For starters, it has the longest blades, of all the Garcare trimmers we’ve reviewed, and is among the lengthiest blades on our entire list. But will the Earthwise CVPH43018 live up to the legacy of this brand? SUBSCRIBE. For starters, this hedge trimmer comes with a feisty 4.8 amp motor, which offers a punch of power. While longer blades can make your job finishing quickly, shorter units can be lighter and easier to carry around. The weight of a hedge trimmer has a notable impact on its ease o use. Heavy hedge trimmer is harder to hold aloft and will result in muscle fatigue even to the most experienced trimmers. Otherwise,  if you’re new to trimmers, you’ll need to start with a single-blade trimmer because it’s safer and easier to maneuver. Special features: Anti-vibration design, Low battery warning, Rapid optimum charger. Power and precision combine in our top of the range Makita Hedge Trimmers All Hedge Trimmers. Having said that, the corded hedge trimmer market is full of trimmers, and this makes it quite impossible to choose a trimmer that will address your needs. The grip handle is really comfortable to help you feel relaxed while working. Makita XHU02Z Hedge Trimmer. Long operation, thanks to its good battery life. Even though Greenworks is a quite new brand on this market, they have quickly become one of the most popular options due to high-quality yet affordable products. You can use it in eight head positions, making it ideal to reach high and confined areas. The secret here is to strike a balance between control and performance; find a blade length that will provide you with access to the shrubs, while at the same time providing you with some level of control. With each tool being distinctive, you should be able to pick the perfect corded hedge trimmer that addresses your needs. Furthermore, the corded hedge trimmer usually offers a noise-less operation, and will not make much of a disturbance. For convenience and comfort, the Black & Decker boasts of rotating handles that go along way at improving both the flexibility and versatility of the hedge trimmer. The only maintenance you’ll probably need with these trimmers is probably lubricating them for ease of use. The review of the best battery hedge trimmer is a good way to compare the different features of each trimmer and get the most appropriate for you. A: Electric hedge trimmers are powered by directly plugging in to electricity or with the use of in-built rechargeable batteries. The blade son the Toro 51490 will strike the perfect balance between performance and maneuverability, allowing for crisps cuts without a hassle. Shorter blades, on the other hand, will offer more control of your hedge trimmer, but on the flip side, will restrict your access to the shrubs. A: Electric hedge trimmers can be extremely dangerous if not well handled. Combining high performance, ergonomic design plus an affordable price tag, few, if any, can match the prowess of this hedge trimmer. A: Hedge trimmers can be effectively used to cut tree brunches, but they should not be very thick. That said, you need to know the height of the trees or bush that you intend to be trimming. If you’re looking to purchase a corded hedge trimmer, there’re features that you should pay closer attention to. Sporting a 4-amp motor, it’s among the most powerful hedge trimmers on our list. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Dewalt DCHT820B comes with many great features such as a powerful engine and extensive range to ensure that you can reach any place and trim your trees perfectly. Also, these blades are made of rust-resistant steel for quickly, smoothly, and cleanly cut. The powerful drive-train on this hedge trimmer will deliver a crisp performance, leaving your yard looking tidy and neat. This unit features dual edge and counter-rotating blades that allow you to cut on the left or right side, thus making it easier to shape and sculpt with less vibration. Hand in hand with the Garcare is the Black & Decker is this superiority contest. @2016-2020 - Trustorereview. From the powerful motor, the generous cutting capacity to a unique design, the Garcare is the epitome of the ideal hedge trimmer. Quite affordable, incredibly super-efficient and powerful, the corded hedge trimmers are the go-to solution for those looking to keep their lawn looking great. The greatest benefit of a corded hedge trimmer is that the source of power it uses doesn’t fade. If you need a more efficient and convenient way of keeping your lawn perfectly manicured, it makes sense to invest in a corded hedge trimmer. And true to their word, this trimmer combines commercial-duty power and ease of use for improved performance and a plethora of applications. If you’re environmental-conscious, you’ll be glad to know that corded hedge trimmers produce zero emissions. Quite long, the 24 inches blades will provide you with a greater surface area of cutting, thus allowing you to complete your job faster. After reading this guide, we believe that you now would narrow down your options and make a good purchasing decision. t runs on batteries, meaning that it will require little maintenance and do not generate any noises while operating. Lighter than any other trimmer in their range, the Toro 51490 comes with a modest weight of 6.2 pounds, making it an inspired choice for anyone starting out. This is a handy feature that will allow you to extend you reach to the hard to reach spots on your shrubs and bushes. Though they’re limited by their cords, they’re pretty much portable in terms of weight and most importantly, they’ll allow you to handle your trimming tasks without getting fatigued. While we cannot describe them as flimsy, they’re not as powerful and performance-oriented as the heavier hedge trimmers. The 6-positioning pivoting handle will provide you with unmatched flexibility, allowing you to trim bushes at a variety of angles. Finally, you need to examine the controls of the hedge trimmer. The Makita EN4951SH is a short shaft petrol pole hedge trimmer powered by an environmentally friendly 25.4cc 4-stroke engine with low noise, clean emissions and low running costs. ... (18v x 2) garden tools. This hedge trimmer by Easy Long comes with a 20V battery which offers a lot of power to ensure you can work hours after charging. It can be difficult and takes time to learn how to use. Makita DUR189M Cordless Grass Trimmer. It’s worth mentioning that the motor on this trimmer is among the highest we’ve seen on the list and it ties with that of its blood cousin the Garcare 4.8. This trimmer comes with a “Well-balanced design,” which is engineered for lower vibration, and ergonomic grip design. Greenworks 22272 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer, Considerations When Choosing a Long Pole Hedge Trimmer. Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2017. The long blades, though not as effective as the telescopic handle, will offer access to the taller shrubs, but more importantly allow you to trim on a larger surface, thus saving you on your precious time. In as much as some of the hedge trimmers come with an array of safety features and function, you’ll need to exercise some level of precautionary care when using the hedge trimmer. 18V LXT Brushless 600mm Loop handle Pole Hedge Trimmer UH200. Besides length, the two other notable issues that you need to be aware of are the blade type. That’s why it is essential to use a variety of tools such as pole saw, string trimmer, or cordless chainsaw. Petrol Hedge Trimmers. 6-position pivoting head, Aluminum telescopic tube. It is a good investment and the best value for the money when it comes to long pole hedge trimmers. It features new external design and improved handling. Pole Hedge Trimmer. The quality of the hedge trimmer could use some improvements. Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer, 4. With that in mind, we have come up with a list of top 9 long pole hedge trimmers reviews. Maximum power, increased durability, quality and service, and part of the 18V LXT®, world's largest 18V Lithium-Ion system. Powerful indeed, the 4.8A motor provides enormous power to allow for a hassle-free and efficient trimming experience. However, heavy hedge trimmers are more robust and powerful. As opposed to the use of manual tools like hedge trimmers, the use of electric hedge trimmers will save you a lot of time and make the work much easier. Toro has a long history in quality landscaping products, and the Toro 51490 is no different. Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review Features. Dual action blade for optimized durability and performance. This post contains affiliate links. This is a full review of the Makita DUH523Z 18v cordless hedge trimmer. Again, though on the lower side of motor power, the Black and Decker is still an incredible performer. Battery Type. 10.8V Hedge Trimmer This is a very crucial consideration because it determines whether you will be able to cut through some branches or not. Though the corded hedge trimmers will not match the power of the gas-powered hedge trimmers, they are more powerful than the battery-powered hedge trimmers. This time around, however, the Garcare in question is a non-2 in 1, does not feature a telescopic handle, but instead, it comes with other superior features. Bosch EasyHedgeCut. It has a 24-inch dual action blade designed to cut smoothly and also optimized to offer less vibration. Contents. This powerful cordless … Design-wise, the Garcare 4.8 is similar in a plethora of aspects to the Garcare 2 in 1we had reviewed earlier, save for the 2 in 1 feature. But beyond weight, people have commented on generally how easy it is to use this hedge trimmer. When choosing an ideal trimmer, go with the one with the least amount of noise generated. Thus, consider your needs to choose the right blade length. It is ideal to deal with tough tasks with overgrown deadwood while still giving a pre-finished look on refined trims. When he's not busy researching on a new product, then he's probably spending time adventuring the outdoor life. Top 9 Best Water Filter Systems For Home... Top 9 Best Wall Art Paintings That Make... Top 9 Best Portable Laptop Bed Stand 2020... Top 9 Best Digital Kitchen Scales 2020 Reviews, Best Rattan Outdoor Furniture Sets Reviews – Top 9 Ranking of 2020, Best Large Outdoor Dog Houses Review – Top 9 Ranking Of 2020, Best Women Heated Vests Review 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best Wall Mounted Shower Seats 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best Heated Hoodies Review 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best Cordless Circular Saw Reviews 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best WiFi Extender Booster Reviews 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best Adult 3 Wheel Bikes 2020 Review – Top 9 Ranking, Best Cavitation Fat and Cellulite Remover Reviews 2020 – Top 9 Ranking, Best Electric Riding Lawn Mowers Reviews – Top 7 Ranking 2020, Best Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in 2020 Review – Top 9 Selections, Best Under Desk Elliptical Reviews​​ – Top 9 Ranking In 2020, Best Pick – BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 Hedge Trimmer, 7. Despite the 7500rpm power, it’s very easy to use and carry. Choosing the Right Long Reach Hedge Trimmer. The fast-rotating powered blades are nothing to take lightly as they pose a safety hazard. Rok 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer. The powerful drive train on the Toro will allow for an efficient hedge trimming process. Another feature to consider is the presence of anti-vibration. Cordless Hedge Trimmers. Greenworks 22-Inch 4-Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer 2200102. For efficient transmission of power, it comes with a robust metal gearing that is durable. Special Features: Hardened steel design, Adjustable pivoting head, dual action blade. The Earthwise is a popular manufacturer and boasts of quality products. 18v 52cm HEDGE TRIMMER Compare. Some brands have safety enhancing features, but it still comes down to how well you handle it. 16 inch dual action hardened steel black for reduced vibration while trimming, 3.0 amp motor for trimming branches Upto 5/8 inches and cutting strokes/ minute is approximately 3800 strokes/ minute. With a soft rubber handle that can absorb vibration, you can grip it comfortably and enjoy your work in the garden. The hedge trimmer is very versatile and the blade can be easily adjusted. When shopping for a hedge trimmer, you should always confirm to see how deep you can cut as well as the blade size it has. The motor is powerful enough to allow cutting of branches up to ¾-inches thick. Makita EN4951SH Short Long Reach Hedge Trimmer. Our expert reviews of electric, cordless and petrol hedge trimmers are based on rigorous, independent lab tests. This unit can extend to a great length to help you reach difficult-to-trim branches. 5.0 from 2 reviews. It is well built to be versatile and easy to use. [ DUAL-ACTION CUTTING BLADE ] Features a 610mm dual-action laser cut blade, cutting capacity of 18mm, they cut once, then catch that branch again on the way back,which means this corded hedge trimmer can provide good help for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes. The Greenworks, 22-inch, delivers an almost unmatched work result, thanks to the presence of a plethora of incredible features. Usually, a residential gear should be able to cut a branch from 0.5 to 1 inch in thickness. They work in a similar way as gas powered trimmers but are more reliable and less noisy. 1,707 Reviews. The battery hedge trimmer will not only make your garden more beautiful but also it is easier in usage. The Makita is one of the trimmers that delivers on its promise of making your trimming task easier and manageable. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We want you to have all the information you need to make a great decision that best fits your needs. More importantly, it is often available in different lengths and positions to make it much easier to bring a new look to your backyard. Two things made me finally take the plunge - Cutting for long periods overhead was very hard on my arms. Lithium-ion. The Makita XHU02Z 18V hedge trimmer is one of the best cordless power tools that will help to prepare bushes and shears for summer season. Ideally, the controls should be decentralized for ease of use and should be easily accessible. This tool comes with an extendable pole, allowing you to trim or prune the taller shrubs and bushes. Generally, corded hedge trimmers are lightweight, but still, even within their class there exists such a huge disparity. This commanding motor will provide the power needed for an easy and quick trimming job. Though it does not offer a greater cutting surface, it’s easier to control and makes clean cuts. Without further ado, the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Shootout entrants were: DeWalt DCHT860X1, ECHO CHT-58V, EGO HT2400, Greenworks Commercial GH 260, Greenworks Elite HT-240-T, Husqvarna 536LiHD60X, Makita XHU04PT, Milwaukee 2726-21HD, Oregon HT250, RyobiRY40610A, Snapper SXDHT82, Stihl HSA 66, and Worx WG291. I've used many hedge trimmers over the years, corded and petrol. Please note that Makita also offer Pole type hedge trimmers in their selection so you may need to consider looking at that instead if you have high reaching hedges to take care of.
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