It will also come in a … There is a right and a wrong way to do it. Now every hit does, even solid perfect ones. 7 out of 10 hits with the Solo are equal to his MOAB but the MOAB still has 3 balls that are 35-40' longer. Not to mention they are really closer to -9 & -8 when you put them on the scale. Our batting gloves feature an adjustable wrist strap so they can be adjusted to fit nice and snug on your hand for a comfortable fit. If you see an item listed at a lower price elsewhere, this is all we require: We must verify that the website you want to price match is legitimate and an authorized dealer of the products they sell. Cons: Don't be negative and give it a try, it'll be worth it... Pros: My son hit two deep Fly balls with this bat. Pros: Out of the box this bat out performed the Easton Ghost X. It weighed 21 oz. Seems to be very balanced. There is a composite big barrel by a big named brand,-11. I read that in other reviews, but he is almost to the point that he won't use the bat because it hurts his hands. Cons: My son has used this bat for three months now. I've always bought composite but thinking about getting this aluminum bat instead. My son is 11yrs old, 5'2" tall and 155lbs. He says the sting from the LS 618 is a "normal sting", and he is able to shake his hands out, get back in box and continue. Tapered grip/handle is also a great feature. My son is 4'6" and only 55 pounds. I don't see it listed as an option. No, I think getting a 28'' in the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 would be a good choice based on his height and weight. Make every swing count and pick up one of these Solo 618 USA baseball bats today with free shipping and a full one (1) year manufacturer's warranty. The new Solo 618 (-3) is the fastest bat in the 2018 Louisville Slugger BBCOR lineup, the perfect choice for players looking to match the high heat with a little more speed of their own. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 will feature a handle diameter of roughly 29/32". Pros: Excellent pop, no vibration, increased my sons swing with USA bat. He would likely be more comfortable with the 29" this season but he could always choke up on the 30" while he grows into the larger size. Another one-piece alloy bat with a balanced swing weight but it does not feature the composite end cap. We're here from click to hit! This was the best combo of balance, feel, pop, and TRUE weight. Would a 28/17 be too big for him? Pros: Great pop compared to other USA bats he has tried, including the Easton ghost hyperlight. No vibrations so far, sounds nice. The Ghost X Hyperlite is a one-piece, all-composite bat. Pros: Good grip with wide bottom handle making it easier to choke up if needed. Good pop. Previously, he had a Combat Maxum -12 so he's accustomed to a light swinging, balanced stick. Spent an hour in the cage today, no stinging, great pop and great sound. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) is a USA bat and approved for use in the Pony League. I've seen research out there that many composite bats underperform compared to the 618. Our travel team has a mix of all the top USA bats hanging on the rack and the 3 top hitters on the team are all using Solo's. Both of the bats are balanced but the Solo 618 will be more balanced and feature a lighter swing weight. Pros: My 7 yo son switched to this bat a week ago and since is 7 - 8 with some of his most impressive hits to show for it. Having a comfortable, perfect fit for you is something we at want you to have with your batting gloves. Maybe the spoiled usa kids that play baseball should use what kids iin other countries use. The pop is decent for the price and I don't think paying an extra $100 for a bat is warranted. I have hit bslls to my players with just about every USA bat, including the expensive Easton bats. My son is by no means a "slugger", but he makes contact very often and has good and bad hits. Price is lower than many others. Tapping around the barrel of the bat gives some unorthdox noise that was not indicative of a properly functioning bat and it did not make this noise when new. For example, one time my son hits a blast to RF. 2018 Louisville Slugger Vapor -9 28inch 19oz 2 5/8" USA Baseball Bat Youth $ 39.99. My son just turned 6. Gettung lits of great hits. Son used it for his final season of little league intermediates. Cons: Exteme stinging in cooler weather CLOSEOUT 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 Youth USA Baseball Bat -11oz WTLUBS618B11. Pros: Better than the cheap bats and just as good as the most expensive! LOUISVILLE SLUGGER. The Solo 618 Youth Bat is crafted as a hybrid, combining the SL Hyper Aluminum Alloy Barrel & Handle with the Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap. Louisville Slugger 516 OMAHA ALLOY 24/13 2 1/4 (-11) TEEBALL BAT bpf 1.15. Get this bat!!! First few hits in the cages during BP all the heads turned due to the unmistakable sound of the Solo. My son has the Axe Elite and I am looking for a little lighter drop for a 31 inch bat with good pop that he can use against faster pitchers. He was hitting them out there. Find which Louisville Slugger softball bat fits you best. 31" 28 oz. For the money, the Solo is a great bat and definitely one to consider if you are looking for a mid priced/good performing bat. 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 Jr Big Barrel Bat: WTLSLO518J10 $99.95 Quick look 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 Jr Big Barrel Bat: WTLSLO518J10 ... 2019 Louisville Slugger SOLO 619 Youth USSSA Baseball Bat -10: WTLSLS619X10. It has better sound to it is a lighter weight. The USA Solo 618 is also only available in the -11 size. Based on his height and weight, I would recommend getting the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 29''. It is superlightweight and great pop for a USA bat. seems to have good pop (Certain Manufacturer Exclusions Apply) Same day shipping is available if your order is placed by Noon (EST)! It runs with a swing that is about 5% heavier than the 618 SOLO, about 5% lighter than the 518 Omaha and about 10% lighter than the 718 Select. it is as close to or better than the pperformance of a USSSA bat. Our 28/17 weighs 17.6oz. Pros: This is a nice bat. My son is very happy with the pop, feel, and lack of vibration so far. Pros: My 8yr old son plays Travel ball and AAU for a local club. Free Shipping! my son likes the look and feel of this one with little vibration and excellent pop. Per your son's height and weight, we would recommend getting the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 28 inch model. The 918 is the second lightest bat of the 4 marquee bats in the 2018 Slugger lineup. This Solo 618 will probably weigh anywhere from 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz over the listed weight. I think you guys would be just fine going with the Solo 618 and I think you guys will enjoy the Solo 618 as it is one of the best USA bats out there right now. Any thickness of grip can be used to re-grip this bat. The big difference here will be the additional ounce in the Omaha 518. DSP (Dura-Soft Polymer) batting grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. Pros: very balanced feel, swings well, good median price point / I bought this for my son due to the new USA baseball guidelines. My 10 year old is using the 30-19 and he loves it. Barrel seems a bit wider throughout the barrel too. He loves it. The smallest size that the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 comes in is a 28"/17 ounce. My son is 13 yrs old and is 5'9" and 129 lbs. My son is almost 9. When will the 29"/18 oz version of this bat be available? He's small for a 9 year old...only 50 pounds. Can you tell me how much of a difference there is between the 29" and 30"? Thoughts? Right now he is swinging an Easton Aluminum bat and I am looking for feedback around this bat. My son was swinging the Easton Hyperlite before this. Sign up now to be alerted when we get more. He and I were stunned when he ckeared 205. He has probably about 100 plus swings in it already and he seems to be adjusting to the feel. Two of his sons, Adam and John Andrew "Bud" were born in the United States and would later join their father in his business. Cons: sweet spot seems small only top 2 inches are the max diameter. He tried out Ghost x hyperlite and LS Solo 618 over about 5 hitting sessions(including break in period prior for Ghost x hyperlite composite). We broke it in at field with 20 foot wood fence. This model from LS features a one-piece alloy design with a balanced swing weight making it an ideal bat for players ages 9-11. I have a 7.5 year old finishing up spring ball and I want to go ahead and get him a bat for spring of next year. At the minimum, I would recommend a -10 sized bat and my suggestion would be to consider a -8 sized bat so your player can prep for using the -3 BBCOR bats when he gets to high school in a couple years. Had to move my son closer to the plate as an adjustment. My 7 year old son loves it and hits it well. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 and the Rawlings Velo are both extremely balanced. If you can find it, I'd highly recommend this bat. We compared it to Mako. Just as a reference to power with these new regulations, in the 2017 season, our league had 19+ kids hit at least one ball out of the park-for 2018 a total of 5 have done it. Our batting gloves are made from Cabretta Sheepskin leather for optimal flexibility and comfort. This bat also great weight distribution making it feel lighter than it really is. Broke that within a week. Entire team and coaches noticed immediate difference. My son is 56lb and is 4'3". he has no problem swinging it. Buy It Now. Obviously I had to get him something else. Cons: Its the sweet spot or nothing so barrel control and the ability to square the ball is a must. Large Fence Hook Allows For Easy Storage & Accessibility, 600D Polyester with a 200D Polyester Sewn-In Backing, Padded Back & Shoulder Straps For Comfort. But everything else for this bat is perfect. I think that is the most common mistake parents make. Is this a good option or would the 7 series be better for him? So far so good. I just wish they would all just give them a true Length/Weight rating. Hello. So my question is has anyone weighed the LS Solo 618 bats and is there a difference? This is because of the additions to the bat following the weigh-in process (ie. Although the 30" bat might be more comfortable initially, the 31" bat would provide room for him to keep growing. A great alternative is LS Omaha 518. This 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) is a mostly all-alloy bat (handle to barrel) and topped with a composite end-cap to create a balanced swing feel. This year , with his new bat, he is hitting so much better. He loved the Louisville Slugger Solo. Can you help? Answer a short series of guided questions to see bat recommendations created just for you. 918 Prime Swing Weight. Last season his batting was not so good. I ordered the 2019 Axe Avenge which was shipping end of July. Is this bat approved for 13-15 year old Babe Ruth? Loves the solo. To do so, we verify some information. Smooth swing and decent pop. Pros: Very balanced bat, fast through the zone , better pop than I thought. Unfortunately we are not able to give exact dates, as it is dependent on how quickly Louisville Slugger can fulfill the orders. My son does not complain of any sting/vibration. Pros: well balanced, lowest vibration of the bats we've tried so far, better pop than the Ghost X hyperlite for my son. Unfortunately only unused models of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 are eligible to be sent back for either an exchange or refund. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available: Bat Size 31" 28 oz. This bat also has great Pop for a USA bat. Please upgrade to a supported browser: Does it have a USA stamp? It comes with a Ballistic Composite Endcap, which results in Louisville Slugger referring to it as a hybrid. He is a pretty good hitter, and we've tried everything. Lastly, our Bat Experts must check on the cost we pay to stock the item from the manufacturer. Both the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 and the 2018 Easton Ghost X -10 USA Baseball Bat: YBB18GX10 will be balanced bats. He hit hard everything they threw at him, it's the best for 2018. If he feels ready for a 31" length, it is fine to get a bat of that length. Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. I bought the Ghost and it cracked aftet 17 hits. We have the final decision for matching an online price. This bat seems like its better quality that the ghoast X and for my son seems to be similar to the his mako. However these guidelines are only meant to put people in the right ballpark, and come with a +/- of 1" typically, so a 30" might work for him. USED 2018 LOUISVILLE SLUGGER SOLO 618 30/19 (-11) 2 5/8" Alloy USA BASEBALL BAT . It's like the oversized barrel absorbs the energy. However, the Ghost X will be a two piece fully composite bat compared to the Solo and its one-piece aluminum design. Do you feel the 28 inch 17 oz is too heavy for a child his age and size? Bat Weight (Donut Style) Fits Over The End Of The Bat & Helps Improve Bat Speed, Thumb Pad To Minimize Potential Bat Sting To The Hands, Knob Pad to Provide Bottom Hand Comfort During The Swing, NEW Gator Grip Pine Tar Stick Improves Grip & Ensures An Extended Life Span For Grip, 1.1 MM Lizard Skin Bat Grip To Maximize The Player's Grip, All The Bat Accessories You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level. One of the 7 Best 2018 USA Baseball Bats! Getting a 29 inch bat is certainly not out of the question if you feel it would be more beneficial for your son. I have been looking for a Louisville Slugger USA bat. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is a great quality bat with lots of pop. my eight year old is on the smaller side, so i got him the 29" 18oz. I"m going back and forth on the 29'/18 oz and the 30'/19 oz. I have a 10 year old that is at 75-80 lbs. Looking forward to going outside to see how it performs but I do not anticipate things to change. This 618? The kids on his team are asking to use the bat!!! I coach and see all the bats cycling through, ball appears to come off the bat hotter on the Solo. It is really well balanced, and does not feel barrel most of the USABat Easton's we tried, making them feel heavier than 18-19oz. It is not the Mako. Thank you! Pros: Waited all season to buy a bat for my 10U. Direct Sports Carries a full line of BBCOR, Youth and Senior League baseball bats for any player. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTLBBS618B3 will also feature a 2 5/8 barrel diameter. The initial reviews on this Solo 618 have been pretty solid. How would you compare the Solo 618 to the Easton Beast X Hyperlite (-12) and Rawlings 5150 (-11)? Pros: First, remember it's the kid swinging the bat and the work he or she puts into it. We both thought it was great when he first got it. This 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) will feature an all-alloy build (with a composite end-cap) and a -11 length to weight ratio. This is a great bat, but by 11 you should be swinging a drop 10 unless the player is on the smaller side. NEW to Justbats! Mix and match eligible items for extra savings! Son has hit multiple HRs with this bat. Sweat spot seems to be rather large giving the bat good pop. What are the differences between the Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 and the Easton Ghost X -10. Pros: -I have a younger boy just starting out and this Solo 618 lets him get the bat through the zone. Based upon your son's height and weight I would take a look at the 28'' 17 oz in the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11. Based on your son's height and weight, we would recommend getting the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 29 inch model. The Louisville Slugger Solo 618 (-3) is a BBCOR certified bat with a 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter. Either bat would work well for an 8 year old contact hitter. I bought the Solo 618 in a 30' but I"m afraid it will be too big. This is one of the many accounts were this bat has proven not to be good when it comes to vibration. But this is the bat he that went to try outs. Pros: Great light swinging bat for youth players. We must confirm that the competitor has the same size and product in stock and ready to ship. Pros: I've returned 2 top of the line Easton bats this year because of the sting to the hands. An email was inadvertently sent today in regards to the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11. He"s 51' 63 lbs. What size and type of new USA Bat would you recommend? I also like a lighter bat for bat speed. I will revise this after the season to see how it works against live pitching. The Batting gloves are perfect to wear for games or practice. He squares up more baseballs with the LS 618 and the mishits spin far better than the ghost hyperlite off the bat. They are replacing our Ghost x hyperlite with easton. Which bat would be better for him; the Solo 618 or the Omaha? Just starting coach pitch. Around the league we are seeing kids consistently hit the same regardless if they are using Composite or Aluminum. What size would you recommend for this bat? Cons: his only complaint is the bat is thicker on the bottom of the handle and tapers up. Pros: Feel, comfort, ball comes off the bat real nice.Was looking for -11 for my 10 yr old. Price: LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE! Do you prefer the Solo 618 or the DeMarini Voodoo One? This not only allows for a better grip on the bat, but it also makes the gloves more durable as it eliminates much of the stress on the leather that can cause tears. The 618 not only had better pop and sound but had the best feel, not to mention it was the lightest. i needed a USA bat. Pros: My son , who is 14 loves the bat. Select Options. was the perfect size, and he was happy with how the bat felt. Which would be best for an 8 year old contact hitter as opposed to a power hitter? There is always the 'one" bat and I think this may be it for now. Pros: - Solid POP for a USA bat. The price match must cover that manufacturer cost for the item. Mesh Backing on Knuckles - Improves Flexibility and Durability, Vented to Allow Moisture and Heat to Escape. Does this bat come in a 29in 18 oz? The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 bat has the fastest swing speed in the 2018 lineup. The issue about his bat came up. I could tell right away after the first few test swings he took, the 29"/18oz. The sound is very dead unless you strike a ball perfectly but he seems to have the same power in the cage so far. Pros: It has really good pop.Its super balence. the whole team wants to use! Unfortunately this bat would not be a good option for a 13 year old player; this bat is better served for a player 11 and under. Pros: Very balanced, bigger knob, 28' bat weighed in at 17.7 oz on my scale. He needed thicker batting gloves and we changed the grip to lizard skin to ease the hand sting.We thought after a 1000 balls it would break in, like his last composite bat ,it never did. Baseballes around 30 to 40 mph. - Excellent balance. Or can you recommend a bat that is similar? The main difference is the composite end cap that the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 features; this bat would stack up more with the Rawlings VELO. Should I choose a 29", Solo 618. Plus it includes a nice custom Lizard Skin grip! just trying to figure out which bat to order. I'm patiently waiting for the bat to be in and making sure its worth the wait. DeMarini 2019 CF Zen Balanced BBCOR. So around age 10, I predict a slighlty end-loaded bat will be best for him at-10. All of the kids swung this bat faster through the zone. The new Solo 618 (-11) USA Baseball Bat is designed for players looking to match the high heat with a little more speed of their own.Built with a one-piece SL Hyper alloy construction, the Solo 618 delivers stiffer feel and maximum energy transfer on contact and the new Speed Ballistic End Cap delivers maximum swing speed through the zone. Taper seems ok for a bigger kid but not an 8 yr old. My son is 5', 110 lbs and is 10 years old. Pros: Good pop. It is not the Mako but it is a darn good USA bat. Almost all bats (USA or not) will weight about .5-1.5 oz heavier than the listed weight as manufacturers do not include things like the adhesive glue for the endcap and grip tape into the final weight. We are expecting more shipments of these bats over the next month. For a player that is 12 the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBO518B10 in a 30 inch model would be more ideal. This gives the Solo 618 a more balanced swing weight throughout the entire barrel; think of it like the cupping of a wood bat, this takes a little weight out of the end. Save your money and buy this. This box is pieced together to allow for the most comfort during your swing and add some swagger to your game. As for the difference between the two bats, the bats are both one-piece alloy models with balanced swing weights. I was also looking at the Beast X -8. Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours. stings the hands at times. Pros: Bat handles well and seems to be very durable. Browning was a star on Louisville's professional American Association team - the Eclipse. I would recommend swinging a 30 inch bat which would make the Solo a 30/19 while the Omaha 518 would be a 30/20. The goal is a steady progression to a heavier bat to till they get to the BBCOR leagues. The ghost is no longer used. Pros: It's light, it has pop, it's the bat for my kid and yours. Cons: overall USA bats are secondary to the ussaa perfomances, however this one may be the best of the new requirements. What is the grip thickness to re-wrap a 619 Solo? I am trying to find out what the case is with this Solo 618. Which bat do you recommend for 10U Baseball, the Louisville Slugger Solo 618 or the Easton Beast X Hyperlite? The acoustics are clearly different from a sweetspot hit vs an off center hit. Are the aluminum bats warrantied for dents? I recommend signing up for an email alert so you can be notified when a restock occurs. Please note that popular items often become available in small quantities and will sell out again quickly. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS718B10 is a hybrid bat with the same ST 7U1+ alloy construction as the 518 but it also takes advantage of the TRU3 technology to create a substantially smoother feel on contact than either of the other two options. I don't take him out for tourneys yet. Would the solo 618 Drop 11 30 inch be good for him? I'm a torn between the Louisville Slugger Solo 618, the Easton Beast X Hyperlite and the Louisville Slugger Omaha 518. - Ryan W. Marucci CAT 9 -8 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC98, Marucci CAT 9 -5 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC95, Easton Beast Speed -10 USA Baseball Bat: YBB19BS10. great grip, Pros: my son love it . A good -10 USA bat to consider is the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBO518B10. Looks good and grip is nice. It is synonymous with America’s pastime. I fondly bid farewell to the days of the calculating dads using an outlaw easton or combat b2 da bomb to create an illusion/distortion of the game with young players (unlike mlb's new baseball which doesnt put kids at risk). 2018 JBB Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 2 3/4" (-10) Junior Big Barrel. It is a great bat (as far as USA) if your son likes a light swinging, balanced, fast bat with a bit of pop. Past fall we played 11-12 and 70 foot bases on huge field. The Solo 618 or the Demarini VooDoo one piece bat are the hot bats that we have seen so far at our baseball school. I should say that by the time he used it in live game he probably had over a 1000 swings on it and rotated it between every swing. Yes, aluminum bats are warrantied for dents. C $22.11 shipping. Cons: The sting on a not squarely hit ball hurts, but that is with any USA bat.. Typically at your player's age, I would suggest a size of about 30" and 20 ounces, so a 32" 21 ounce 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 may be a bit heavy. The mesh backing around the knuckles allows you to move and flex your fingers freely without adding stress to the leather. Went from a -10 to this bat and wow what a difference an once MADE - and the bat is all that!!!! Do you have an estimate of when these will become available? Browser Not Supported. It is light and more importantly balanced as described in other reviews. Good pop for USA bats. With the vast majority of the -11 and -10 USA bats, we have seen an average weight of 1.5 ounces above that which is listed on the bat. Or what size do you recommend? Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat. Need help in finding, selecting, or caring for your bat? We agreed. Please compare the Solo 618 -11 to the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite -11. Pros: first of all, this company has fast shipping. As useful for bats as this Glove Care Kit is for gloves! He gets decent pop but I'm most happy that he's been able to adjust to a 1 inch length and 2 oz. The only Solo bat that differs is the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -10 Senior League Baseball Bat: WTLSLS618X10 which features a 2 3/4 barrel diameter. At your player's current height and weight, I would suggest a 29" bat. We tried out 6 bats during the season and this one was by far the best. Will this bat be available in a 26 or 27 inch eventually? Pros: Good price for a high performing bat. not too big/small. Pros: My son says it has pop. Pros: Lightweight for bat speed, Huge POP, NO Vibration or stings, Great size sweet spot, Lizard grip is awesome, great durability, can't believe it out performs the $300+ bats no questions. Close to a true -11 Well balanced. The new Solo 618 (-3) is the fastest bat in the 2018 Louisville Slugger BBCOR lineup, the perfecet choice for players looking to match the high heat with a little more speed of their own.Built with a 1-piece SL Hyper alloy construction, it delivers stiffer feel and maximum energy transfer on contact. On a spring afternoon Bud, then seventeen, witnessed Browning break his favorite bat. My son is hitting the Solo harder and ball velocity is up over his Mako. They are extremely comfortable and durable. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 will feature a different alloy but the main difference, besides the weight, is the composite end cap that is being used. Hi, my son is 11, weighs 80 lbs & is about 4"9". Pros: More pop than expected, my 9 yo loves it, moved on from his Dimarini 28-16. Cons: USA bat - (enough said) Thanks! Has good balacen. Pros: very balanced feel! I would recommend the Solo 618. its been a while since I was moved to write a review on a bat but for the money spent its well worth the investment. Can I send it back for a refund? heavier than their listed weight. It is the perfect baseball bat for players who have a bone to pick with fastballs. It was good. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 has the USA Baseball Stamp so this bat is approved For Play In AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, & Pony. We are hoping Louisville Slugger will deliver the next shipment of those to us by the end of March or early August. Overall, this bat is built with the intent to increase the players swing speed and improve control through the swing zone. My son is 6 years old and beginning his first year in coach pitch. 2018 Louisville Slugger PROVEN (-13) FASTPITCH SOFTBALL BAT. -There is still quite a bit of vibration, but expected because it's still just a one piece barrel. He currently uses a 31". The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 is a very balanced one-piece alloy bat that features a composite end cap. Thinking 30 inch, but he was using a 28 inch drop 11 last year. I would suggest this Solo 618 over the Rawlings 5150 -11 (US8511) as we do not have any reviews on the 5150 at this time. However, based on responses here, it seems that people would say 28"? Also, I wish the Solo 618 was available sooner, but we are adjusting to the bat as we play games/practices. Contact, gap speed type hitter about 70lbs. This is the best performing -11 we have played with so far. He has gotten some pretty good shots with it in game play. It is tough to say one is really more balanced than the other, as that can vary for each player. Save 30 % $199.95 $139.95 Size. This is a one-piece, aluminum alloy bat that’s permitted for use at both the high school and collegiate level. We had the Easton Ghost X and thr louisville solo is a much better quality bat. Also makes a weird ringing sound in the cooler weather. They are even going outfield instead of to first where he always got out. Right now, we are using a Rawlings 5150 in a 27/16, but I've heard great reviews on the 618. Cons: vibration if not hit in sweet spot. What size would you recommend? Cons: there has not been any cons as of yet its a solid bat. Which length bat would you recommend? The ball screams off the bat and the mishit ground balls are so spinny that it was eating up our infielders. It does not clank the the Rawlings did. Does the Louisville Solo 618 (-11) come in other colors beside the blue/grey? The main difference is the Solo 618 is a -11 and it features a composite end cap to improve the balance of the bat. Great grip too and he likes the tapered handle. Join Hibbett Rewards to earn $10 for every $200 spent*. Does this bat or the Rawlings Velo have a more balance swing weight? My son is 8yrs old 4 foot 7 and 70lbs. Have a question about the Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11? I know based on his height/weight a 30" is probably what he should swing but if he likes the feel of the Solo in a 31" vs the Omaha in a 30", would that be suitable since they"d actually weigh the same? The taper at the bottom of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 consists of extra grip tape to help with vibration reduction. In the end personal preference and comfort with a bat will always mean more than what the charts tell you, so if he likes the 31" Louisville Slugger Solo -11 and it works for his swing then you can certainly go with that model and size. However, if you expect just a couple inches of growth by your player, a 30" 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 would be the suggested length. I"ve read the previous responses & it seems the Solo has been recommended more for younger players 10 & under because the Solo will be too light of a bat to make the transition up to -3. Pros: Got a 29" bat for my son for Christmas and have been using it for winter workouts and have a few months to give good feedback. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 features a thin grip in our opinion. Description. A better option would be the 2018 Louisville Slugger Select 718 -5 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS718B5. Louisville Slugger: Model: Solo 618: Condition: Used: Length: 31" Age Group: Kid Pitch (9YO-13YO) Bat Certification: USABat Certified: Bat Material: Alloy: Barrel: 2 5/8" Drop-11: Year: 2018: Weight: 20OZ: Quantity Available: 1: Available. Pros: My son tried several bats including: Easton Hyperlite, Demarini Voodoo Balanced & 1 piece, Easton Hyperlite, Beast X, Ghost X, and Ghost-X Hybrid, and LS Omaha before figuring out the 618 Solo was the one. How can I order? Now my problem is that I can not find one anywhere. Cons: USA bat regulations are having a strong effect on the game. Everything except the vibration kills it. How is this bat different from the Omaha? He hated everything about this bat. He also likes a lighter bat for bat speed. It almost looks like an unfair advantage over the Teams we play with the other big brand bats. The last being a legitimate 330' HR. He squeezes the bat tight, and he definitely hits the ball in the middle of the barrel. Same bat balance, just different metal compostion. A lot of dads on the team have been waiting to see this bat in action and it doesn't disappoint. At the time of your question, neither this 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) nor the Voodoo ONE USA Bat have received many reviews. Last year he swung a 30/19 Easton. What would you recommend? Utilizing their knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative batting tape for baseball and softball players. Besides price, what's the difference between the LS Solo and the Omaha? There will be learning curve with kids who are used to just hitting anywhere on bat. Cons: No pop. Ball definately does not jump off the bat like the ones he has used for select ball. Why? Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! Is there a real noticeable performance difference between the Louisville Solo -11 and the Easton Beast X hybrid -10? Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Cons: Barrel isn't as big as the Easton and Rawlings line. Based off the information you have provided, I would recommend the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 28 inch length with a -11 drop weight. I am looking for a bat for my 10 year old. This thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. Based on your son's age, a 27'' is the recommended size. This bat was cheap and light and i knew with less pop speed was key. My son tested out the beastX, GhostX, and Velo. Let us help! Not only does the SL Hyper Alloy provide an increase in swing speed, but it ensures a stiff, traditional feel on contact with maximum energy transfer for further ball flight and more base hits. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit! The solo had higher average exit velocity and conistently 5 mph higher on his best hits. He was making contact but the balls never seemed to jump off the bat and had very little distance with line drives. He did once in game mid season and then a couple times at practice. My son moved up from a 28/16 Mako beast to a 29/18 Solo and has way more pull power with the Solo. A miss hit is a weak grouundball and an automatic out. I measures the exit velocity between this and his ghost. The 28" Solo's sweetspot is right on the 6 of the 618 and anything higher up will ring hands. - Bat speed notably better. Does this make it even tougher to hit the sweet spot? With positive reviews, we purchased the Solo and with hopes of deeper hits but so far, we are seeing similar results from both him and teammates that have wanted to try out the Solo. Add to Cart. Cons: has scuffed quite abit in short time. Both the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 and the 2018 DeMarini Voodoo One -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTDXUO2 feature similar one piece aluminum designs. Is this truly a Drop -11? ... About Louisville Slugger. For someone of your player's height and weight, we would recommend getting the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 28 inch model. Nice barrel/sweet spot. The last 2-3 inches of the bat are the same width. Well he was very disappointed with that model. However, that is not a rule that he has to go with the 30" length. Has some hand sting if not hit right. Would you recommend the 29"? wow wish we could of got this bat earlier in the year but it wasn't available....worth every penny. Gone are the days of the 50 pounder generating crazy back spin to loft a ball far in the air with his orange mako and/or softball swing. The balance just seems to work, This was the best hitting youth bat of the whole bunch. However, the ghost x hyperlite stings his hands so bad it drops him to his knees every 3 or 4 mihits he has to take a break. 2018 Louisville Slugger 618 Solo If the bat is anything like last year, and it is, then you can expect a sweet swinging single piece with an extended composite end cap. Any thoughts? Marucci Cat 8 BBCOR Bat Review. We apologize but we only have the 32/21 models as of 4/19/18. At this time, 4/16/18, we do not have an ETA on when we would get more of the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in stock. I will be ordering a few more in different lengths to satisfy the various sizes and abilities of the kids. You can also Narrow by type, length, material and asa approved or choose one of our Louisville Slugger softball bat editorial picks. If when you receive the batting gloves, tried them out and they do not fit or work perfectly for you, you may return them within two weeks for an exchange or full refund whether you have worn them or not. He used a 28/15 last year. My son stats are 4'7 95 lbs. Solo be too heavy for him, or just right? -The Lizardskin grip is a great perk. He one hooped the fence a couple times and hit one out with this bat. Pros: My 9 year old son has been playing with the Easton Ghost X (29) and lack of power moved me to look into other options. grip, paint, etc.) Seems to provide a good swing speed. Pros: has good pop to the bat considering the new USA standards my 11 yr old loves the grip and is easy to swing with. It is the most balanced bat Slugger makes and by balanced we mean the lightest swinging. Which one would you recommend? Louisville Slugger Omaha Series -10 USA 29 in 17 oz Youth Baseball Bat 2-5/8" Still a great bat, will just have to adjust to the change. Pros: Best USA bat available. Thanks! Cons: May 10 yo son is not picky about bats and he is a power type of hitter. The bat itself is super balanced. I am considering the VELO -11 or the Solo 618. My grandson just turned 12 and is 5 ft and between 85 to 90 lbs. 2 1/4" barrel bat in his house league, I was a bit concerned an 18oz. This bag features 3 compartments: (1) A main section (2) A vented shoe section and (3) A hidden zippered section. Looking for a USA Baseball bat for a coach pitch league (preferably alloy and a drop of -11 or -12). Don't be misguided by fact ghost hyperlite has a bigger barrel and slightly lighter. Had to send in for replacement. Louisville Slugger Prime 919 BBCOR Bat Review PREVIOUS YEARS 2018 One Piece BBCOR Bats (Metal or Composite) Speed is IN R DNA. This design is very similar to that of the VELO. Which option(s) do you want to be notified about? He likes a quicker swinging bat. Seems 3 times bigger for the extra inch. Due to the balanced feel on the Solo 618, I would recommend the Solo for use. Feels and sounds good. Young Bud made his own baseball bats along with bats for several of his teammates. Keep in mind my son primarily plays catcher at this point, so has a bit of toughness, and same results other hitters. Having said all that, this bat seems good. Pros: No sting. Unfortunately LS and Rawlings do not offer a trial period on their bats. ©2020 Hibbett Sports. Louisville Slugger Softball Bat. I knew at 10 he could clear 185 which he did. I am weird that way. My son is 11 and weighs 85-90 pounds and is 4'9". 9u Buddy Chapman HOMERUN Minor Baseball Championship Second Half Nationals vs Rangers. Cons: lots of vibration with the 1 piece design when a ball is hit anywhere besides the sweet spot, handle is pretty thick compared to his combat which has a larger diameter barrel. 1 for a double and was a fly out. Not to mention, Louisville Slugger has applied a brand new vibration dampening handle design that helps reduce sting in the hands on mishits so that negative vibration is a thing of the past. If you look at the Easton Ghost line, they all have the same barrel length, so a 29 inch has the same one as the 31 inch (added length is in the handle). This weeks tourney though - fence probably 210, he hit 2 out. Weight is a big issue for everyone this year and going with anything heavier than a -10 will likely be a mistake. Louisville Slugger gloves are worn by more pitchers in Major League Baseball than any other glove. 33" 30 oz. The -3 bat that swings like a … My son and I went to a bat demo yesterday thinking he would be all over the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite. The palm of the batting glove is constructed of premium grade sheepskin leather. Get the best deals on Louisville Slugger 2018 Youth Baseball Bats when you shop the largest online selection at The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 would be a great option for a player up to 11 years of age. easy to get through the zone quick and has very good pop! It's the most balanced bat in the 2018 Louisville Slugger lineup. Order the official bat grip of Major League Baseball today! Also, I'm not knocking easton. very comparable to the ghost x. I definitley recommend this bat! Would you like to add this item to your order? The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 and the Rawlings Prodigy USA Youth Bat 2018 (-11) are both going to feature similar one piece aluminum designs. He's 4 foot 2 inches tall and weighs about 50 to 55 pounds give or take, and is a contact hitter. We ordered the 31 inch and it arrived just in time. Can we try the bats first? My son is 10 years old. By 1864 "J.F. I see the 28 inch is out of stock- do you know when more will be available? would recommend this product. OUR THOUGHTS: This is my favorite 1-piece alloy bat this year. Pros: After many tries, I was finally able to get my hands on a 29"/18oz Solo 618 for my 9yo son. 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 - WTLBBP618B3. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-7908, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. 2nd game of the year and already a straight shot to outfield for a homerun after that it went from one other player on the team using it to three other players. Pros: I have purchased no less than 4 USA bats for my 8 year old son. Pros: I bought several bats for my youth players. Makes weird ringing sound in cooler weather, Pros: Totally balanced It was needed. Pros: My 8 year old loves this bat. Pros: Has the pop and feel of a composite bar with a nice barrel and sweet spot. Cons: Cons is the pop. Even with the new bat he is hitting the ball further than just this past fall with a USSSA bat. I don't see it in his hitting. My son is almost 9 years old. Pros: Affordable, looks good, balanced. Great grip. This Bat delivers. In addition, enjoy the EAZYPull-Tab Zippers to get in and out of the bag quickly while also utilizing fence hooks to hang it. Bat went bad somehow. Pros: For the 6 days my son used it, it seemed to have great POP to it. He's 4'7" and just over 70lbs. My son is 9 years old, 4'11" and 85 pounds. A teammate's solo bat had end cap come loose. $229.95. Pros: My son loves the bat. We are indoors at winter training so all hitting is done in cages or stations. Is this a better bat than the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite -11? Pros: Balanced bat. I am actually quite disappointed, because I've seen all of these good ratings for the vibration. Seems to have good pop for a USA bat. Again I did not think he could do it. -It still has the new bigger barrel and just as much pop as any other USA bat for a much better price. Cons: None yet. -The hitting area / sweet spot is small. Louisville Slugger Custom Bats only ship within the United States. Cons: I have to try to convince my son to use this bat. NOTICE: Bats cannot be returned if the wrapper has been removed. Based on your son's height and weight, I would recommend getting the 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in a 28''. Louisville Slugger Custom Bat orders are shipped via UPS Ground. Once you know the thickness preference, you can place the order for a grip. Louisville Slugger seems to be struggling to keep up with demand at this time. Marucci CAT 9 -10 USSSA Baseball Bat: MSBC910. Going to this usa stamped bat has been quite a significant change. I attribute this to the bat's balance point. Pros: So my son had the Rawlings Prodigy -11 2 5/8 USABaseball bat in fall. weight uptick with no problem. 2021 Louisville Slugger SOLO (-10) USSSA Baseball Bat: WBL2471010. The 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBS618B11 in the 29" model has a backorder date set for roughly 4/15/2018. Lizard Skin works as a great all-around grip, balancing cushion with thickness, and providing the highest amount of versatility. This 2018 Louisville Slugger Solo 618 -11 USA Baseball Bat (WTLUBS618B11) will feature an all-alloy build (with a composite end-cap) and a -11 length to weight ratio. Comfort won't be sacrificed either as there are padded back-straps and a back-plate for when it is fully loaded. As for the true weight of this bat, these models tend to run 1 ounce heavier than listed weight. If you were needing a 27" bat, I recommend checking out the 2018 Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 -10 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBO518B10. Ball jumps off the barrel on solid contact. Meaning more hits with the LS 618 ( because ball spins and darts). Dont take my high ratings too literally cuz its all relative with these usa bats - its now personal preference for the "wood" you choose. They do not take the time to properly break in a bat before using it in a game situation. Sign up to receive the latest promotions, offers, and trends. He made have to adjust to the weight a bit, but the Solo 618 is well balanced and should help with this process. Best pop for USA Bat Ive seen. The new Solo 618 (-10) 2 3/4" Senior League bat is the lightest-swinging bat in the 2018 Louisville Slugger lineup, the perfect choice for players looking to match the high heat with a little more speed of their own. To put this into perspective his fields at 9-10 wete 205 and 185.
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