You can find this treasure map on the dock of the Lookout Tower in the Shores of Nine. Region Map FoundRegion Treasure FoundRewards Iron CoveBuri's StoreroomCommon Enchantment x1, Eternal Frost x1, Aegir's Gold… Finding God of War Treasure Map locations is one of many optional challenges in the sprawling adventure game. Take note that there are two docks in Buri's Storeroom. You need to head to Veithurgard to the East of the Shores of Nine. If you want to play the game for some more time, then you can definitely do that in God of War as it has a lot of collectable for the players to find and collect. God of War Treasure Map Location: Don't Blink Santa Monica Studios TREASURE MAP #1: DONT BLINK. Hunters Kingdom Treasure Map. In this God of War guide, we’ll show you how to find the Kneel Before Thor! You will encounter a large dragon in the area, this is a Favor quest. God Of War Treasure Maps Locations. God of War guide: The Turtle’s Tribute treasure map locations Where the leaves are red, and the moss is green, I buried my treasure where … Once here, take a boat and head up along the beach. So in doing so, your time will be well spent. Throughout Kratos’ adventure, there are 12 God of War treasure maps to find and solve. In this chapter, you will find a complete solution that contains all the treasure maps in God of War. treasure map and buried treasure. The treasure map is right off the dock and shouldn't be hard to miss. The location of the actual treasure is located at Buri's Storeroom, which is an island to the northeast of the iron cove. There are 12 Treasure Maps to find in God of War … Editor’s note : We captured the images in the galleries below late into our God … God of War Treasure Map guide. You will find the Lookout Tower boat dock at the southeastern part of the Lake of Nine. The following are the different treasure maps in God of War and how you can solve them. Before you check the section with their locations, read the following information: The order of digging out the treasures. Hunter’s Kingdom. Defeat the nightmares that you find on your way. New Merch - . God Of War Treasure Map Guide. Besides the maps, you will also find the location of all the treasures to dig out and the rewards for finding them.
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