It takes the abstract and makes it practical by putting it into practice in the real world. Using Best Buy’s Renew Blue strategic initiative, Greg Githens describes the business canvas approach and VALiD approaches to understanding value propositions. The strategic importance of HR cannot be underestimated. So we created a framework and software to make adapting strategy, goals, and priorities easy. It relates to a program or a number of interrelated projects. The core challenge for agilists is that they are saying that their values might be better than there audience’s values. Greg Githens briefly explains two examples: the “One Company” strategic initiative and a company that is facing growth pains. Strategic Planning Strategy Execution . Design Thinking: Five Landmarks for Strategic Initiatives, Seven Must-Do’s for Better Strategy Execution, Five Mental Anchors that Impede Your Strategic Initiative, Beginners Guide: Competent Strategic Initiatives, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, & Ambiguity (VUCA), Four Recommendations for Effective Program Governance, Six Strategic Thinking Skills: Developing the Proactiveness Habit, What’s the #Strategy? Some examples: 1. Google, Disney, Hospitals/Healthcare Systems, and more, A case study from MajFin shows how to think about causal links needed to deliver value. Strategic initiatives are not about remaining complacent: they seek to get the greatest return out of the various projects in your portfolio. It could be one or many ventures, such as monitoring program metrics to see where greater efficiencies can be created or training your team or sales force to produce a better product or service and get that out to a larger customer base. Time:Decrease the time required to produce a product or provide a service. Example A: Arts and Sciences College within a Large Private University. The second case was successful, in part because the CEO made it clear he was unhappy with product quality. their strategic initiatives and nearly half of respondents (46%) report that communications is an integral and active component of the strategic planning and execution process. The cloud-based project management software helps program managers plan, monitor and report on the strategic initiative, while giving teams the collaborative platform they need to better execute it. Typical examples of strategic initiatives in this space would be supply chain enhancements to reduce costs or improvements in customer relationship management. He is a recognized thought leader in designing and delivering strategic initiatives. Each of the goal areas provide a high level of overview of the desired end state. With their buy-in the whole thing becomes a reality. If the previous four stages have been gone through with care, then funding should not be a barrier at this stage. Your plan should include the following: An end goal, or what you hope to achieve when the plan is complete. Also, program managers get transparency into the team’s progress. Many times there is confusion between what initiatives are truly strategic versus what are simply tasks and obstacles that impact the daily operating procedure. When selecting and creating your financial objectives, consider what you’re trying to accomplish financially within the time span of your strategic plan. HR strategy examples – What makes a successful HR strategy? It speaks to the PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which says all projects must be strategically aligned with the organization’s business strategy. Strategic initiatives tracking forms are considered management tools and are used by executives to track the status and progress of the company’s strategic initiatives. This is the time to set them in the strategic initiative process. Identify key contributors and help them step up, 3. But the more things you try to improve, the less likely you’ll be improving any of them. The following are illustrative examples of a strategy plan. An example of a strategic initiative description format follows: 5. Try today with this free 30-day trial. Continue reading →. Strategy: Build a world-class faculty. Related: How Gap Analysis Can Improve Your Project Management. Everyone in the project team has different ways to work and knows that. The first case study failed to deliver benefits, in part because the team tried to make the organization comply and conform to a model. Is it Possible to Have a Perfect Strategy? For example, a strategic initiative is not a strategic goal. They, too, are set on the long term, but they take the broader vision and break it down into specific plans and projects. The article describes Intel and its product development framework. These three living examples show that you don’t need to move mountains to be creative in marketing. 7 Proven Planning Techniques for Better Projects, How to Make a RACI Chart for a Project (with Example), Project Quality Management – A Quick Guide. Although the term “strategic initiative” might sound like inflated business jargon, it’s far from useless. A strategic vision might seem closest to a strategic initiative, but there are differences between these two terms as well. When your team contributes directly FILED UNDER. A strategic goal is part of strategic planning. It examines the Renew Blue vision & strategic pillars, and concludes with a list of 7 learnings for leaders of strategic initiatives. Strategic initiatives can be confused with other strategies. The collection includes different designs and layouts to fit with your business strategy… A healthcare organization's strategic plan is designed to identify the necessary A strategic initiative plan may include multiple initiatives that are designed to work together toward a single larger goal. Tools and insights for turning vision into results, Need a strategic planning facilitator, implementation coach, neutral mediator, workshop, seminar, or hands-on program manager? A strategic goal is set by the company to identify what they want to accomplish in a business strategy. Is it a project or a program? The article lists numerous lessons learned for strategic initiatives. Here are Three Good Practices, B.A.R.E.D. IT in 2017: Prioritize these 10 strategic initiatives, says Gartner. Contact him at or 419.424.1164, Workshop on Leading Strategic Initiatives. Classic approaches to business strategy assume a foreseeable future based on reasonable assumptions about developments in markets, technologies, or regulation. Top synonyms for strategic initiative (other words for strategic initiative) are strategic move, policy initiative and strategy initiative. Continue reading →, Observations of a new product development kickoff strategic initiative. Strategic initiatives are not about remaining complacent: they seek to get the greatest return out of the various projects in your portfolio. The U-M strategic plan is a great example of being very descriptive in a strategic plan without being prescriptive. Joseph Lucco. Continue reading →, Leaders of strategic initiatives need to have a working knowledge of the various perspectives on value propositions because organizations often charter strategic initiatives to close the gap (or create advantage) on value propositions. Therefore, take the time to think about what you have the capacity to confront and the resources to execute over the long-term. Program managers will give them direction, monitor their progress and regularly meet with them to get feedback and make sure the plan is on track. Before you get started, you have to know what it is you’re starting. They are accountable for executing the plan. Strategic initiatives operate on three tiers. Strategic initiatives typically impact key operational metrics such as store traffic, inventory turnover or customer satisfaction. A strategic initiative is a compass that guides businesses and targets future goals. Finalize the document that you have created. – Five Domains for Program Management Performance, Success Principles for Strategic Initiatives, Strategy Execution Priority #1: Effectively Communicate Strategic Decision(s), Strategic Initiatives Case Study: Best Buy’s “Renew Blue” Turnaround, Strategic Planning Issues for Strategic Initiatives, Strategic Initiative Case Study: Intel’s Product Development Turnaround, Case Study: Strategic Initiative Kickoff in a Global Joint Venture, Better Conversations Generate Better Strategy, Insights Are the Secret Sauce of Strategy, How a Strategic Decision Differs From a Tactical Decision, Unlearning, learning, and a culture of strategic thinking, How Mapping Can Improve Your Strategic Thinking, Complexity: Four Principles for Program Managers, Use the PAVER Framework to Assure Strategic Commitments. Differences Between an Initiative, Goal, Objective & Vision. Strategic initiatives are also helpful for executives who want to have a framework by which they can review all their projects in the program, define various impacts on the program and then focus on only those projects that can deliver immediate and measurable changes. A strategic initiative should add a new process or modify an existing process. Strategic initiatives differ from strategic objectives in that the latter is like a strategic goal, only much more specific. As a cognitive process, there are no practical differences between agile thinking and creative thinking. Fund, implement and manage the initiatives. Strategic goals, or strategy goals, are the desired outcomes of a strategy.The strategic planning process typically begins with goals as there is no point planning strategy if you don't know what you're trying to achieve. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to systematically build a portfolio of strategic initiatives. Once you have the strategy and the plan, you have to get the team on board. Strategic initiatives can be confused with other strategies. They take the mission statement of the company and translate it into more practical terms. For our purposes, let’s discuss what a strategic initiative is trying to do. For example, if an initiative fails to close an objective performance gap, then the team should ask whether or not they are investing in the right initiative. This plan should be transparent in that it’s visible for your entire project team, so everyone is working in congress. Examples of strategic initiative in a sentence, how to use it. For instance, a mortgage company might want to reduce the time required to process a loan. You’ve pinpointed the goals and objectives of your strategic initiative and have a list of tasks to implement it. Financial objectives are typically written as financial goals. Some of the key functionality in this type of strategic input template can help leaders and internal project managers track the status and progress of their strategic activities. The article explains preparation (including useful questions for reflection) and the discovery phase of a strategic initiative. Team members can collaborate and work better together. It supports the strategy, but presents an ideal, though achievable outcome. Organizations will want to develop strategic initiatives because it gives them a way to achieve specific objectives. Another way to look at strategic initiatives is that it’s the instrument that helps deliver on the company’s vision. Strategic Priorities: You can sort the priorities themselves under which ever category makes sense to you. It is a new project that the organization is going to embark on to align employee incentives … It’s all about improving the way an organization operates. Competitive industries – for example the travel industry – use strategic initiatives to create competitive advantage. All projects will require funding and it is this stage that often causes the most heated debate. A hospital might want to reduce the time an E.… Establishing a relationship between each initiative and objective will ultimately help illuminate fundamental assumptions about your strategy. Another strategy could be to create your unique selling proposition so your sales team can articulate your company’s products or services in a manner that attracts the right leads to your business. Key Takeaways from our Favorite B2B Marketing Examples. It’s multiple project views have benefits and will appeal to different members on the team. It can be a single page or fill up a binder, depending on the size and complexity of the business and work. Greg Githens explains that by recognizing that agilists are talking about values, we can then turn our attention to the appropriateness of the values to the situation. Goal: Improve the quality of the teaching and learning environment. For example, if one of the business strategies is to have a better customer digital experience , you may want to develop a suite of mobile apps over the next few years. Strategic initiatives, on the other hand, focus on change. Continue reading →, Organizations need to mature new product development processes, product life cycle processes, and other processes. The article concludes by suggesting five questions for looking at habits. Greg Githens briefly explains two examples: the “One Company” strategic initiative and a company that is facing growth pains. Most CEOs struggle with shifting demands that make keeping their long-term vision connected to weekly priorities chaotic. Examples of strategic goals for this perspective include: 1. It’s role as the … Operational Excellence or Strategic Excellence? But with these six techniques and list of pitfalls to avoid, you’ll be on your way to strategic success. You could also set a goal of having 15 regional markets in total by a specific date. Three examples of good communications are provided. Continue reading →, Executives say that the top priority for strategy execution is to effectively communicate the decisions made. It requires skill to navigate and change culture. This article analyzes the initiative’s strategy and raises questions about the correctness of the situation diagnosis. Get a Free 30-Day Trial of Our PM Software, How Gap Analysis Can Improve Your Project Management, task lists, kanban boards, Gantt charts or calendars. is all you need to realize your strategic initiative. One is to get people out of their comfort zone and into their learning zone. Cultural challenges make the natural ambiguity of strategy even more difficult. Continue reading →, Program management performance domains can be understood as B.A.R.E.D: Benefits, Alignment, Roadmapping, Engagement, and Decisions. For example, a strategic initiative is not a strategic goal. Team members can manage their work with task lists, kanban boards, Gantt charts or calendars. Try today with this free 30-day trial. Healthcare Strategic Planning: Step-By-Step Advice [With Examples] Yes, strategic planning in healthcare is tough! Continue reading →, This case study of a global new product development launch by a joint venture provides seven leadership lessons. Although the term “strategic initiative” might sound like inflated business jargon, it’s far from useless. Director & Rochesterian . The basic message to the reader is to think through the announcement process. Strategic and operational planning most often uses time, dollars, percentages, and numerical counts. Strategic Goals Sometimes seeing an example makes understanding the process easier. Agile Thinking, Habits, and Strategic Initiative Leadership: Transcending the Buzz for Useful Insights, Strategy, Ambiguity, and Strong-Minded Thinking, Launching a Strategic Initiative? You just need to be smart and strategic with the resources you already have. Or maybe the initiative… Strategy as Problem Solving: An Example from a Large Technology Organization. Another strategic goal example would be a 15% market share in every new market by a set date. The article illustrates how BARED is applied in Wal-Mart’s strategic initiative for sustainable operations in China. Strategic Initiative synonyms. You may also check out security strategic plan examples. Examples of strategic goals for finance: Create and launch new product(s) Increase customer conversion; Become market leader Long gone are the days when the Human Resources department focused solely on recruiting employees. In an increasingly uncertain world, this approach falls short. Objectives are benchmarks that are designed to be measurable and realistic. Think of them as milestones that mark the end of one phase and the start of a new one. This is the part when you take your objectives and figure out how you’re going to achieve them. A strategy plan, more commonly known as a strategic plan, is a list of strategic goals together with an action plan to achieve each goal.This is the output of strategy planning and may be developed at the level of an organization, department or team. Boil your list of strategic initiatives down to just one that will have the most positive impact on the program or business. Three good practices are 1. travel the world and get in front of stakeholders, 2. Turn initiatives into successful outcomes. Funding should have been considered in the selection criteria. helps you find them with its real-time dashboard for a bird’s eye view. A strategic plan is a document that establishes the direction of an organization. They need to know what their project roles and responsibilities are for the success of the strategic initiative. About OnStrategy. There are five steps to a well-made strategic initiative. ONE: Develop Strategic Initiatives. But a strategic initiative is more than one project, it encompasses many projects working together to serve the needs of the larger corporation. In this definition, a strategic initiative is more than a project. Facilitating the Business Model Canvas: A Few Lessons Learned (Part 1), Designing Strategic Initiatives for Results: The Two Kinds of Coherence, The Real Reason Strategy Implementation is Difficult (and the Solution to It), Grasping Essentials When You’re NOT the Expert, Competencies of Strategic Initiative Leaders. Continue reading →, Informed questions are grounded in existing relevant knowledge, and help to expand strategic knowledge. This article is a critique of, “agile thinking,” with examples provided for a strategic initiative at Corning: Agile Business Innovation. Remember, these are just examples of strategic objectives. As noted, objectives are specific, measurable and realistic long-term goals. Use 100% editable Strategic Initiatives PowerPoint Templates to show the conversion of your Business objectives into practice. It can also be a means to close the gap between the target of a program and its current performance. (We respect your privacy). You can look at operational execution as business processes that have to happen by successfully completing tasks on a periodic basis. In present use, agile thinking means to embrace the “agile values” declared by agile software evangelists, those values being things like flexibility, speed, customer responsiveness, change, and good engineering. Greg Githens is the author of How to Think Strategically (2019). What matters is that you measure the progress and set targets. A residential construction company might want to reduce the time required to frame a house. Continue reading → Try and get award-winning PM tools that can help you manage projects from start to finish. It’s difficult to definitively define what strategic initiatives are. Let Me Tell You a #Story, Strategy is Not Long-Range Planning, Vision, Mission, or Values, Five Ways to Involve Smart New Voices in the Strategy & Agile Innovation Conversation. The following are illustrative examples of strategic goals. We can design an approach that best maximizes our chances of success. A good initiative aligned to the example objective above might be, “Implement Cloud-based Performance Appraisal and Rewards System.” Notice how the initiative isn’t an existing process. Strategic initiatives are the means through which an organization translates its goals and visions into practice. For an objective to be quantifiable, it must reflect an amount of something. They want to change habits, but often lose sight of whether changing habits is good for the business. The article explains preparation (including useful questions for reflection) and the discovery phase of a strategic initiative. Continue reading →, Renew Blue is the name of a strategic initiative intended to reverse the competitive decline of Best Buy. avoids those delays with its kanban board view, which keeps teams focused on one task at a time, only delivering new tasks when there is the capacity and resources available. Turn initiatives into successful outcomes. HR has become an invaluable resource itself, working hand in hand with top-level management to create a cohesive, organization-wide strategy. 6. Create a free website or blog at Import that to and it opens as a new project. The initiatives also provide tangible outcomes describing “what” must be done while still letting the operational teams decide the “How.” There are different kinds of hospital strategic examples ranging from those that are incorporated in an annual operational plan up to a wide ranged five-year hospital strategic plans. Bottlenecks will ruin even the best laid strategic plans. There are likely dozens of fronts on which you can wage your strategic initiative. Program managers can add start and end dates to each task, link dependencies and then assign team members to those tasks. 20 examples: When a situation has been especially important or pivotal to the party's… It is a more general endpoint that speaks to the company’s needs. Long-term initiatives: Closely related to the previous point, any good IT strategy map example should include long-term initiatives (defined as those that will take three to five years to implement). Look for errors, mistakes, and other lapses that you can improve or remove so you can come up with an impressive document. They have to address the company’s vision, speak to the benefits of stakeholders and work towards growing the company while aligning its various segments. As an example, a strategic goal example is to enter new markets, so you would set a goal of getting into X, Y, and Z markets by a certain date. Plans are the same, even when planning a strategic initiative. Initial milestones are guidelines; not millstones around your neck. The strategic vision is more an overview of where the company wants to be over the next number of years. Review and evaluate the final health and safety strategic plan draft. You want to start with a larger deliverable, which is your objective, and then break it down into smaller and smaller tasks, which are then given a duration and placed on a schedule. The major difference between these terms and strategic initiatives is that a strategic initiative includes a scope statement, budget and even a start and end date. Value can be define… They can comment, tag other project members, who are notified by email and can then collaborate on the task. Before I go into how we distinguish strategic initiatives, I want to distinguish operational execution (running the day-to-day business) from strategic execution (putting in place what is needed to make the strategy work). The IT Strategic Implementation Planning Team completed its review of the past strategic planning activities, solicited community feedback, and developed a set of recommended initiatives that have been presented to the CIO.. Perhaps the initiative team has poorly implemented the initiative? Even if strategic initiatives are more than just a project, managing them is like a project. According to BSC best practices, each strategic initiative must be linked to an objective. Such initiatives are typically aligned with a company's top strategic priorities, and so the pressure to execute them well is often very high. Too many people have differing views. For example, if you are looking to increase sales 20 percent, a strategy could be to first identify who your best clients are so you can duplicate them. Strategic initiatives are large and complex, requiring a program manager to steer that big ship. Continue reading →, Enter your email address There are going to be other issues that arise, and the sooner they are identified, the sooner they can be resolved. Levels 2 and 3: For initiatives where there is some strategic uncertainty – for example which require building new assets or capabilities or entering new markets – the risk needs to be quantified. To create an initiative plan, you need to define both your larger goal and what is required to achieve it. Initiatives: Recruit at least [number] faculty members who have attained or have the potential to … is software that organizes everything in your project and has the tools managers and their teams need to see a strategic initiative to a successful conclusion. Greg Githens provides coaching, workshops, hands-on, and more. Grow shareholder value: The top goal of your organization may be to increase the value of your organization for your shareholders, stakeholders, or owners. Most managers can benefit from having a strategic plan.
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