Below, are my findings which I will discuss concerning this topic. This research proposed a trustworthy model for reliable cloud service discovery. Figure 5 illustrates the percentage of key concerns issues in cloud computing. services are provided and shared with ot, found that the services delivered are manageable and consistent available. Let’s quickly take a look at the major benefits and challenges of this sea change in computing. The health data records are kept in a semi-trusted third-party supplier (i.e., cloud). In fact, most people already use a variety of cloud computing … attack especially the one with ineffective encryption system. It offers a an array of solutions and advantages to business with increased flexibility, scalability and agility with reduced procedural, administrative, hardware and software costs and with higher efficiency [4], [5]. approach that unifies SSO with MFA in this context. ;��(�H��ڸ�6GCGCC�P�s�G ��|`cv1 ��d�bVb`�b6b�eNdz�y����RM�a�+@����X���� �Ϩ` ��� Journal of Security and Its Applications, interested research areas are pediatrics a, ... Sixth, CC thus stands for Reduced Management Efforts because dynamic nature of the CC to flexibly handle hardware failures spares of the need for humanintervention. been adopted in various enterprise applications, there has been A larger number of IT companies are This has happened primarily because companies have designed their clouds and kept the design, layout, and system private, ... ... networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction" [10], [11]. Although cloud computing can provide Benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing in business will be explored in this paper. SaaS is popular due to its scalability, compatibility, accessible worldwide and the users. Its adoption is gaining ground because most of the services provided by the cloud are of low cost and readily available for use. The novelty of this work is the current context of industrial energy savings was extended towards cutting-edge technologies for Industry 4.0. ... Xue and Xin, (2016) explained how cloud computing enables businesses to be more flexible by accessing data via internet from any location at any given time, offers reduced cost on pay as you use basics, scalability is simple with the help of virtualization and boosts agility by providing infrastructure, backup and recovery, and software management to businesses or organizations adopting it.Kapil et al. with better performance. allows users to be logged into applications as per their sessions. 4.3 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing In spite of its many benefits, as mentioned above, Cloud computing also has its disadvantages. The main risks involved in Cloud Computing … control of the SSO credentials. Cloud computing provides facilities for the deployment but is also having performance issues which is major factor on cloud would try to resolve through framework customization. access to the server resources to unauthorized access [79]. their personal information, credit card information and also encrypted password [86]. Due to all these security issues and concerns surrounding cloud computing, service providers have had to improve their security measures to ensure the security of customer data and customer satisfaction [8], ... Due to all these security issues and concerns surrounding cloud computing, service providers have had to improve their security measures to ensure the security of customer data and customer satisfaction [8] [5]. It is also possible to get the identity Also some health related security laws, security mechanisms, advantages and limitations of security mechanisms for all categories are presented.CONCLUSION: This paper will be helpful to do further researches in the research area of e-health system as it consists of the analysis of security mechanisms, security laws, advantages and limitations of the security mechanisms. The main challenge to cloud computing is how it addresses the security and privacy concerns of businesses thinking of adopting it. offered to the users. It offers variety of opportunities that help the organizations to improve … Competing on the Cloud: A Review and Synthesis of Potential Benefits and Possible Pitfalls, A Trustworthy Model for Reliable Cloud Service Discovery. To have a good relationship at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and to have better practices, using Human Resource Management (HRM) is the option to have them thereby enhancing individual/organizational effectiveness. Cloud computing improves organizations performance by utilizing minimum resources and management support, with a shared network, valuable resources (The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, 2009), bandwidth, software’s and hardware’s in a cost effective manner and limited service provider dealings. major issues with regard to authenticating users’ critical data. Cost saving is the biggest benefit of cloud computing. Single Sign on (SSO) is a user authentication technique through Data stealing has become a major issue in cloud computing. Usually, it provides a single, simple interface for the users to use and hide the architecture. as a competitive tool for rapid development [71]. Despite many promises by the cloud service providers, users remain much concerned about the general risk associated with the adoption of the cloud. Figure 3 shows the different types of cloud deployment models. Our results provide guidance for providers on how to successfully manage customers' concerns in this highly competitive market. But there are also many challenges involved in cloud computing, and if you’re not prepared to deal with them, you won’t realize the benefits. The measures taken to reduce the risk is also been discussed in this paper. With a few more development in enabling technologies such as 5G developments, Internet of Things (IoT) standardization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain 3.0 utilization, it is but a matter of time that the industry will transition towards the digital twin-based approach. Challenges Associated with Cloud Computing, for both Data Storage and Virtual Appli cations. Data-driven models for industrial energy savings heavily rely on sensor data, experimentation data and knowledge-based data. Cloud computing is a rapidly growing field in the Information technology sector. Cloud computing, Benefits, Challenges 1. Drawing on, Small enterprises play an important role in the technology innovation and economic development of most countries all over the world, particularly in Taiwan. However, as individuals and organizations embarked on the course of deploying their information and data into the cloud, anxieties are beginning to develop on whether the cloud environment is safe. h�b```f``2f`a`Pz� Ȁ �L@Q��[R�O�. Some of the security risks and attacks organizations are faced with are data breaches, malware injection attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, SQL injection, authentication attack and data losses. 1. Businesses, especially smaller ones, need to be aware of these aspects before going in for this technology. The Challenges of Cloud Storage Given the obvious benefits of Cloud Storage, raises the question as to why haven’t more organizations already adopted cloud storage for on-premises applications and alleviate present expensive storage. to market demands. Every service provider will use three. It is difficult for the organizations to survive in, to compete with their competitors. Cloud computing, the awaiting need of computing as a best utility has the potential to take a large leap In this paper a short presentation of Cloud Computing and advantages for SMEs (part 1), the objectives of the European project IN-CLOUD (part 2) and the work in progress within this project are presented. Mark-up Language (SAML). Cloud computing providers offer different t, resources. Current paper proposes a back up plan required for overcoming the security issues in cloud computing. As a result of this aggregated study, it is clear that cloud adoption improves the HRM, allows the SMEs to expand, manage HRs in a flexible way, provides easy decision-making for the managers, and increases the productivity of the enterprise. SAML is basically a standard that This research provides an overview of the cloud deployment model, the services they offer and discusses the security issues and challenges of cloud computing in both data storage and virtual applications/servers. Cloud computing was found to be viable for Company X. In this paper, we examine the potential benefits and limitations of Cloud adoption from the perspective of a client firm’s competitive priorities, identifying business motivators for each priority, mechanisms, Cloud computing is a new model for delivering new applications and services. Signature-based approach is used. In this paper, the Methods of using cloud computing in e-government has been studied and it's been attempted to identify the challenges and benefits of the cloud to get used in the e-government and proposals have been offered to overcome its shortcomings, encourage and partnership of governments and people to use this economical and new technology. Cloud computing is a current trend that reveals the next-generation application architecture and it is estimated that by 2013 the cloud market will have reached $8.1bn. This paper reports a case study of a small e-learning service provider and its four clients in Taiwan. change the query structure. We tend to investigate a brief survey on earlier studies focused on blockchain integrating with the cloud to depict their supremacy. Even in long term business relationships, it is difficult for users to judge the true qualities, intentions and actions of cloud providers. The result of the comparison suggested that AWS fits the needs of large companies due to their vast global reach, Microsoft windows azure is suitable for startups and best fits organizations using Window servers, Google app engine is the most cost-efficient and suitable for developers of web based software and applications, IBM cloud appealed to users because of its unique virtualization and private cloud services. h�bbd``b`�$��. 1. Cloud computing environment provides a great flexibility and availability of computing resources at a lower cost. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). hެVm��8�+��N'�/�G��XZ�V:��]+����.�S (Iu�_������eɀ���T2�c�����H�Fd�K+���'��e*j�� ŀ+��8D�SPD���2-��Jw���V�‡�{nn�&k�q�2��3f嶱g���=��“�{R�kOj�� �W�*5��;#�ܐ�M�6�%����f��o7D���r;�^g�y��,���{�����I'�6����,������y�xlu'��l� #�l����O�}KJ�[�Y#��ٺ�D�;__��#�hEԾx����h鸳l���X�SÝ�>��l����� �{ stored. security and standardisation are reduced and successful business models have emerged. Furthermore, the true challenge within the Industry 4.0 is with data communication and infrastructure problems, not so significantly on developing modelling techniques. This study is beneficial for potential users such as small mid-size enterprises, start-up developers and large companies for selecting a cloud platform that meets their requirements. 6, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, No. to manage their business efficiently. ��"D@��"���7 BDH��@��H�����L��@�00�K�g�� � �u! Cloud computing increases agility by offering three types of low-level administrations from cloud, in a business environment. endstream endobj 36 0 obj <> endobj 37 0 obj <> endobj 38 0 obj <>stream Cloud computing is the structure for establishing the computer service through internet. Therefore, this paper focuses on some cloud-based HRM within SMEs and explores the advantages and challenges of adopting such emerged technology. Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing … Every time. Using cloud computing is one of the most important decisions for most of businesses nowadays. Developers with advanced ideas need not be perceptive about non utility of costly resource for the service which does not provide to the need and expectation. Purpose of the study: This research aims to understand the benefits and challenges of cloud and non-cloud adopter companies of production and service sectors on cloud computing and making recommendations based on companies’ perceptions of the issue in Izmir, Turkey. Even though SSO reduces the number of logins that are
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