use Joel 2 If seeing without anything in your business there’s going to be famine 3 days fasting with Psalm 1, 23, 24, 102. FLOWER, If you are planting flowers in you dream, mean you will work with money, its is a sign of fruitlessness Seeing such in dream is an indication that you need to change your stand and be faithful to God through Jesus Christ. Dream Dictionary & Dream Meanings is a dream dictionary to understanding Crying in Dreams: the starting point for dream analysis, dream meanings, and dream interpretations. Luke 21-15 If the cocoa tree without fruit is fruitless meaning what you are doing right now will not bring increase of your expectation, prayer for fruitfulness with 3 days white fasting and get olive oil and water read this Psalm 54, 59 into this materials and claim your right aggressively by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. White fasting for three days. If seen lawyer advocating for you in the court in your dream no matter your situation God will intervene to help you by man or woman. If seen this dangerous animal in your dream, mean enemy at their work or to devour your goodness, to prevent yourself use Psalm 91, 121, 125 read this seven times into water sprinkle it into your home and shops. If you seen stranger in your roof or your shop as a carpenter removing things without putting another back mean that’s a destroyer get yourself anointed for 3 days with fasting and curse the demonic carpenter to die with Psalm. If you cried in the dream, it means everything will go well with your life and you will get what you want. All our dreams have to be  written down in order to generate meanings from the word of God. Seeing yourself hold the ball in your hand is a sign of favour in business achievements. If found yourself in the middle of the tropical jungle forest without way help or way out, assistant, this is the realm of ruthlessly, unconstrained, cruelly, pitilessly, untamed, unrestrained, unruly, anxious, disheveled, inaccurate of life and no man come to your aids, means the enemy has hand over your soul to the spirit of problematic over your life to be inconvenience throughout the journey, pray for deliverance with three days fasting call on the Lord Jesus your maker. If you are given a coin in your dream is a sign of poorness, get yourself anointed with olive oil, and pray for 3 days with fasting to renounce affliction out of your life, Psalm 64, 120, Seeing yourself collapse suddenly in your dream is a bad omen, it may lead to downwardness or unbelievable backwardness. It is a sign of peace in your labour if used Seeing yourself buying butter big fresh bread’s a sign of incoming mercy by someone you know. If that lamenting or crying is done because of ALLAH Almighty’s fear, it means joy and salvation will follow. If one cannot participate in the examination is a bad omen, mean backwardness, cast the spirit of backwardness out with three days fasting and repent of your ancestor’s sin to God. If you see a little one crying in your dream, it often means that you’ve made, or are thinking about making a decision that goes against your faith. Enemy always uses snakes, dogs, cats, cows etc, to trouble their victims in the dream. If you see choir singing in glorious way in your dream, means God wants you to come closer to Him and to use praises for victory over your foes. The condition of the vehicle will clearly show the present posture of your business, for instance a care that is being pushed shows that the business is having serious problem. Seeing landed is a sign of arrival of good thing to come, pray with night vigil for fast manifestation. For success use Psalm. If seen in plenty and bags its sign of prosperity The powers of the devil behind this dream may want to fold your plans. Catching fish with hook is also good, depend on what you have caught But if your gum teeth are wounded and bleeding it’s a problematic in your family. If seen in your dream been wounded is a sign inconvenience in your venture, Seeing it in dream is an evident of failure and worthlessness. Based on my interpretations, here are some of the probable reasons why you experienced such dream. If you see an angel or angels in your dreams telling you to do things that are contrary to the word of God that’s satan transforming as angel of light don’t follow or carry the instruction in your reality because if you do may leads you to personal regression. It is a sign of sudden death expect prayer of restoration to remove this embargo. Crying in dream is good or bad - When someone cries in real life, it is almost always thought to be a sign of some overbearing burdenand pain. If seeing in your dream ceremony as occasion and people are eating and drinking with high table guest, very soon joyful promotion will occur on your way because of your situation that is bad, you will be celebrated at last. It is dangerous when you keep seeing animals, for instance, snakes biting you, dog barking at you, cat pursing you as if you have aggreement with him. Seeing them many inside your sugar or otherwise, meaning your gain effort will be eaten or transfer to another person. If someone has died in a dream it could be symbolic of cutting ties with that person or situation. Pray and fast for 3 days with Ps 28, 18. Perhaps, you see an obstacle on your way, be rest assure that there are spirit of wickedness that hate to see you getting to your promised land. Seen yourself among the people in the burial ceremony range, mean somebody will die in that period why you will be among them, be prayerful that you may not left out by money, If you seen butchers in the market cutting meat, means the enemy are on there distributing human flesh, pray that non of your family will be victim with this Psalm 91 for ransom and recovery, 122. Seeing or holding a gun in dream symbolized high spiritual power or superfluity level with Ability If you dream that somebody is going to die, it may be a literal meaning, or it could be symbolic. iii. Dream Dictionary & Dream Meanings is a dream dictionary to understanding Rain in Dreams: the starting point for dream analysis, dream meanings, and dream interpretations. If seen in your dream a stranger as your cashier in your shop or office while people are buying and paying to he or she, it is a bad omen, curse your devourer to death by using this Psalm 18, 21 with 3 days fasting to regain your loses income. Seeing being carried or ride means someone you know or unknown will help you into a business journey successfully very soon. If seen yourself at the middle of a market buying or selling, mean your fortune is used by source of your familiar gods in your fathers’ household. Utilize the income effectively. If seeing in your dream walking towards you or reluctantly with you it is a sign of doom correct yourself before God and man, Psalm 38, 39, 43. 124, 50 and 83. Being the celebrant with drummers in action is a bad sign pray with psalm 124, 23, and 143, in 3 days. Great dream! 1.Seeing it in dream is an evident of failure and worthlessness. If seen fig tree with fruits on the tree in your dream, it is a good and prosperity dream that will affect global life. 91, 59, 83. If seeing self-holding a head of sward or shape cutlass in your hand at the edge of controlling people to help each other in the field of harvesting or whistle in your mouth blowing to control men and women you’ll be great and future leader soon. You have to pray with the Psalm or you will go extra miles in this battle of your ancestors’. James 3:2. COCONUT. Going for deliverance is advisable! If you kill this beast in your dream with hand or otherwise you’ll be victorious in your locality or familiarity. If seeing dry well no result in present venture, prayer and fasting for 3 days with Psalms. III. Give thank most in your prayer. Three day fasting to avert the problems but if dream does not change before the completion of the 3rd day make it 7 days. If broken before crossing news from expectation is likely to be negative. 2 days fasting with 2 days night of prayer, use this Psalm 24, 50 your progress will return speedily recovery. Seven days prayer and fasting with Psalm 91, 25, 59, 90. CLASSROOM, If seen yourself in the classroom of nursery, primary or secondary school and you wear their uniform is a bad omen mean backwardness in any endeavour. Use the prayer point at the back for guidance. DOG. With this kind of dream, you are guarantee flying abroad. ALMOST THERE BUT NEVER. Seeing yourself been carry inconvenienHYMN-BOOK/olt heavy load in the If you dream of abandonment, that shows that someone has forgotten you. The solution is to:-. ADOPTION: Adoption is a case of adopting a child. If sitting on it, it is the same. Hi, I do think tһis iѕ an excellеnt bloց. The dry one in the bottle is a sign of token miracle in your life. Be wise MAGGOT. Solution is to pray and fast for two days in order to restore your glory, peace and protection in all endeavours. That is why we should not be on the look out for revenges but allow God always for necessary justice. Continuing prayer you have reach the peak of success. Think on how you spent money, to avert these Psalm. If your driving license is ceased by police in your dream mean your work will be taken away form you very soon, if you don’t want this seven days fasting and take your right back with authority of Jesus Christ the saviour in every hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 Psalm 18 with two days white fasting enemy want this to happen to you, you’ve to deliver yourself. If you are giving in a big basket with unripe is a fair dream, your expectant will not be eluded during your expenses. If inability to lift it means total failure. I decree your helper of destiny will not face arrest in Jesus name In other ways, It portends a strong emotional feelings such as unhappiness and pains. Seeing yourself in the magistrate court in your dream mean you will soon involve in small problems that we belted you by money, problematic dream pray for five days fasting and psalm 17, 82, and 106. Seen dead crab is bad omen mean a calamity event is on the way to progress in your expectations pray with Psalm 141, 70 and three days fasting nullify this evil plan of traitors in Jesus name and stand against it continually. This is not good physically and spiritually.strong/strong sign of worthlessness because one cannot be useful or make places clean, pray for multiple help in your strong endeavor use Psal m 4, Using Bunches of broom to kills flies in your and showsIf they are rebuking you there is a hidden sin in your life, do all your best to resist sin because the sin is your hindrance to the door of your success. If you are hearing a strange noise is a bad omen three days fasting to change it into good noise and happiness, Psalms 64 and 70.ALPHABETS AND THIER INTERPRETATIONS. If, for example, the person was your friend, this dream might indicate that this person is in some kind of trouble and maybe needs your help. Seeing an angel in your dream means God’s presence and guidance is with you no matter your condition relaxes though you may be in danger at that moment. It is a sign of blessing from Heaven upon you, this is blessing Heaven had given to you no matter your present situation you’ll excel. He use his blog as a medium to help people solve the ystery behind their dreams and also peoivde the solution and prayers that which they can use to solve the dreams, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, The Book Of Jeremiah Was Revealed In My Dream, TIPS TO KNOW THAT YOUR FASTING IS IN VAIN, My General Overseer Told Me I am Preganant, Our Church Generator Refused to Work in the Dream, PRAYERS OF DIVINE FAVOUR AND DESTINY HELPERS, My Mother Fell Into A Big Hole With Dirty Water In A Dream, Prayers Against Breastfeeding A Baby In The Dream, Prayers Against Examinations In The Dream, MIDNIGHT PRAYERS: 30 PRAYER POINTS AGAINST ENEMIES OF PROGRESS. Seeing self-ascending a hill is a sign of incoming progress in present venture. Seen this creature killed by you or someone in your dream, it’s a sign of total victory over the enemy’s on the particular area you live as challenges subdue. In water drinking and bathing to cast out spirit of dreadfulness. This dream confirms your good intentions or symbolizes someone in your life with such qualities. Rearing bird in a cage, this is a point of your gain been given to feed the other people, use the upper Psalm and pray for restoration of your ventures. Progress can never surface in present struggle. If seen yourself with king’s dialogue together in your dream mean a transition is coming into your difficult situation, if you can wait your past and present situation will be a story. on="tap: autosuggest-list.hide,AMP.setState({inputText: '{{Title}}'})" You are among evil forces unconsciously the solution will be proved by three days fasting and prayer of night vigil. iii. NATIVE DRUM, Seeing it and drumming in your dream is a symbol of progress. 19. If it is dull requires prayer for success and recovery. In some cultures, crying is seen as being weak or unmanly activity - in particular, the Muslim culture. Deuteronomy 28 In everything, give thanks to God. O Lord restore me! If eaten three days white fasting with Isaiah 40, 56, and 65 read into water three times in a day at the period of your fasting day before you break and bathing before sleep at this period for cleansing in inner and the spirit all together. 46, 59, 83 and 3 days fasting. If you see and hear people singing this song in your dream mean very soon someone closer to you will die, it is a bad omen anoint yourself and reject it. If you drink alcohol in the dream, it means that you are putting your life at a great risk or loss. If the dream caused you to cry then this is connected bells or problems then … Any bad or evil signs or appearance stand against it or destroy it immediately. JUICE, If seen yourself drinking juice any colour it may be meant at junction of receiving your miracle it going to be easy for you to receive it. Seen this white shell in your dream, or this is given to you in your dream means it’s an ancient of backwardness, the lower level of poverty is a bad omen, it’s not a wealthy life at all, you have to escape from the cage of the ancient convoyed by using this Psalm. NEW CAR, If you bought a new car in your dream is a good dream, you will go out and put your money into worthless business you think, it will help, pray before you do any big things. Crying when alone in a dream due to someone's death indicates - you need time on your own. Be careful how you use your mind and mouth. If spiritually strong and it is rejected, it is a good omen. This dream opens doors of blessings and breakthrough. If the seed is ripped and usually white, your expectation will have the desired result Call on God to restore you back He’s your Creator. If rescued there is hope of surviving from problems associated with using Psalms. Some of your friends or your neighbors are using double mind with you, so refrain from trusting them or somebody closer to you is about to betray your trust, trust God only, This is evidence of failure in your venture because it does not hold water pray effectively inside a water or small nylon bag of pure water for 3 days each bag for 3 day and fasting, use the water for sprinkling. It is a bad sign that no one wants to help you after hearing your story of life. Seeing yourself flying boldly above mountains, rivers and soon in the dream is a sign of spiritual power and superiority over your enemies. Psalm.104, 109. Drinking it in dream is a sign of incoming comfort and prosperity. If you seen yourself inside mirror in your dream  looking good and charming mean there going to be a change how people disrespect or dislike you, people will change to help, or in other word your old age in circular. Confession and changes old sins, transgressions and iniquities committed knowingly or unknowingly. 35, and 44 Ask God for a divine change in your ventures. If you see calabash with water in your dream means problematic in your ventures. That means the image of a baby is one that represents morality. 3 days prayer and fasting with Psalm 1, 124,140. Every of our dream needs a good direction from the code of dream dictionary. Confess your sins, transgressions, and iniquities by asking for mercy in any area knowingly and unknowing. If someone comes and ask for your gold and you gave him or her in your dream is a very bad omen, meaning no matter how you pray against your enemy without receiving the gold back your effort will be valid until you get your gold back, get yourself anointed with 6 days white fast use this Psalm 23, 24, 25, hour of prayer 12, 3, 6, 9 daily. Conteúdos All Meanings of Dreaming about Crying” Sadness” of Baby” […] Explore what the Bible says about crying further by reading these blog posts: “Jesus Wept.” “Tears in a Bottle.” “God Will Wipe Away Every Tear.” Sidebar: “I Fell for the Belief That Not Crying Made You Tough” Somehow, as I grew up, I fell for the belief that not crying made you tough. Seeing large bus parked side-by-side means be careful with your saying among your colleague. If the baby dies is a bad omen, three days fasting, Psalms 91, 1 and 140. If this appears in dream, means spiritual enemies are at work against an eminent personality in the society. ing entire road is a sign of unexpected blocked, it could be financial or spiritual, 3days fast and prayer against hindrances. of bad omen in your dream, because of bouncing back and repeated the same reflection word or songs. JUDGES, Seeing a judges in your dream, judge or execution in judgment against you, be careful of people you are fighting, quit and want for God to if fight on your behave. Catching fish with it is a sure sign of success in set goal. Seeing a dry farm is a point of unfruitfulness in what you are doing at that present 3 days fast and pray with this Psalm. In Genesis 1, We read that God created the heaven and the earth. If seeing eating your food and stuff, it’s a bad omen which mean the divert and devourer sent to your ventures or to your treasury. It symbolizes a … KETTLE. Stolen in your dream is a bad omen for this is the work of enemy. Seem this bird soar higher, the coming news and unexpected promotion in endeavours is expectant. If seen this insect in your dream eating your things is a sign of devourer in ventures, pls, pay and be faithful in your tithes and offerings, pray and fast against it three days fasting Psalm 60, 28, If seen yourself at the grave in your dream, mean enemy has been planning death around you, pray and fast for three days to overcome any plan of death around you with Psalm 70, 72.
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