The various input-hookup options are clearly explained and illustrated in the amplifier manual, as is the use of the different types of rear-panel input connectors (spring clips for speaker inputs and outputs, phono jacks for line-level signals). Do you happen to know the wattage on the V62s? The responses of the satellites and center speaker also exhibited a possibly intentional deep dip at around 3 kHz. BIC VENTURI V62 BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS. I have a couple of pairs of these little gems, (rear surrounds and sons mains) if you want to make them sound better do a search for Ed Frias, he does a crossover modification that really brings these to life! These speakers are just like every other BIC speaker I own; excellent. I have BIC venturis as well in the other room. I had a BIC sub (1220) and loved it (till I got my hsu vtf2 mk 3) The BIC products offer good sound and great value. Description: Includes original mounting screws. Buy It Now. Owner's Manual's included for both speakers. $149.99. Bic Venturi DV32CLR 3.5" Center Channel Speaker, Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 157. BIC Venturi - V1000R 10" 150 watt powered subwoofer & BIC Venturi V52 - CLR center channel speaker. For the price, I believe these speakers may be one of the best speaker buys out there. Into 8 ohms, the continuous power rating falls to 70 watts, but with 2 dB of dynamic headroom. So Polk Audio RTI A7 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than BIC America PL-980L, as seen on the chart below. I know this post was very old, but I have a pair of these and one of the tweeters died. What was the seminal event that caused America's fall from greatness? They are of ported design with a 4-1/2-inch woofer and a 1-inch dome tweeter in a cabinet measuring 7 inches wide, 11-3/4 inches high, and 7-1/4 inches deep. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Polk Audio RTI A7 are more popular speakers, based on their 10+ reviews. Skip to content. When pushed hard with sine waves of 40 Hz and below, the V-12 emitted a considerable amount of disharmonious "port noise" as the air flow though its two ports became turbulent. Scott '59. Compared with other subwoofers reviewed here recently, the V-12 is relatively lightweight. What a clean sound. Seller Details. BIC Venturi DV52si (Black) overview and full product specs on CNET. Jul 17, 2018 - Buy (not available) BIC Venturi V52 speakers USA MADE (NOS) in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Wow! From the back, things look a bit more complicated. Customs services and international tracking provided. Center Speakers. I don't know how close they are to the V-62. Venturi V820 Speaker System Review. I'd put those up against just about any consumer grade speaker you'd pay twice as much for. H.H. But that shouldn't pose a problem: It is one of the least expensive complete home theater speaker systems with any pretension to quality. The crossovers in these have been upgraded with new high grade capacitors. Find great deals on eBay for speakers bic venturi. $56.74. The SWA-100 can receive its signals either from line-level outputs (preamp outputs or the pre-out jacks on some integrated amplifiers and receivers) or from speaker-level outputs. Just curious..... From what I read, they are quite impressive for the price one pays for them. Correctly adjusting a subwoofer's output level is always a difficult problem, so I cheated by using the spectrum analyzer again. Experimentation with subwoofer positioning is still the order of the day. But I am impressed by these little BIC speakers. The BIC DV32CLR center speaker has two 3.5" poly/graphite cone woofers which deliver amazing performance, especially for their small size. I can't remember the model numbers on the towers or the small ones, but I'll check when I get home. Do a search, they were quite a popular speaker a few years back around here. Vintage BIC Venturi Formula 6 Mid range Speaker . Rear-ported 8 ohm speakers Made in the USA. Speaker System DetailsSpeakers Included Center channel speaker 2-way 80 - 20000 Hz 8 Ohm Wired. Speaker type Center channel speaker. Buy item Learn more Watch item. Since 1973, BIC America (known to many for patenting our famous "Venturi Port") has offered a wide range of high quality components and speaker systems for the consumer electronics industry. Total Price Tax Shipping Store In Stock $149.99. For those who want to use an amplifier other than the SWA-100 with the V-12, the subwoofer's recommended crossover frequency is 85 to 120 Hz (the V-12 has no internal crossover), with a recommended amplifier power of from 20 to 100 watts. The V-12 consists of a 12-inch long-throw woofer in a large vented cabinet measuring 16-1/2 x 21 x 18-1/2 inches, including the removable grille. I hooked these little guys up to a Yamaha HTR-6090 along with a old Infinity BU2 Sub and an old Infinity center speaker. (This is a fascinating psycho-acoustical "trick" that you can simulate with a parametric equalizer and a set of speakers with flatter response.) COVID-19 . The V-12's output peaks slightly at around 60 Hz, and it can tend toward "one-note" bass if it is poorly located. I am impressed. The resulting ease of positioning is further enhanced by (saints be praised!) BIC Venturi are known for performing way above their price point with excellent sound. BIC Venturi 5¼â€ woofer for V52, V52CLR and other speakers 310105 623TNC TESTED. don't let anyone put you down for that. Vintage BIC bookshelf speakers in good shape only have one cover first reasonable offer takes them home!! Gift Guide. They do their job very well and I would be willing to put them up against about any other bookshelf speaker. The manual recommends that the surrounds "be positioned behind and slightly to the sides of the viewer/listener," but the accompanying diagrams show what I interpret as placement to the sides and slightly behind, a preferable arrangement. I currently have Denon AVR 4308, … Other week, I saw on craigslist for the same pair for only $30. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - California | FOR SALE - Los Angeles, CA. These are actually remarkable speakers, they punch far above their weight. JavaScript is disabled. Getting a good "splice" of the subwoofer's response curve with that of the other speakers in the system also required some trial and error. Calculations incorporating the V-12's sensitivity lead to a predicted maximum short-term peak subwoofer SPL of around 110.5 dB at 1 meter, which is plenty loud enough for most domestic listening. BIC America, though lesser known for its audio products, has snuck into the spotlight in recent years by producing some truly excellent home theater speakers at unbeaten value, and with recent MSRP discounts, the DV62si is now another one of these speakers. I found a non-working pair of BIC Venturi speakers. The V52 manual suggests that you can use one as a center-channel speaker, which would have the virtue of providing an exact sonic match among the left, right, and center speakers. Presumably to reduce diffraction problems, the side edges of the cabinets are beveled. audioholics has a few tweaks that you can use to make them even better. Bic Venturi Speakers V52. The crossover's corresponding low-pass section removes high frequencies from the subwoofer signal at 24 dB per octave above 85 Hz. Instead, the BIC V-12 worked best on the center line of our listening room, a placement not normally conducive to flattest bass response because of room resonances. B.I.C. The V52 satellites and the similar-sounding V52 Plus center-channel speaker had basically the same slightly colored but generally pleasing frequency response. Downsizing no longer needed, smoke free home, original owner. But V52's are sold only in pairs, so you would end up with an extra speaker. Last one. Venturi V820. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. I currently have Denon AVR 4308, Paradigm Studio 100's, ADP 590's and a Velodyne DD15 Sub. Bic Venturi V52 Stereo Hi Fi Bookshelf Speakers (El Sereno) $80. Those two specs apply to all the speakers in the system, as does the use of spring-type cable connectors. You might prefer to use BIC's dedicated center speaker, the V52 Plus ($159 each). That response characteristic, which the BIC speakers have in common with at least one small, highly regarded, and very expensive high-end loudspeaker, can impart a good sense of image depth to a lot of recordings without totally sacrificing tonal quality. From United States. $129.00. I have the small bookshelf ones as well. Vintage BIC Venturi V52 bookshelf speakers - $25 (Spokane valley) < image 1 of 2 > 6th near Theirnan condition: excellent make / manufacturer: BIC model name / number: V52. QR Code Link to This Post. The amplifier proper has only one output, a pair of multiway binding posts for connection to the subwoofer. I laugh not! Post a comment. In our listening room, the amplifier control ended up at 10 o'clock, as good a place as any for you to start your experimentation. Prices. "Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans", Get our latest product reviews and AV stories emailed to you weekly. $0.00. These are made in the good old USA! Can MrOboto fix them? Mroboto. BIC DV-62 MSRP $275/pr. What a clean sound. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Input sensitivity is given as 25 millivolts for the SW-100's rated power output. From the front, the SWA-100 looks like a basic power amplifier: a black box measuring 12 x 4-1/8 x 12-3/4 inches with one knob (volume) and one switch (power). not available Get great deals on Audio Chat to Buy Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker - Hi-Res Audio with Deep Bass Response | Dolby and DTS Surround | Single, Black 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,698. Original equipoment in: DV52, DV52CLR, others. Over the years, our audio components have consistently earned rave reviews from trusted publications and numerous “Best Buy” ratings from the leading consumer testing magazine. After all these years, they still sound damn good. BIC gives somewhat conflicting advice on where to locate the surround speakers, however. The V-12 and SWA-100 are also sold together as a general-purpose powered subwoofer system for $699. I hooked these little guys up to a Yamaha HTR-6090 along with a old Infinity BU2 Sub and an old Infinity center speaker. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. In sum, although the BIC home theater system isn't the be-all and end-all of surround-sound speaker systems, it won't be the end-all of your wallet, either. No mention on the rear. Bass for the system-the satellites and center speaker are thin-sounding when used alone-is provided by the V-12 subwoofer ($300), which in turn is driven by the SWA-100 dedicated subwoofer amplifier ($399) with built-in crossover circuitry. Now specializing in audio technology regeneration (amps & speakers) Posted on September 12, 2018 December 12, 2018 by Edwig. $0.00. The patented Venturi vent eliminates port noise that's often heard from other subwoofers when playing demanding … It has a high-current 200-Watt (430-Watt peak) amplifier (designed by BASH Technology) combined with a 12 in. Sony UBP-X800M2 (has many issues with it). I have always been a big fan of the Venturi line as far as a budget alternative goes. Does anyone have any experience with the guys? Just happened on your post when I googled my V62s which I've operated since early 90s. Most numerous in a complete BIC home theater setup are the V52 satellite speakers ($165 per pair). Online reviews for these are very positive. Image precision was very good on both soundtracks and music. These are the original V52 and IMHO are better than the newer ones. The amplifier's internal crossover has a high-pass section to remove bass frequencies from the signals to the front left and right speakers at a rate of 6 dB per octave below 85 Hz. So definitely in the extreme budget category. C $87.66. Pre-Owned. The BIC DV-62 is the largest speaker in the shoot out with measurements of 14 ¾- inches tall x 8 7/8- inches wide x 9 1/8 舑 inches deep. Tweeter, driver and rubber surround are in excellent condition. Speakers BIC Venturi DV62si (black) Specs & Prices. Even with explosive movie soundtracks, the port noise couldn't be heard over all the other loud sounds in the program. Wow! The effect was never noticeable as such on the music I played, however, most of which doesn't have very strong signal content below 40 Hz. Thanks to the well-written and well-illustrated manuals, I had no trouble hooking up the system. Condition: Used. "Do not attempt to use two subwoofers that are rated less than 8 ohms each with the SWA-100," the manual warns. Still sound great. Nominal system impedance is 8 ohms; sensitivity is given as 90 dB sound-pressure level (SPL) with a 1-watt input. The V-820 is one of BIC's Venturi line of loudspeakers, whose tapered woofer ducts and vent design are said to provide relatively deep bass response from a given enclosure volume, together with higher efficiency than is usually found in speakers of their size. Attention, all bass lovers needing small speakers: this stately pair of Venturi DV62si bookshelf speakers from BIC America uses a patented and specially tuned rear-panel Venturi port to extend the its low-frequency response to an impressive 43 Hz, nearly a full octave below the capabilities of most bookshelf speakers--the place where kick drums kick and bass guitars growl their deepest. Indeed, the system price is simply the sum of the prices of the components that make it up, meaning you don't get a break for buying them all together. Shop By Price. Shop with confidence. Customs services and international tracking provided +C $92.14 shipping. Speakers are all in good condition. The four different components that make up BIC's home theater speaker system are available separately. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is a review and detailed measurements of the BIC Venturi DV62si bookshelf speaker. Speaker SystemSpeaker Type 2-way Passive. Black cabinets with black removable grills 14-7/16" (H) x 8-7/8" (W) x 9 3/16" (D). A back-panel switch must be thrown from its 8-ohm to its 4-ohm position if you connect two V-12's (or any other 8-ohm subwoofers) in parallel to the SWA-100's output or use a single subwoofer with a rated impedance of less than 4 ohms. Pre-Owned. You must log in or register to reply here. I'm currently using these speakers for the rears on my system. But V52's are sold only in pairs, so you would end up with an extra speaker. Mine are BiC Venturi and say V62A on the back. BIC Venturi speakers, popular in the late 1970s, often get left on the roadside. I cant seem to find a replacement can anyone point me to something that is suitable that will fit in the V62. Here are specs on the BIC DV-62. It uses the same tweeter and two of the same woofer as the V52, all mounted in a horizontally oriented ported cabinet measuring 18 x 6-1/2 x 11-3/8 inches. Brand: B∙I∙C America. Technical Laboratory. B.I.C. Mind you, I am a real snob when it comes to my audio electronics. As its model number implies, the SWA-100 amp is rated to provide 100 watts into 4 or 8 ohms over its power bandwidth, which in this case extends over bass frequencies only (specifically from 20 to 70 Hz ±3 dB). Country/Region of Manufacture: United States. Review And Discussion. heavy-duty long-throw woofer and heavy-duty magnet. The V52 manual suggests that you can use one as a center-channel speaker, which would have the virtue of providing an exact sonic match among the left, right, and center speakers. Repairing vintage speakers. Get the best deals on BIC Vintage Speakers when you shop the largest online selection at Product Details. It merely said to "adjust the SWA-100's volume control until you are satisfied with the amount of bass," which will lead most novices to a setting that produces too much bass. Look them up, they have great reviews. $11.99 USD. Bookshelf Speaker Reviews; Speaker Face Off IV - Battle of the Budget Bookshelf's; BIC DV-62 and Klipsch RB-15; BIC DV-62 and Klipsch RB-15 By Ray Adkins — December 30, 2005. Item location: Palatine, Illinois US. Mon Sep 07 2020 8:30 pm Advertisements. The v52 series and later the v52si model were actually the home theater speakers to have from 1991 to 1996. It is on kind loan from a local member and costs US $120 including free shipping on Amazon (for a pair). I just dug out an old pair of BIC Venturi V62 speakers that have been in the back on our storage closet for several years. BIC Venturi DV32CLR – 125W 2-Way, 3-Driver 3 ½â€ Center Channel Speaker with ½â€ Soft Dome Tweeter MSRP: $99/Each. I also got a better splice of the response curves when I inverted the subwoofer's phase relative to that of the other speakers in the system, something you might want to try by simply reversing the subwoofer connections (amplifier red to subwoofer black, and vice versa). It is a good bargain for anyone on a tight budget who wants a taste of the excitement of home theater. 6-1/2" Woofer 1" Tweeter. No reasonable offer refused. A subwoofer really isnt needed with a full set of these unless you want that extra floor bouncing boom. I just dug out an old pair of BIC Venturi V62 speakers that have been in the back on our storage closet for several years. Check the consumers products recommendations from that era. The speakers had a "forward" sound quality, which I attribute to the roughness of the transition to the subwoofer and the corresponding slight dip in the upper bass. You might prefer to use BIC's dedicated center speaker, the V52 Plus ($159 each). An exceptional performer and outstanding value in this price bracket is the newly introduced B.I.C.-Venturi V62, whose angled cabinet contributes to uniform sound dispersion and belies by its elegant carpentry the speaker's price of $199 a pair. The Venturi V1220 Powered Subwoofer from BIC America offers unsurpassed performance for its price. Buy It Now. Recommended placement is directly above or below a television screen. Here, too, a flared internal bass duct adds richness to the lower range, while a dome tweeter lends a feeling of airy spaciousness to the treble. Mind you, I am a real snob when it comes to my audio electronics. The wheels on the V-12 subwoofer were particularly welcome because even with a microphone connected to a spectrum analyzer, finding a good location for it proved more difficult than expected, and it had to be moved more than usual. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. You'll need two pairs of V52's because they do double duty as both front left/right and surround speakers. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound. These have travelled continents. The best one is to put more poly-fill in them to tighten up the bass., BIC America - Top Rated Speakers Since 1973. These are the bookshelf model V52. I've owned 3 different sets of the v52 damn sound I've ever had from a bookshelf speaker it's size. C $38.23. ... technics sa-dx1050 SS Reciever with 5 Bic Venturi Speakers - $245 (Downtown SLO, Obispo) 4 Bic Venturi bic speakers v52s, one center speaker … Too bad....kinda regret not getting them. built-in wheels. In this case, the amplifier's manual was no help. From United States +C $43.49 shipping . Our standard locations, where other subwoofers had been used successfully before, did not produce the best results. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. 6 watchers. I am impressed. Based with many reviews, I have no problem recommending BIC's Venturi and Acoustech line for budget minded people looking for that bang for the buck system. BIC Venturi DV62si (black) | DV62SIB. One grill has two little holes and one speaker has a mark on the front- see photos.
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