The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland was founded in 1780, and has the management of a large national antiquarian museum in Edinburgh. The counties have been divided into municipal townships, each of which elects a trustee, a clerk and a treasurer, who together constitute a board of directors for the management of township affairs. In 1823, however, a treaty was made establishing a fixed toll and a uniform system of management; this was further improved in 1856 and 1865; and when Prussia took possession of Hanover and Hesse-Nassau in 1866 the chief difficulties in the way of organizing the river-trade disappeared. Examples of time management in a sentence, how to use it. The success of the operation chiefly depends upon the proper management of the cooler. The use of multiple-effect evaporation made it possible to raise the steam for all the work required to be done in a well-equipped factory, making crystals, under skilful management, by means of the bagasse alone proceeding from the. CK 252242 I'm a management consultant. Early in 1893 a scandal arose in connection with the management of state banks, and particularly of the Banca Romana, whose managing director, Tanlongo, had issued 2,500,000 of duplicate bank-notes. In the management of artificial heat for this purpose, a considerable degree of caution is required. The management list of example sentences with management. A business can't do well without good, 27. I have ten years' experience at senior, 15. It would be practically impossible for a line thus used by different carriers to be operated either with safety, or with economy, or with the advantage to the public which a centralized management affords. After the withdrawal of the restriction against the companies erecting trunk wires it became evident that the development of the telephone services throughout the country would be facilitated by complete intercommunication and uniformity of systems, and that economies could be effected by concentration of management. The school flourished under his management and also developed his administrative abilities, but gradually his thoughts began to turn towards other work. Reaction set in under Charles Alexander, who became grand-duke in 1853, and the union of the crown lands and the state lands was undone, although both remained under the same public management. Examples of micromanage in a Sentence. Since organizations can be viewed as systems, management can also be defined as human action, including design, to facilitate the production of useful outcomes from a system. CK 49095 The firm is under foreign management. It also works coal-fields at Yentai and Fushun; has a line of steamers plying between Tairen and Shanghai; and engages in enterprises of electricity, warehousing and the management of houses and lands within zones 50 Ii (17 m.) wide on either side of the line. Good time management skills are essential to success in any area. The main causes of these conflicts on the continent were the monopoly of power by the patricians, acts of violence committed by them, their bad management of the finances and their partisan administration of justice. Weary of politics, and obeying a natural inclination to pleasure, Julius then virtually abdicated the management of affairs, and gave himself up to enjoyment, amusing himself with the adornment of his villa, near the Porta del Popolo, and often so far forgetting the proprieties of his office as to participate in entertainments of a questionable character. In Jamaica the planters, who had sullenly accepted the abolition of slavery, were irritated by the passage of an act of parliament intended to remedy some grave abuses in the management of the prisons of the island. The principal hospitals are the Incurabili, Gesu e Maria, Santa Maria della Pace and a hospital for poor priests, which are all under the same management. 7. One matter connected with his management sometimes worried Nicholas, and that was his quick temper together with his old hussar habit of making free use of his fists. In 1755 he was appointed a member of the board of trustees for encouragement of the fisheries, arts and manufactures of Scotland, and about the same time he was named one of the commissioners for the management of the forfeited estates annexed to the Crown. autonomous in matters concerning their regions, with separate Management Boards controlling LT and Inland Waterways. (role, job, position) " Management personnel are aware of his issues. " She belongs to the Chartered Institute of, 30. The Royal Free's management, of course, cannot be held blameless. These are entirely under state management. The following works may also be consulted: Books - Bertolio, Coltivazione delle minere (Milan, 1902); Brown, The Organization of Gold Mining Business (Glasgow, 1897); Brough, Mine Surveying (12th ed., London, 1906); Bulman and Redmayne, Colliery Working and Management (London, 1896); Colomer, Exploitation des mines (Paris, 1899); Curle, The Gold Mines of the World (2nd ed., London, 1902); Demanet, Traite d'exploitation des mines de houille (2nd ed., Brussels, vols. . The statesgeneral under the skilful management of the Grand Pensionary, John de Witt, retaliated by sending de Ruyter from the Mediterranean, where he was cruising against the Barbary pirates, to follow Holmes. aumonier), in the primitive sense, an officer in religious houses to whom belonged the management and distribution of the alms of the house. How to use management in a sentence. Since the patient was completely asymptomatic and stable, the decision was made to attempt conservative management. Jonathan had band practice with his friends and Alex was in his recliner, reading a letter from a wildlife management area in Colorado. 0. When, therefore, the battle which Keppel fought with the French on the 27th of July 1778 ended in a highly unsatisfactory manner, owing mainly to his own unintelligent management, but partly through the failure of Sir Hugh Palliser to obey orders, he became convinced that he had been deliberately betrayed. In 1767 he undertook on his own account the management of a farm in Essex. The educational institutions of the state are all under the management of a board of regents of five members, who are appointed by the governor, with the approval of the senate for terms of six years. Its railway communications with the interior are good, and include the Sul de Pernambuco, Recife and Sao Francisco, Central de Pernambuco, and the Recife to Limoeiro lines, the first three now being under the management of the Great Western of Brazil Co. It was largely due to his tact and good management, in concert with Lord Pauncefote, the British:ambassador, that negotiations for abrogating the ClaytonBulwer Treaty and for making a new treaty with Great Britain regarding the Isthmian Canal were successfully concluded at the end of 1901; subsequently he negotiated treaties with Colombia and with Panama, looking towards the construction by the United States of a trans-isthmian canal. Prison management is essentially a local concern, but some general features are common to all states, such as the rule that while petty offenders and prisoners awaiting trial are under county and city jurisdiction, the state takes charge of all persons convicted of serious crimes. 2% of silver, it is still treated by the Ziervogel wet method of extraction, the management dreading the loss which might occur in the Bessemer process of concentration, applied as preliminary to electrolytic separation. The selectmen have the general management of a " town's " affairs during the interval between town-meetings. The first and the second provincial congress did little except choose delegates to the Continental Congress and the management of affairs passed in large measure from the royal government to the several county committees. As the works did not pay under official management, they were transferred to the director-general of railways. With his usual energy he set to work at once to reorganize the whole management. In neither case had the vestry powers of town management. It was furthermore charged that he was in contempt of the Senate in having failed to submit on request a complete report of the management of his office. There is less doubt respecting the Reules Seynt Robert, a tract giving advice for the management of the household of the countess of Lincoln. There was a head-on confrontation between, 26. She remained there six months, learning every detail of hospital management with a thoroughness rarely equalled. But cast iron for the basic open-hearth process can be made from almost any ore, because its requirements, comparative freedom from silicon and sulphur, depend on the management of the blast-furnace rather than on the composition of the ore, whereas the phosphorus-content of the cast iron depends solely on that of the ore, because nearly all the phosphorus of the ore necessarily passes into the cast iron. In this office he distinguished himself by careful management of the estates, by restoring the discipline of the chapter, and by building at his own expense a deanery-house. Ignoring Sir Thomas Robinson, the political nobody to whom Newcastle had entrusted the management of the Commons, he made frequent and vehement attacks on Newcastle himself, though still continuing to serve under him. In 1744 he was apprenticed to his eldest brother, who had succeeded to the management of his father's pottery; and in 1752, shortly after the term of his apprenticeship had expired, he became manager of a small pottery at Stoke-upon-Trent, known as Alder's pottery, at a very moderate salary. His first play, Widowers' Houses, two acts of which had been written in 1885 in collaboration with Mr William Archer, was produced by the Independent Theatre under the management of Mr J. Port Jervis was laid out in 1826, soon after work began on the Delaware && Hudson Canal; it owes its origin to that waterway (now abandoned), and was named in honour of John Bloomfield Jervis (1795-1885), the engineer who constructed the canal, who, in 1836, was in charge of the construction of the Croton Aqueduct, and wrote Railway Proper"), (18J9) and The Construction and Management of Railways (1861). Each of these is under the management of a board appointed by the governor subject to the confirmation of the senate. Most have been sent in by email, so the collection of project management proverbs continues to grow. He was presented with a set of cut crystal whiskey glasses by Lifeboat Operations Manager Ian Readman on behalf of his fellow Management Committee. ‘General management of the arthritic process is important, with physiotherapy to prevent joint contracture.’ ‘State level officers were also trained in management and financial processes.’ ‘If party managers had been looking to conventions as a process of crowd management it was soon clear that it was not such a simple matter.’ While there was a feeling of last-guy-in-turn-off-the-elevator, the Deans reluctantly agreed that some form of management was necessary to maintain order in the face of the ever-increasing numbers who wallowed in nature's wonders. Secondly, the prefect is not only the general representative of the government, but the representative of the department in the management of its local interests. A general state law enacted in 1904 placed the management of school affairs in the hands of an elective council of seven members, five chosen at large and two by districts. The management of the road under his control, and especially the sale of $5,000,000 of fraudulent stock in 1868-1870, led to litigation begun by English bondholders, and Gould was forced out of the company in March 1872 and compelled to restore securities valued at about $7,500, 0 00. 1 seq. Time management skills are amongst the 5 most desired soft skills on the job market in 2019. bivalve fisheries, aquaculture, artificial reefs and fisheries data analysis and management. Ron is a semi-retired HR management consultant and IIP assessor. These recommendations embody the principle upon which the management of the state forests is based. Most of the improvements in operation and in traffic management have had their origin in one of these two countries. It is difficult to compare the content management products available because of the widespread use of jargon, buzzwords, and marketing babble. ‘A strong focus should be placed by marketing departments on relationship management.’ ‘Companies that can effectively manage, measure, and reward for mastering the fundamentals of relationship management will build an organization that will succeed financially in the short term and build lasting shareholder value in the long term.’ From 1813 the popular representatives had some share in the management of the finances. management. The management of the college was practically in his hands, and his reputation as a scholar became high in the university. The management, in turn, are likely to give a downbeat view of future business prospects. Since then the most important change in Baluch administration has been the perpetual lease and transfer of management to British agency of the Nushki district and Niabat, with all rights, jurisdiction and administrative power, in lieu of a perpetual rent of Rs.9000 per annum. We also include just assured, a risk management and business assurance consultancy providing services to small housing organizations across the country. Women (since 1898) may vote for school officers and members of library boards, and are eligible for election to any office pertaining to the management of schools or libraries. He held a high place in the favour of King Alphonso V., who entrusted him with the management of important state affairs. Before undertaking the management of a modern apiary, the bee-keeper should possess a certain amount of aptitude for the pursuit, without which it is hardly possible to succeed. Though the materials are simpler, the need for a well-prepared budget is existent in the case of the city, county or department, if there is to be clear and accurate financial management. Here are some examples. After the death of her father in 1767 she obtained permission to learn millinery and dressmaking with a view to earning her bread, but continued to assist her mother in the management of the household until the autumn of 1772, when she joined her brother William, who had established himself as a teacher of music at Bath. While he was reforming the finances of the nation, and organizing its navy, he always found time to direct the management of his smallest farm. The several roads are under the management of twenty-seven companies, but about 75% of the business is done by the Chicago Burlington & Quincy, the Chicago & North-Western, the Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul and the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific. Management will stock your kitchen with breakfast goodies on the house. The women are delicate in frame, with small hands and feet, fair complexions, beautiful black eyes, finely arched eyebrows, and a profusion of long black hair, which they dress to perfection, and ornament with pearls and gems. In 1865 a show was held in Paris, and after the National Dog Club - not the Birmingham society - had failed, as the result of a disastrous show at the Crystal Palace, a further exhibition was arranged to be held in June 1870 under the management of G. At Langport again, on the 10th of July 1645, his management of the troops was largely instrumental in gaining the victory. Prudent management under this system has placed the city in the highest rank financially. anonymity of the respondents from the management otherwise the answers will be less honest. In 1839, after his mother's death, he undertook, with his brother, the management of the family estates in Pomerania; at this time most of the estate attached to Schonhausen had to be sold. In June 1597 he was consecrated bishop of London; and from this time, in consequence of the age and incapacity for business of Archbishop Whitgift, he was virtually invested with the power of primate, and had the sole management of ecclesiastical affairs. Under these acts their management is entrusted to the commissioners of Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, who have certain statutory powers as to leasing, selling, exchanging, &c. The Metropolis Management Act of 1855 established (outside the city) two classes of parishes - the first class with vestries of their own, the second class grouped under district boards elected by the component vestries; and the Metropolitan Board of Works (abolished in 1888), elected by the vestries and the district boards, was made the central authority. 1. Don't start anything without a clear directive from, 17. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Demesne of the crown, or royal demesne, was that part of the crown lands not granted out to feudal tenants, but which remained under the management of stewards appointed by the crown. The client/server architecture gives organizations the opportunity to deploy specialized servers which are optimized for handling specific data management problems. District councils may, and if required by the Local Government Board, must provide mortuaries, and they may make by-laws with Mortu r respect to the management and charges for the use of the same. ), and this is as significant as the king's position in its management. Elis and Sparta, making common cause, had no difficulty in excluding the Pisatans from their proper share in the management of the Olympian sanctuary. The managementof depression has advanced greatly with the development of antidepressant agents based on neurotransmitter reuptake inhibition. It Progress of agricul- is probable that very little improvement had taken ture from place, either in the cultivation of the soil or in the 1688 to management of live stock, from the Restoration down 1760. The management of such places, therefore, requires the most constant vigilance on the part of the workmen, especially in the examination of the working places that have been standing empty during the night, in which gas may have accumulated, to see that they are properly cleared before the new shift commences. | (management) The executives of an organisation, especially senior executives. Under the designation of a duchy the territory formed the department of Salzach in Upper Austria until 1849, when it was made a separate crownland, and finally in 1861 the management of its affairs was entrusted to a local diet. of Liberal principles, the communes being made responsible for education, though the priests were admitted to a share in the management. beloved of management writers, is described in chapter two. The author then points out the great advantages of enclosure; recommends " quycksettynge, dychynge and hedgeyng "; and gives particular directions about settes, and the method of training a hedge, as well as concerning the planting and management of trees. 2. The efforts have met with gratifying success, and they were much needed, for while in 1904 the Dutch government took away 350 of the best young Irish mares, Great Britain was paying the foreigner over 2,000,000 a year for horses which the old system of management did not supply at home. - In these (which of course include Baptists) the diaconate is a body of laymen appointed by the members of the church to act as a management committee and to assist the minister in the work of the church. ' In 1730 the partnership was dissolved, and Franklin, through the financial assistance of two friends, secured the sole management of the printing house. After her death the caliph was in the power of various ministers, under whose management of affairs Syria was for a time lost to the Egyptian caliphate, and Egypt itself raided by the Syrian usurpers, of whom one, Salil~ b. The expenses of highway management in each district (or parish), together with a proportion of the general expenses of the act, are levied by the trustees by an assessment on the lands and heritages within the district (or parish). Is the report going to be an attestation report on internal controls or an attestation report on internal controls or an attestation report on management's assertion? Among the duties transferred to parish councils may be mentioned the provision of parish books and of a vestry room or parochial office, parish chest, fire engine or fire escape, the holding or management of parish property, other than property Powers relating to affairs of the church or held for an ecclesiastical and duties charity, the holding or management of village greens or of parish of allotments, the appointment of trustees of parochial councils. He continued successfully in the management of this business through a financial crisis incident to a wildly speculative time, until in the spring of 1857 the house, by his advice, withdrew from Californian affairs. They gave employment to a body of conversi and labourers under the management of a monk, who bore the title of Brother Hospitaller - the granges, like their parent institutions, affording shelter and hospitality to belated travellers. Place and profit were comparatively indifferent to him; he declares that he never received a farthing for any of his works except Gulliver's Travels, and that only by Pope's management; and he had so little regard for literary fame that he put his name to only one of his writings. His business management of these schools got him heavily into debt, and in the autumn of 1852 a charge of lax administration came before a court of bishops, who dismissed it. Moreover, he ordered that "no officer should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations, caucuses, conventions or election campaigns," and that "no assessment for political purposes on officers or subordinates should be allowed"; and he removed from their offices the heads of the post-office in St Louis and of the customhouse in New York - influential party managers - on the ground that they had misused their official positions for partisan ends. The purpose of the change was to subject all the independent tribes from Chitral to the Gomal Pass to the control of a single hand, and to ensure a firm and continuous policy in their management. In regard to the mines specialists were in conference as to the part to be taken by the State and by public bodies in ownership and management. He then undertook the management of his father's factory in Newcastle, and greatly aided him in the improvement of the locomotives. The ex-president invested in it all his available property, but paid no attention to the management of the business. The practical management of the royal stables and stud devolves on the chief or crown equerry, formerly called the gentleman of the horse, who is never in personal attendance on the sovereign and whose appointment is permanent. On one point both friends and enemies agree, and that is his brusquerie and his want of tact in the management of men; Oncken points out with some reason the "schoolmasterish" tone of his letters, even to the king. How to connect 'management' with other words to make correct English (n): the control and organization of somethingUse 'management' in a sentence I am looking for a management position. Classroom management is an important part of teaching students since real learning can’t take place in an unruly classroom. Sir Henry's actual words,which undoubtedly influenced the Irish vote, were that he "desired to see the effective management of Irish affairs in the hands of a representative Irish assembly. Both are under the management of the state Board of Education, which appoints the principals and teachers and prescribes the course of study. management accountants are involved at every level within organizations across the globe. But it felt like we were shouting at a brick wall, as insane management decisions followed marketing blunders. bridges and roads repairable with bridges, and any powers vested by the Highways and Locomotives Amendment Act 1878 in the county authority. He compared the results of his theory with experimental determinations of the ranges of mortars and cannon, and gave practical maxims for the management of artillery. Don't start anything without a clear directive from, 24. The following description of the retting of jute is taken from Royle's Fibrous Plants of India:- " The proper point being attained, the native operator, standing up to his middle in water, takes as many of the sticks in his hands as he can grasp, and removing a small portion of the bark from the ends next the roots, and grasping them together, he strips off the whole with a little management from end to end, without breaking either stem or fibre. With good management twenty ewes of any of the lowland breeds should produce and rear thirty lambs, and the proportion can be increased by breeding from ewes with a prolific tendency. Lord Derby became a Liberal Unionist, and took an active part in the general management of that party, leading it in the House of Lords till 1891, when Lord Hartington became duke of Devonshire. The 10th of August uprooted his party, his paper and his friends, and the management of relatives who kept him out of the way in Normandy alone saved him from the massacre of September. . In 1901, owing to a disputed succession, the estate was under the management of the court of wards. In the sentence you read, is there a word who identifies the character? The proper adjustment of the reins is the next thing to be attended to, and as the management of these depends so much upon the seat being firm and independent of the bridle the acquisition of a firm seat is certainly half-way towards the acquirement of good hands. An act of that year, however, organized the consular service as a branch of the civil service, with payment by a fixed salary instead of by fees; consuls were forbidden also to engage in trade, and the management of the service was put under the control of a separate department of the foreign office, created for the purpose. The silk weavers of India possess the very highest skill in their craft, and with competent and energetic management and increased capital the industry could be revived and extended. Over the past 20 years waste management in the US has undergone a quiet revolution with increasing amounts of waste being recycled. Project partner in AFAS - a European research project on advanced avionics to support ATM 2000+ air traffic management services. Although the management of local affairs is in the hands of the prefect his power with regard to these is checked by a deliberative body known as the general council (conseil general). The troubled carpetmaker is cleaning out its managementcloset in a bid to turn the company around. analyseesents a method for measuring the level of professional management procedures and analyzing where and why measures might have been introduced. The first rules for the management of Methodist Sunday schools were issued by the Conference in 1827. A peculiarly notable form of this special or private bill legislation is that of dealing by special statutes with the governmental forms and details of management of municipalities; and the control exercised by the state legislatures over city governments is not only a most important branch of legislative business, but at the same time a means of power to scheming politicians and of enrichment to greedy ones. When British engineers first undertook the management of Egyptian irrigation many representations were made to them of the advantage of storing the Nile water; but they consistently maintained that before entering on that subject it was their duty to utilize every drop of the water at their disposal. or in a title of a book However I think the concept of management ie. . The whole responsibility for the payment of the remainder of the interest, amounting annually to over a hundred million gulden, and the management of the debt, was left to the Austrians. alliance health Illinois insurance are hundreds management systems services. In favourable localities and with judicious management these establishments yield very considerable profit (see Feather). One of the most important branches of colliery work is the management of the ventilation, involving as it does the supply of fresh air to the men working in the pit, as well as the removal of inflammable gases that may be given off by the coal. A management skills list beyond the typical. The Dutch admiral, who was hampered rather than helped by his Spanish allies, did his best to make good his weakness by skilful management. All Rights Reserved. The principal duties of this board are to examine the condition and the management of such institutions and report to the governor; and county and city authorities must submit to it for criticism all plans for new jails, public infirmaries, and hospitals. This miracle was achieved by tact and management. The fisheries were held by the Incorporated Company of Dredgers (incorporated by Act of Parliament in 1793), the affairs being administered by a foreman, deputy foreman and jury of twelve; but in 1896 an Act of Parliament transferred the management of the fishery to a company. There is no exact parallel in England to the conflict between these two classes in Scotland in the 16th century, or to the great continental revolution of the 13th and 14th centuries, by which the crafts threw off the yoke of patrician government and secured more independence in the management of their own affairs and more participation in the civic administration. 2248315 I'm with management. the passing of the accounts of, and the discharge of the county treasurer; (iv.) Notwithstanding his activity and his devotion to the management of affairs, the Moslem power declined rather than advanced, and signs of the decay of the Omayyad dynasty began to show themselves. The role will involve extensive interaction with buy and sell-side analysts and investors as well as senior management and the internal Corporate Affairs department. 7 seq. The Spanish ships were outnumbered chiefly because the convoy had become scattered by bad management and bad seamanship. Examples of how to use the word 'management' in a sentence. Formerly under the Turnpike Acts many of the more important highways were placed under the management of boards of commissioners or trustees. A district council may from time to time make regulations with respect to summoning, notice, place, management and adjournment of their meetings, and generally with respect to the B n s transaction and management of their business. Management in a sentence. To prevent the gradual destruction of the forests by unskilful management and depredations, schools of forestry have been founded, and means have been taken for regulating the cutting of wood and for replanting districts that have been partially denuded. Horace Hayes, Points of the Horse (1893, 2nd ed., 1897); Stable Management and Exercise (1900); Illustrated Horse-breaking (1889, 2nd ed., 1896); and The Horsewoman (1893) (with Mrs Hayes); E. There is no appreciable tendency toward management for absentee owners. The control and management of the crown lands is now regulated by the Crown Lands Act 1829 and various amending acts. The revenue of Netherlands India has been derived mainly from customs, excise, ground-tax, licences, poll-tax, &c., from monopolies - opium, salt and pawn-shops (the management of which began to be taken over by the government in 1903, in place of the previous system of farming-out), coffee, &c., railways, tin mines and forests, and from agricultural and other concessions. Even with the best leaders, teams, ideas, plans, and intentions, things don’t … It was in the management of pleurisies that the aid of surgical means first became eminent in inward disease. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The quality of the management. Great wealth, gained from the Moslem conquests, was pouring into Medina, and a system of business management and administration became necessary. Alan also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Brand Management. Sentence Examples. stress management in a sentence - Use "stress management" in a sentence 1. Risk review management responsibilities are paramount to the boards of financial institutions. The general construction of the pan is the same as in the Washoe process; the management, however, differs. His management of the affairs of his department was, however, very successful; he confirmed and maintained the alliance with Germany, which had been formed by his predecessors, and cooperated with Bismarck in the arrangements by which Italy joined the alliance. The Maryland Agricultural College, to which an experiment station has been added, was opened in 1859; it is at College Park in Prince George's county, and is largely under state management. 4 people chose this as the best definition of management: The definition of managem... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Management definition: Management is the control and organizing of a business or other organization. The board of supervisors, consisting of not more than seven members, elected for a term of three years, has the care of county property and the management of county business, including highways and bridges; it fixes the rate of county taxes within prescribed limits, and levies the taxes for state and county purposes.
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