b. The issue comes in what different people think “so… But if you were using it at the beginning of a sentence as a synonym for “Thus,” I wouldn’t tend to use the comma: “So Caesar proceeded to the Forum…” Jasmine on October 24, 2019 5:40 pm. Standard: “You’re welcome! I need to buy a dress, so I am going to the mall. You could. So… There is no right or wrong here. But acknowledging the thanks first would be more polite. (You would use a comma if it were structured this way: ... too… (It is usually followed by that.) So is a subordinating conjunction when its meaning is in order that, with the purpose that. ... stronger glue than a comma, while a period is too divisive.” ... the correct punctuation mark is a comma. In this document, the four uses of the comma are called the listing comma , the joining comma , the gapping comma … The comma is such a little mark, but it can prompt big confusion -- and heated debate -- about its use. So is a conjunctive adverb when its meaning is therefore. And thank -you-.” or even… “Thank you, too… If you want to emphasize your thought, you can add the comma to slow the sentence down. “I think that’s all the defense they need. You have my gratitude, as well.” Casual: “Not a problem. I ate too much chocolate.. The serial comma is the comma before the last “and” in a series: red, white, and blue. The owl paddled, so that the monkey might sleep.This punctuation is fine. 6. In most cases, don’t use a comma … The owl paddled; so it made sense for the monkey to sleep. ... the dog is the subject of both verbs, so there should be no comma: The dog barked at a cat but didn't chase it. To begin with, forget anything you've ever been told about using a comma "wherever you would pause", or anything of the sort; this well-meaning advice is hopelessly misleading. Some people say to … Too much and too many have a similar meaning as too.. With an uncountable noun, use too much:. If no emphasis is necessary, then no comma is necessary. I drank too much (alcohol) last night!. And thank you, too.” Formal: “You’re quite welcome. I'd put a comma after 'so'. If he has that much time to play video games, then he has way too … I am editing a … The rule goes something like this: When “too” is used in the sense of “also,” use a comma before and after “too” in the middle of a sentence and a comma before “too” at the end of a sentence. So - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary too much + uncountable noun I feel sick. That last comma before the “and” is called a serial comma, Oxford comma, or Harvard comma. a. Comma or no comma after “too” is really up to you and the context of the paragraph where the “too” sentence is. It takes up too much time.. Use a comma any time you combine two independent clauses with any of the seven coordinating conjunctions (and, but, so, for, or, nor, yet): I can’t go to the dance, but you should go without me.
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