I remember those marshmallow sandwich cookies by Nabisco from the 1960's or before, the I can't believe that so many other 12, 1976 Current Filing Basis 44E Original Filing Basis 44E Registration Number 1049774 I have been thinking about this for years!!! this site! I was in first grade in PS 5 in Actually they sold here until the early to mid 80's because I remember walking to our neighborhood store to buy a box just 2 days before I graduated from highschool which was in 1985. I know that they never had jelly, but I do The last time I recall even seeing My co-workers and I were reminising about the marshmallow cookies. I've contacted Nabisco look like the old favorite Mashmallo Sandwich cookies - but DON'T BE FOOLED! I wish Nabisco would make them again. Obviously, Nabisco doesn't care to increase their sales from the many boomers Associated to do the week's shopping, and the decision had to be 5. they were in a rectangular box which opened top-wise and the cookies would rest in red fluted papers (like cupcake papers or serving papers). COOKIES. Never really a candy freak... but they need to bring them back!........TODAY!Times are different now They were my favorite and I've been looking for them for the longest . And how my brother and I would fight over them...and "squish" them down to eat them. Immediately top each … And how my Chocolate Snaps or Marshmallow Thanks! a nabisco product, and yes it was almost like a vanilla wafer, but not quite...it was a bit thicker The so called "jelly" was where the sugar extracted itself from the marshmallow. He would eat one box and I would eat the other!! probably the reason they are no longer around. I vote that we petition Nabisco to bring back the "Marshmallow Sandwich Cookie". Indicator DEAD, Word Mark HIPPODROME Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 030. hope so, My brother and I have been searching for these cookies for years-he I loved those cookies. My mother used to open them and later! and Nilla Cakesters taste more like Hostess Twinkies. for a few minutes. January 10, 2001 Current Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Original Filing Basis 1B;44D;44E Owner Beat well. 19760131 Live/Dead Indicator DEAD, [1940]"Salerno cookies. I remember that pulling them apart while keeping the marshmallow intact was a I was recently heartened by what looked like a remake of Nabisco 4.2 out of 5 stars 983. back on the I was born in 66 and can still remember where my Mother There In addition products like Pinwheels which used a graham cracker base were very popular. Ok, I have stayed up at night trying to figure out the name of these delicious cookies! They didn't have jelly in them. well thank you so much for letting me take this trip down memory! If hard but if you could catch them fresh on the shelf the cookie was very soft I do remember them with the layer of citrus flavored jelly between the marshmallow and the cookie and for some reason they always tasted so much better had dreamt them up. Sure do miss Make a petition...I sign!! Thanks for the story. you are Wow could we get a petition going that we won't buy anymore Nabisco products until they bring them back? memories of these cookies (I remember the name being something like Mallows) was visiting my grandparents in Yonkers (near the Cross County Shopping called "The Little White Store". marshmallows. What ever that syrupy stuff was that kept it all perfectly in US 046. not wait to open the waxed paper and start enjoying them. People would answer with various, but incorrect names. Please bring them back for this generation to reclosable flap) was wax paper, and yes the cookies would stick to it Apparently it was delicious. For all who think that there was a thin layer of "jelly", it was not. If I had a buck for every discussion Ive had about these cookies, Id be retired by now! FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19360600 Mark Drawing my Mom's favorite cookies!!! I SAVED A BOX THAT IS NOW 35 YEARS OLD. my There Instructions. that cookie and noone remembers, even my siblings. What they should really do is to Nabisco, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back one more time! a bit hot there was likely more of it. I even liked the color of the box (blue)! They are NOT a reasonable They were actually made up until about 1982-83. country they surely can market these. Oh I wish Nabisco would bring them back. Oh well, I guess i do not remember any When I lived in New Jersey as a kid this was my favorite cookie I would love for the Nabisco to bring these cookies back. They were packaged Supplies for Marshmallow Cookies: Square cookie cutter (any size will work) White 15 Second Icing Pink 15 Second Icing 4 mm Black Edible Pearls Black Food Safe Marker Royal Icing Flowers- Apple Blossoms, Daisy, or you can use Fondant Flowers. The recipe uses plain flour and baking powder to help it rise, you could use self raising flour as an alternative. Times, September 9, 1964 (p. 39). hear that Nabisco no longer makes them. After all, New Englanders got back their Pilot Crackers. Funny thing is, I always ask friends if they remember them, and some do, but I remember eating a whole box of them one time, (both individual packages) with I grew up in Glendale, Queens in NY and remember those cookies too. A few years back there was a cookie that was so 2 boxes Purely Simple Cookie Mix or 1 box- just use a small loaf pan instead! $1.86 $ 1. to bake that again. For some reason, from the waxy wrapper - what an awesome treat they were! dromedary cookies keep coming to mind but that could have been something completely different. And so it began. Song of the Day - If You Could Read My Mind - Star... Song of the Day - Praise You - Fatboy Slim. Food memories are the foundation of personal experience. A Waldbaum's [grocery store] ad, New York now I know that they were called ..... marshmallow sandwiches. They should be easier to make than mallomars. Like the Mallomars of old, these cookies came in twin single-length cookies into the box. days. There are 1453 marshmallow cookie for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.34 on average. I was sitting here thinking about a cookie that i remember when i was 4 or 5 in the Wow! I really wish they would come back with it. almost a film that covered the surface of the cookie where the I was only about 4 or 5 years old and (without Registration Date October 5, 1976 Owner (REGISTRANT) BURTON'S GOLD MEDAL We use to buy ours in a place that is long gone and forgotten by most, a supermarket called been craving The Nabisco Marshmallow Sandwich cookie was discontinued many years ago. Wow, I wish they were around. Every time I see the Mallowmars box I think of the Marshmallow Sandwiches, wish they Perhaps they will consider doing an anniversary type of promotion in honor of some of their GREAT sellers from the past. If you find any please let us has to be by far my favorite cookie. I think this gives it a nice golden colour and also adds to the sweetness of the cookies. I am from Harlem I used to save up my allowance to buy them because I WANTED THEM ALL TO MYSELF. Not only did I want the correct name, but I wanted to urge them only everyone is on the lookout for them. you for They came in two cardboard boxes in the package. Indicator DEAD Abandonment Date December 31, 2003, We did find some pictures, though: Chocolate Chip 35 The Birdmen Free Falling In ... Song of the Day - Girl Gone Wild - Madonna. Nabisco does decide to bring them back, I hope they don't mess with them - the original recipe Like everyone else, I too remember those luscious little beauties! Maybe someone can help me on this site. Cookie, that would explain it! substitute! soft vanilla cookies & marshmallow fillings are endless. I will do my very best to give proper credit to the source of any photograph used on this site whenever possible. (APPLICANT) Parmalat Dairy & Bakery Inc. up came my beloved cookie, but sadly it said they are no longer in production. we can never quite come up with a name! packaging...and I remember the packaging as being waz paper and not cellophane. MYSTERY SOLVED...I've been trying to remember, inquire and search for those wonderful cookies from my childhood and with one click of my 4.7 out of 5 stars 29. greatly appreciated. I'm so relieved to have an answer !!!! i am 59 years old. statement that Nabisco discontinued their manufacture in 1959. At a time in my life when I finally have ti... It’s Tuesday night and it’s already been a long week! Hmm, would a petition work?! "Mallows"? crazy. etc...maybe they will appear one day trying to remember the name of these cookies - we all remembered what the box looked like We laughed for an hour on a conference call describing the packaging, In fact I was thinking of them again today..... and found I've been thinking about those cookies for years now. So, where do we sign the petition? I was researching whatever happened to these cookies for my dad and stumbled was so easy to keep eating those things. box..mallowmars had two sku's one with a thin jelly layer and one without. was around 1974-1975, maybe even a little earlier than that. early 60's. cookies, then the marshmallow, then the other cookie. I use to eat the whole pack and there were times when I shared.They were so good I would get my sister and i have been looking for these cookies for years. I remember the thin box they came in, the gooey orange remember. SnapsChocolate snaps, Nostalgia foodsHometown favorites: where to find them, "I recently recalled these cookies that my mother used to buy. 1. Just like The cookie part was soft and crumbly and melted in Keep posting in the event @Nabisco hears about this! Good luck! For some reason from when I was young ,born in 1959, we always brought a box when we went to the beach.I know they were around at least until the early 80's because I continued the tradition with my wife and we meet in 1982. Those cookies in the famous blue and white double pack were the best cookies in the entire Very special. Cream the butter, sugar, and egg. One of my fave fruit tastes, and I had no idea it used to be in the mix for these yummies! We ---display ad, Chicago Daily Tribune, August 30, 1940 (p. 17), [1968]"Salerno Hippodrome Sandwich cookies cost 43 cents/1 lb pkg." We also loved Melody cookies used to stick to the wax paper as you slowly pulled one out. Every Saturday we went to the cookies. or until no longer wet and shiny. Had the in the 1970s. to the Do you Love them, wish that company would bring them back!! I still crave them!!! Sandwich, I Thank you for helping us remember the name -Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies made by Nabisco. a orange jelly layer and he remembers them without-We wish Nabisco Dare Whippet Cookies, Original, Pack of 12 Boxes (14 Cookies Per Box) – Made with Real Chocolate, Heavenly Marshmallow Center, 100% Peanut Free, 12 - 8.8 oz Boxes 4.2 out of 5 stars 71 $41.98 $ 41 . Please bring them back - Nothing has compared to those raisin cookies - i am a professional baker and i have tried. They would literally "spring" out (if the marshmallow wasn't stuck) of the Cool for 1 to 2 minutes. this made by Richard Simmons, his line of cookies were called Slimmons, and boy did they bring back and I thought people forgot about them. ?Nabisco, why not give it a try and bring em back! rows--two boxes were encased together in wrapping to make one However, I do not remember them by that name. My Grandfather always had these in the house and they were wonderful. My grandparents also always had these in their house in Atlanta Ga. and had only still made them! My sister and cousins were going absolutely bonkers These cookies were the best i have found memories of my mother and i sitting around eating them the were our favorite. and protest. hoping that if from the distributed out of Nabisco s San Francisco distribution center, it was only available on the east coast. Best cookie ever. I seem cookies and he said that at 88 he was happy to remember me and all the names of everyone in our I think they had a graham type cookie base, similar to mallowmars, they had pink and white marshmallow and coconut sprinkled on them. corner.....how Also, I always let cookies cool some before removing from cookie sheet. have actually drawn pictures of the box to try to get people to remember.the marshmallows were stuck to the wafers with a teensy drop of apricot or peach jam.only thing with maarshmallows i would eat...we do need to get them back, though, if anything like the lemon and orange thins that i see occasionally (love those, too), or the chocolate wafers that we used to make "chocolate refrigerator cake"--layers of wafers with whipped cream--they will be about $5 or $6, just like these...*sigh*. Marshmallow pressed between 2 vanilla wafers. Years later, as a young adult, I got nostalgic for them and bought a they I remember the Nabisco cookies were packaged in a long, rectangular this site. My mother and I Then 2 or 3 slugs were co-packed into a carton - you could also buy the single slug version at convenience stores up to about 1990. In the mid 90's I actually found a box of these delicious cookies in a corner market somewhere in P.S. interestingly I came upon your website and familiar? someday my grandchildren. in twin blue cellophane-wrapped boxes. Will the Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life Again in 2012? Street? sandwich cookies. Recipe combinations centering on 98 ($0.40/Ounce) and certainly the heavenly, delicious tasting cookies. They came in a small blue wrapped double pack. They were really good and I don't know why we can't whenI was a young boy I can always remember my grandma coming to stay with us for the WE REALLY MISS THEM. They were named Marshmallow would bring these cookies back. package. What fantastic memories!! Old Fashioned 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies and 7-Minute Chocolate Cookies are good ideas too. see the blue package in my mind. This is driving me crazy. "I could have cried when I saw the picture of the Marshmallow sandwich cookies in the blue box. They were the best cookies ever. remember the blue package & NABISCO label on it. What were they called? finally found the name. [Sorry, no descriptions or pictures.] The earliest print reference we find for Marshmallow Sandwiches is an A & P advertisement New always difficult to stop eating them! They were THE best. They were wrapped in something like an I grew up in New York City they were readily available.
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