Assembled equipment, performed instrument maintenance, and verified correct instrument operation. Worked in a large hospital laboratory primarily responsible for providing accurate lab results in the chemistry and hematology departments. Laboratory Inspection Checklist. Listen to others and ask questions. Job Description: Perform complex medical laboratory tests for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Released tests and called critical results for Clinical Chemistry. Composed local lab regulations, advised superiors regarding status/adequacy of equipment, supplies, personnel, training, and operating efficiency. Conducted chemical analyses of body fluids, such as blood or urine, using microscope or automatic analyzers and result findings. Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) Career *A job as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) falls under the broader career category of Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists. Compiled post analytic QA reports, including HSIL retrospective re-screens. Performed specimen collection and laboratory analysis. Ensured test-result validity and evaluated quality control before recording/reporting patient results. Experienced in the areas of chemistry, hematology, serology, urinalysis, coagulation and microbiology specimen preparation. Performed ABO/Rh typing, antibody identification, HDN workups, and observed distribution of blood products. Performed moderately complex laboratory tests, Phlebotomy, EKG's as well as training new employees. Provided technical customer service support to Toxicology clients. Worked in Hematology, Blood Banking, Chemistry and Bacteriology departments, performing extensive Diagnostic tests for the patient management. Performed troubleshooting and both routine and non-routine maintenance on a variety of instruments. Trained and educated staff members on use, trouble shooting and proper procedures to evaluate results, flags and interpret results. Ensured all Laboratory Directors were qualified and compliant as per CLIA/CMS. Performed moderate and high complexity testing in microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology, and immunology. Please rate your experience / frequency (within the last year) using the following scale (check the appropriate boxes below): School Age Child/adolescent (6 years to 18 years), Young Adults Middle Adult (19 years to 64 years). Received specimens from couriers and performed data entry. Maintained strict turnaround time, low repeat rate, and highly accurate results. Instructed patients about proper collection procedures and provided quality customer service to the WAMC patients and their families. Communicated critical patient results to physicians. Conducted chemical analyses of body fluids, using microscope or automatic analyzer to detect abnormalities or diseases and enter findings. Histology technicians typically work in hospitals and medical clinics. Used VAX 11/780 computer system to keep records of cell lines in storage and produce labels for production and sample. Performed routine and complex laboratory tests efficiently and accurately in all aspects of the lab for high quality patient care. If they’re in a medical environment, they might be analysing body fluids or tissues, conducting blood tests and examining cells. Assisted in evaluation and implementation of new or revised laboratory procedures and techniques. Performed high complexity laboratory testing as a generalist in Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Toxicology and Blood Bank. Monitored and evaluated quality control data; determined causes and patterns of unacceptable results and suggested corrective action. Served as a rotating Automated Lab Generalist throughout Chemistry, Hematology/Coagulation, Urinalysis, and Send Out/Reference departments. Demonstrated testing procedures and equipment to new laboratory personnel and MLT students. Followed established quality control procedures for all tests including initiation of remedial actions in out of-control situations. Exercised appropriate actions to maintain QC within 2SD/troubleshooting/routine maintenance on analyzers. Consulted with CLIA representatives to ensure that the laboratory was functioning within guidelines. Interacted with nurses, and physicians reporting lab results and critical lab results to the proper person or physician. May train or supervise staff. Acquire Technological Skills. Collected and prepared samples for various routine tests monitored quality control and preformed routine maintenance and troubleshooting on equipment. Assisted with trouble shooting of all instruments in the departments trained in and performed maintenance as needed. You need to write a fantastic job description that clearly explains what you are looking for in a candidate and what someone can expect working for you. Ensured the lab operated under CLIA and COLA regulations. Maintained an adequate staff to operate efficiently and report accurate results. Experienced with POL accreditation and CLIA compliance. Maintained documentation required for a Clinical Laboratory required by CLIA. Collected blood samples by undertaking precautionary measures against infection and contamination. Utilized hospital computer systems for data entry and result retrieval. Reported lab results accurately in various computer programs as well as on paper logs. Performed microbial techniques including gram stains and CFU counts of growth plates. Signature Date. Employed as a part-time laboratory technician during my 12-month clinical internship in Medical Laboratory Science. Performed quality control, calibration, and maintenance on analyzers in chemistry, hematology, urinalysis and immunology departments. Contributed and participated substantially to a successful department Quality Assurance Program and CLIA accreditation. Participated in special forums pertaining to the handling of critical results calls and quality control reporting. Gained exposure to the higher complexity of the technical section of chemistry and immunology section and familiarized with protein electrophoresis. Conducted patient in-processing prior to specimen collection, including review of paperwork accompanying patients and cordial guidance and assistance. Documented and presented methodical and accurate results in both written and oral formats. Participated in maintaining and calibrating lab equipment; coordinated with colleagues and grew positive relationships. Performed all functions in the manufacturing of blood products including manipulations of specialized blood products. Excelled in phlebotomy procedures including draws on pediatric and geriatric patients. Entered and retrieved patient information into lab computer system. 32. Processed cultures in microbiology, gram stains, and various manual tests. Helped to get all the paperwork and documents organized that were needed to pass CLIA inspections. Received the Distinguished Care Giver Award in my first year for display of superior skill and customer service. Reason and Problem Solve. Received and processed microbiology specimens and performed daily QC. Performed EKGs and aided radiology in film development. Reported critical values to supervisor in a timely matter. Conducted studies in biology, bacteriology, biochemistry, entomology, or pharmacology. Performed general laboratory and instrument maintenance. Performed laboratory tests, routine preventative maintenance, and quality control procedures. Performed laboratory testing for Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Microbiology, and Transfusion services. Followed laboratory procedures for specimen collection and handling. Preformed trouble shooting in order to Performed required preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and QC on all analyzers and instruments. Performed maintenance and quality control on chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, coagulation and special chemistry analyzers. Resolved and repaired laboratory equipment problems including Beckman-Coulter, AUWI, and Sysmex analyzers by applying advanced troubleshooting techniques and skills. Coordinated and prepared all documentation required by JCAHO and OSHA regulatory agencies. Laboratory Technician Skills Checklist Requested by: Health Carousel Tailored Healthcare Staffing Medical Staffing Options Next Travel Nursing Partner Network Requested by email: Medical Laboratory Technician Registry, MLT: Georgia Office of Regulatory Services; Laboratory Personnel Qualifications 290-9-8.06 provides new program graduates 18 months provisional certification to afford them an opportunity to successfully complete an approved MLT qualifying examination Performed routine and moderate to complex test according to established procedures in designated technical department. Established an inventory system and procedures for specimen accessioning of specialty tests. Performed preventative maintenance as scheduled and ensured instrumentation was performing to established standards. Performed hematology, immunology and bacteriology tests, and antibiotics and anti-fungal cultures to diagnostic micro-organisms. Developed course outcomes and descriptions to support the MLT program outcomes. Worked primarily in the Chemistry department analyzing specimens, reporting out prompt and accurate results on various analyzers. Medical Laboratory Technician – ANZSCO 311213 Description Performs routine medical laboratory tests and operates diagnostic laboratory equipment under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientists and Pathologists. Here's how Medical Laboratory is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Ascp is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Technologist is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how MLT is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Hematology is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Specimen Collection is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Microbiology is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Patient Care is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Clia is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Here's how Laboratory Procedures is used in Medical Laboratory Technician jobs: Career Details for a Medical Laboratory Technician, Best States for a Medical Laboratory Technician, Top Salaries for a Medical Laboratory Technician. Prepared/Processed blood products, using standard operating procedures. This laboratory inspection checklist includes emergency preparedness, housekeeping, compressed gasses, mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, spill clean up, lab hoods, personal protective equipment, chemical storage, and waste management. Called critical values to nurses and doctors, and work as a team with other techs. Performed laboratory testing, phlebotomy and front office services at laboratory adjacent to large pediatric clinic. Performed quality control procedures, preventative maintenance, and calibration on laboratory equipment. Performed quality control and changed reagents on the Sysmex XT2000i and AU-5800 analyzer. Maintained inter-departmental relationships by addressing concerns, being open to feed-back, and striving to provide the best customer service possible. Supervised over 15 Medical Laboratory Technicians on their phase II medical laboratory technician training. Performed phlebotomy and EKG's Skills Used all lab skills needed for the job and computer skills. Reported and personally distributed lab results to physicians. Provided clinical testing and specimen analysis in the areas of chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, and microbiology. Loaded specimens and performed trouble shooting as needed on bioMerieux BacT-Alert. Performed basic laboratory procedures, such as testing specimens and recording results. Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Technologist Phlebotomist Skills Checklist NAME LAST 4 OF SSN DATE I hereby certify that ALL information I have provided to FILL IN THE BLANK on this skills checklist and all other documentation, is true and accurate. Performed highly complex tests on blood, urine, and CSF/body fluids for diagnostic purposes by using manual and automated techniques. Medical laboratory professionals shall endeavour to maintain and improve their skills and knowledge and keep current with scientific advances. Requisitioned patient samples were time-sensitive, with critical results that often aided in diagnosing a patient's life or death. Maintained and calibrated on site laboratory equipment to OSHA and FDA standard. Performed high complexity testing under the supervision of a Medical Technologist. Advised the physicians and their medical staff of critical results or unacceptable specimens. Laboratory technicians perform routine lab tests in clinical and medical laboratories. Performed all laboratory tests as a generalist medical technologist on requested specimens for military personnel and their families. Submit this and the indicated information to the Medical Laboratory Technician Program Director or department secretary. For example, 18.2% of Medical Laboratory Technician resumes contained Medical Laboratory as a skill. Calculated and recorded laboratory results into workbooks and computer system. Performed gram stains on body fluids for microbial identification. Interacted directly with physicians, office personnel and patients on a daily basis to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. Do you have charge/supervisor experience? Conducted chemical analysis of bodily fluids and spent hemodialysis dialysate to determine the actual values. Conducted testing in a veterinary reference lab in Immunology and Urinalysis Read and understand work-related materials. Provided excellent customer service and relations with all levels: doctors, managers, and supervisors. Maintained quality control compliance ISO 9001, OSHA, safety and risk-management guidelines. Performed clinical laboratory analyses, recognized problems, identified basic causes, troubleshot and made corrections using established protocols. Maintained compliance with CLIA, OSHA, HIPAA, CAP, safety and risk management guidelines. Supervised a team of eighteen Technologists within the department of Hematology. We analyzed 16,670 Medical Laboratory Technician resumes to identify the skills, responsibillities, and achievements that hiring managers want to see. Assembled, disassembled, operated, calibrated, and maintained lab equipment used in quantitative and qualitative analysis. If you possess some or all of the following list of skills, then you should include them in your pharmacy technician resume and cover letter. Prepared specimens for external and internal labs according to established policies and procedures. Medical Laboratory Assistant Job Description Example. Performed manual and automated testing and preventative maintenance on complex instruments as assigned. Collected all blood samples from inpatient, outpatient and Nursing Home. Performed in-depth quality control and preventative maintenance on all laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Performed quality control testing, instrument maintenance and troubleshooting in a 145-bed full service core and reference laboratory. Followed and implemented all laboratory procedures and regulations to ensure 100 percent accuracy of patient results. Completed all calibrations, quality control, preventative maintenance and equipment troubleshooting. Utilized sophisticated laboratory equipment to look for microorganisms. Recognized and responded to all critical values and delta checks. Skilled testing and reporting in all departments including Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Immunology, Serology, and Urinalysis. Performed hematology, chemistry, coagulation, blood banking, urinalysis, immunology, and other general laboratory testing. Participated and taught in monthly MLT training. Studied blood samples to determine the blood group, type and compatibility for transfusion purposes, using microscopic technique. Performed quality control, calibration and necessary maintenance on lab equipment. Worked with CellaVision Automated slide reader, Sysmex Coagulation analyzers, IRIS Urinalysis systems. Performed laboratory testing in variety of areas: Hematology, Chemistry, Urinalysis and Bacteriology. Called critical results to appropriate source. Followed procedures to call critical results. Understand spoken information. Performed required preventative maintenance procedures in laboratory instrumentation. Conducted QA and maintenance on instruments valued at [ ] Certified equipment accuracy, reliability, and performance. Selected to monitor daily hospital laboratory critical values to ensure quality patient care. Medical Laboratory Science; 521 Lancaster Avenue; Dizney 220 ; Richmond, KY 40475-3102; Phone: (859) 622-3078; Fax: (859)-622-1939 ; Basic Skills (Essential Functions) Students in the MLS program must have the knowledge and skills necessary to function successfully in a clinical laboratory. Revised and developed procedures, supervised maintenance and quality control procedures and calculated CAP workload. Inoculated appropriate agar plates for growth of pathogens in stool, respiratory, tissue, blood and other sterile body fluids. Maintained instrumentation; performed routine preventative maintenance of assigned instruments and equipment. Verified and notified physicians of life threatening critical values. Trained by and assistant the lead laboratory technician in basic laboratory policies, procedures and customer service in the laboratory. Designed and delivered training seminars for Laboratory Technologists and physicians. Prepared over 800 reports daily and notified physicians of critical results. Worked as MLT with lab assistant on a 7 on/7 off rotation including call for ER department. Developed analytical data entry reports per client requests. Performed patient infectious disease testing including appropriate confirmatory testing and reporting reactive patient results. Maintained the viability of blood products and performed blood typing on whole blood units ensuring adequate supplies during mass casualty situations. Performed gram staining and microscopic evaluation of microorganisms. Career Paths for a Medical Laboratory Technician, Healthcare Practitioner and Technical Industry, Medical Laboratory Technologist Internship Skills, Medical Laboratory Technologist Internship. Supervised specimen collection, accessioning and processing areas. Medical laboratory technicians play a crucial role in healthcare facilities, so when it comes to hiring a new one, you cannot waste time playing games. This is an estimate of the time it will take to complete the most relevant course associated with this occupation. Performed all aspects of testing within clinical laboratory sections, including blood bank, Hematology, Microbiology, chemical pathology. Performed microbiology to include specimen processing, plating, rapid microbiology testing, and reading and interpreting gram stains. Worked with physicians and nurses to order proper lab tests and provide great patient care. Performed waived and moderately complex testing in Hematology, Coagulation, Chemistry, and Microbiology. Provided excellent direct patient care, clear communicated with patients and providers for specimen requirements, collection, and results. Medical laboratory professionals shall take responsibility for their professional acts. Performed coagulation studies with Sysmex CA-100. Commended for high-quality work and helped maintain compliance with OSHA, safety and risk-management guidelines. Maintained compliance with hospital policies and laboratory procedures, including maintaining the calibrations of lab instruments and tools. Write clearly so other people can understand. Performed routine calibration of lab equipment. Instrumentation used for Immunology/Serology: 1 = Limited Experience / Rarely Done (<6 times/year), 2 = May Need Some Review / Occasionally Done (1 - 2 times/month), 3 = Experienced / Frequently Done (daily or weekly). Worked In Various Medical Fields as a Technician including: Dialysis Technician Medical Laboratory Technician Respiratory Technician. Performed preventive maintenance and quality control procedures as required. But there are several transferrable skills that are just as important to be successful in this role. Monitored maintenance schedules of all laboratory equipment to ensure QA standards. Exhibited a high degree of professional judgment in dealing with technical and patient care issues. Provided training for Lab Technician students on running susceptibilities and IDs on specimens through microbiology analyzer. Updated 20 microbiology standard operating procedures to reflect current practices and improve identification and susceptibility of bacteria, parasites and fungi. Get the hands-on skills you need to become a medical laboratory technician. Sign and date this form. Additional study to pass a license or certification exam is required depending on your state law. Reviewed patient results and quality control data for accuracy. Preformed standard laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, serology, and urinalysis * Performed routine instrument maintenance and routine quality control. Followed all proper government compliances, hospital policies, and laboratory procedures to ensure accurate testing aligned with appropriate guidelines. Worked in Microbiology set up cultures: MRSA, Body Fluids, wounds, and Tissue cultures. Analyzed, evaluated and reported hospital clinical sample results in the chemistry laboratory. Demonstrated and maintained positive patient/customer relations through effective communication, patient care and work performance. Cross-trained in other areas of medical office such as patient triage, EKG, spirometry, audio testing,. Performed clerical and phlebotomy duties as well as laboratory testing. Congratulations on your decision to apply for a Travel position with Med Travelers! Maintained supply inventory for Immunology Department. Is Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist the right career path for you? Analyzed test results and ensured conformity to specifications, using special mechanical and electrical devices. Performed automated and manual test procedures on blood samples and body fluids in various department in accordance to procedure manuals. Provided training and guidance to other personnel within the laboratory on the procedures and responsibilities within the Hematology department. I attest that the information I have given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I am the individual completing this form. Helped to create a new protocol for specimen processing resulting in faster turnaround times for patient results. Operated EKG and other equipment to administer routine diagnostic tests. Skills Checklists. Experienced in CLIA and COLA regulations along with preparation with inspection guidelines. Served as rotational general laboratory technician in urinalysis, serology, chemistry, hematology, coagulation, microbiology, and shipping. Page 1 of 2. Performed routine/preventative maintenance on designated equipment completely and accurately according to established procedure. Worked independently to resolve problems in non-typical situations to assure quality patient care. Participated in required state and federal training and ongoing education to remain compliant with regulations. Performed procedures in compliance with FDA, New Jersey Department of Health, and OSHA Quality Control regulations. Provided test results for patient diagnosis and treatment by operating chemistry equipment. Experienced working in a stat pediatric/OB laboratory as well as Hematology-Oncology & Bone Marrow outpatient clinic. Congratulations on your decision to apply for a Travel position with Med Travelers! A Medical Laboratory Technician should display strong analytical and critical thinking skills and be detail-oriented multi-taskers with the ability to work independently. Performed routine and emergency qualitative and quantitative diagnostic test procedures including chemistry, hematology, microbiology, urinalysis, and coagulation. Operated and maintained laboratory instruments and equipment, and performed quality control procedures. All information, current and accurate, is required by the application deadline . Recognized and received Certificate of Achievement for outstanding patient care and customer service for laboratory front desk reception and phlebotomy services, Performed testing in all departments of laboratory, worked various hospital laboratories Performed phlebotomy draws as needed. Performed instrument maintenance and Quality Control as needed. Students who searched for Medical Technician: Job Duties & Career Info found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. Provided knowledge of critical values and the collection and interpretation of data. Participated in The Joint Commission and CLIA inspections. Coordinated logistics with fellow service members and civilian agencies to ensure timely delivery of blood products. Medical laboratory professionals shall practise within the scope of their professional competence. Helped lab manager with levy Jennings charts, & QA reports. Performed preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on clinical analyzers to ensure compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies. Reported critical results to the proper personnel (physicians/nurses) for immediate care and treatment. Medical laboratory technologists need to: Communicate. Performed manual differential, RBC morphology, UA microscopic and Gram stains. Acquired over 150 units of blood while shipping over 50 units to various outlying facilities as leading technician in blood bank. Verified all reports before releasing results into the hospital LIS system, following all government, hospital policies and laboratory procedure. Application Checklist . Performed internal and external customer service. Utilized automated instrumentation and performed all manual and microscopic analysis pertinent to Clinical Hematology, Coagulation, and Urinalysis. Experienced in isolating and identify fungi, mycobacterium, or related microorganisms from patient specimens, environmental sources, and surveys. Displayed superb manual dexterity, extreme focus, and patience in a fast-paced work environment. Checked QA on technicians and maintenance logs quarterly. Supervised Specimen Collection department, Shipping and Receiving, Chemistry, and Blood Bank departments and personnel assigned to those departments. Performed laboratory procedures in areas of Chemistry, Blood Bank, Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation, Immunology, Microbiology. Completed patient charts, and kept updated access with various computer systems. Worked closely with Blood Bank Coordinator, Section Heads, and Medical Staff and practiced good public relation skills with patients. Performed daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance along with trouble shooting on Sysmex and Clinitek. Performed antibiotic Prepared and analyzed patient specimens and documented the results * Educated patients on proper specimen collection. For example, 18.2% of Medical Laboratory Technician resumes contained Medical Laboratory as a skill. Assessed, ordered, obtained and interpreted appropriate lab tests. Executed laboratory specimen testing according to hospital policies and regulatory requirements. Communicated with physicians and patients concerning day-to-day directives pertaining to testing and phlebotomy. Provided clinical laboratory and blood bank support under supervision. Assisted in teaching and training of MT and MLT students. Maintained, monitor QC and performed patient testing in a chemistry laboratory reference laboratory. Monitored acceptable patient therapeutic ranges and communicated with physicians multiple times on a daily basis. Performed, evaluated and reported technical laboratory procedures on patient specimens for use in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Maintained and updated patient records using computer systems. Followed HIPAA regulations, as well as CAP standards and CLIA regulations. Quality-focused skills gained through MLT class coursework. Performed testing for the chemistry, hematology, and immunology departments. Performed procedures and uses equipment as delegated by a licensed professional including blood draws and EKGs. Released and reported patient lab results in an accurate and timely manner. Performed various blood banking techniques like blood grouping, compatibility testing and antibody identification. Ensured all laboratory instrument maintenance is performed promptly and recorded for quality assurance and quality improvement. Reviewed patient data and ensured accurate results. Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) examination Graduate of a bachelor’s or higher degree program in biology, chemistry, or the physical sciences ONLY Required Date Sent Required Date Sent Required Date Sent Required Date Sent You do NOT qualify for the Clinical Laboratory Technologist license without additional education. Determined microbial species and acceptable antimicrobial agents in biological specimens for a regional reference laboratory. Operated interface for computer system for capturing testing results for laboratory. Performed QC and maintenance on all laboratory analyzers. Rotated in instrument maintenance quarterly on all instruments in the laboratory. Registration or licensing may be required. Used various quality control procedures to maintain compliance with internal and external regulations. Many entry-level histology jobs require a four-year bachelor’s degree in a medical laboratory science program. Employers and Practitioners, on the other hand, rated MTs and Specialists as almost equal. Dedicated Medical Laboratory Technician with experience in both a hospital and private laboratory environment. What You Need to Know. Conducted haematological, immunological, serological, coagulation profile and biochemical analysis of blood by operating various automated analyzers. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Medical Laboratory Technician resumes they appeared on. Logged all required information and called all critical values documenting as I went who, when and what. Ensured future retrieval of patient transfusion information by preparing patient packets and maintaining blood bank database. Let's find out what skills a Medical Laboratory Technician actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Served as a group leader for technician and technologist conducting clinical trials and trouble shooting for IFA assays. Implemented new lab tests and instrumentation in lab. Reported to doctors for testing information, resulting the tests especially critical results. Served as a clinical laboratory instructor for both the MLT program and Biology Department. Performed all duties independently under the supervision of a Medical Technologist and Clinical Pathologist. Prepared specimens for examination, counted cells, and looked for abnormal cells in blood and body fluids. Worked in the viral testing laboratory performing various viral testing on donor units of blood while adhering to strict FDA guidelines. Performed standardized tests and quality control in departments of Hematology, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Coagulation, and Microbiology. Promoted after only two years to Customer Service Supervisor due to outstanding work performance. Performed Gram stain and identified any microorganisms present. Managed and trained a small team for transportation and holding of all blood products. Proven attention to detail in all areas of lab work while still maintaining deadlines and protecting all patient confidential information. Communicated with physicians and medical personnel concerning results, problem resolution, requirements, and trouble shooting, data entry. Performed all laboratory tests on requested specimens as a generalist lab technologist. A postsecondary certificate or associate degree is usually required. Performed instrument preventative maintenance and quality control, maintaining accurate documentation and reporting of patient results. Contacted doctors and nurses on critical values issues when necessary. Led clinical diagnostic test preparation, data interpretation and data preparation / integration into Laboratory Information System (LIS). Assisted the clinical coordinator with revisions to department procedures and policies based on current OSHA standards and guidelines. Performed manual and automated specimen examinations using Performed routine maintenance and quality control according to laboratory policies. Performed drug screening, hair follicle testing, UA and blood samples. Lab technician performance appraisals should be conducted regularly and universally across departments. Experienced medical laboratory technician with 24 years of experience as a generalist in a fast-paced hospital laboratory. Generated accurate results using various manual techniques and instrumentation. Analyzed, resulted and reported through the laboratory information computer system. Prepared gram stains of specimens for identification. Performed automated hematology and coagulation testing to included manual differential studies on blood and body fluids. Monitored all aspects of instrument maintenance and performance to ensure all testing systems functioned properly. Scheduled and maintained employees' work schedules, maintained QC lab standards, ordered supplies, and performed required instrument maintenance. Worked as an MLT in a Mobile Medical Center (MEC). Skills of laboratory personnel 9 8. This can include carrying out tests related to immunology, chemistry or toxicology. Communicated directly with physicians/nursing regarding patient lab results and testing. Maintained lab equipment and troubleshot/resolved issues with those instruments. Performed Manual Differentials, Sickle Cell Screens, Kleibauer-Betke, Gram Stains, and kit micro tests. Find the skills checklist you need to submit as part of your allied health employment application. Utilized automation, computerization, and manual methods for quality patient results. When employers are looking to hire a lab technician, they usually need someone with a background in science and research. Prepared specimens for lab analysis and interpreted result as to accuracy, acceptability, and critical limits. Processed over 200, 000 lab tests annually for 42,000 Recruits. Performed daily laboratory operations; order, draw and process all blood and blood products. Operated automatic analyzers and verified specimen acceptability and re-centrifuges unacceptable specimens. Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, serology, histology and bacteriology to aid physicians. Because technologists must earn a bachelor's degree, they have a much more extensive theoretical knowledge base than technicians, who need only an associate degree. Managed maintenance and calibration records of all laboratory equipment to ensure accurate results. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist Career. Created a supplementary phlebotomy training program which contributed to education of the staff. Medical laboratory technologists need to: Communicate. Managed the inventory and purchasing of all laboratory supplies for a full service medical laboratory. Assisted with other clerical and data entry duties as needed. Performed data entry in hospital information systems following department and compliance requirements. Performed microbiological and serological procedures to identify and classify microorganisms found in various specimens. Delegated tasks to subordinates, formulated new ideas for laboratory procedures, and significantly improved overall performance. Some states also require lab techs to be licensed. Worked independently and trained lab personnel and students on various laboratory procedures. Worked with the secretary to organize the lab results to a more user-friendly fashion. Accessioned patient orders for specimen collection and diagnostic testing purposes. Communicated with a diverse medical team to resolve matters relevant to biological samples in order to initiate appropriate patient care. Accepted and accessioned specimens into the laboratory computer system. Performed diagnostic testing, operated and maintained clinical laboratory equipment in a functioning laboratory as a generalist. Conducted and calibrated quality controls for lab equipment. Performed medical records review and electronic data entry. Performed EKG'S and would also assist in taking X-Ray's when Radiology Technician was unable. Performed off island operations of blood collection and packing pack to TAMC for processing into whole blood products. A medical laboratory technologist and a medical laboratory technician work in related occupations and the terms may be confused, but there are a number of differences. Knowledge of current Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals, Knowledge/familiarity with HCAHPS scores, Accurately calculating results of testing, Recognize the need for additional testing, Special stains (PAS,Peroxidase, Leukocyte Aldaline Phospatase). Training time. Included data entry of test results, patient demographics, supplies and inventory data, and QA data. Prepared or plated microorganisms and stored in optimal growth conditions. Performed both routine and special laboratory assays of patient specimens (including blood and other body fluids). All information, current and accurate, is required by the application deadline . Performed testing and processes in Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, and Microbiology areas of the laboratory. Implemented of Customer Service Trainer Liaison and teaching, instrumentation, maintenance and troubleshooting, team building and staff leadership. Provided trouble shooting and maintenance of laboratory equipment and instruments; auto-analyzer centrifuge, oven, and glassware. Supervised medical laboratory operations and staff of 4 technicians in performing more 3,000 procedures weekly, utilizing state-of -the-art equipment. Conducted Automatized-Immunology Analyzer to perform special tests (tumor marker, AFP, CEA...). Developed medical laboratory automated data processing. Skills Checklist. A laboratory inspection checklist is used by safety inspectors to verify the safety of a lab. Received, stored, inventoried, shipped and destroyed blood products while ensuring that proper documentation was valid. Performed daily quality assurance analysis on instruments/lab equipment. Loaded samples into analyzers, Input data into computer, Logged and stored blood samples. Performed routine maintenance and quality control measures on all instrumentation used. Managed QA/Testing Entered data from analysis of medical tests and clinical results into computer for storage. Performed stat and routine clinical laboratory testing consistent with written procedures under the direction of a laboratory supervisor. Adhered to quality system standards and audit trail methodologies, to ensure compliance to laboratory CLIA and COLA certifications. Fill Out and Submit your Skills Checklist. The purpose of a skills checklist is for you to self-assess your skills and help you determine your strengths and competencies. Documented all aspects of patient contact* Drew blood samples and collected urine specimens for testing* Accurately tested and reported results to physicians. Ensured the quality control of laboratory procedures, equipment functionality, and regulatory compliance. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist Career. [ More] Speak clearly so listeners can understand. Operated, calibrated and QC'd an assortment of laboratory testing instruments and performed various chemical, microscopic and bacteriologic tests. Click here to bypass content and jump to navigation. Worked independently performing all phlebotomy as well as the laboratory testing and maintenance activities. Maintained all computerized blood bank transfusion records. Involved in performing test in all areas of Hematology, Biochemistry, Clinical pathology and immunology. Maintained lab equipment and observed troubleshoot instrument problem. Prepared microbial culture form body fluids and tissue samples to determine the presence of bacteria, fungi, parasites. Performed general laboratory testing in all departments including Blood Bank, Microbiology, Chemistry and Hematology. Please refer to Checklist II for Restricted License. Performed daily quality control procedures on laboratory equipment. Completed manual and automated EIA infectious disease testing on large volumes of donor blood samples; ensured safety of blood supply. I attest that the information I have given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I am the individual completing this form. Demonstrated excellent customer service to all patients. Notified doctors of critical results in a timely matter; verified and released results in computer system. Performed daily Quality Control procedures and maintained Quality Assurance checks on analyzers. Handled and disposed of all laboratory waste in accordance with established safety procedures. Laboratory shall have identified of the equipment, reference materials and reagents which affect to the results. Trained in Medical Technologist computer systems and all testing machines used in the laboratory for diagnostic purposes. Experienced in Hematology, Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Blood Bank and Microbiology as well as Managerial responsibilities international corporations. Assisted in interviewing candidates for the positions of medical technologist and laboratory secretary at my Purdue University position. Assisted in documentation and maintained QA program and monitoring. Accomplished required maintenance/quality control procedures on laboratory equipment. Managed the supply and demand of blood products for local, regional, and national accounts. Assembled, disassembled and maintained laboratory equipment; performed troubleshooting and calibration procedures according to established guidelines. Performed complex microbiology procedures, presumptive identification of microbiological specimens and provided technical assistance to physicians. Provided clear communication to physicians and nursing personnel while maintaining HIPPA and professionalism. Throughout the interview process for this role, employers may ask you questions about your interest in this job and your relevant skills to make sure you're qualified to be a lab technician. Led the department, among six individuals, in completion of lab tests for 10 months. Worked with Vitek2 Compact, Cobas 6000, Sysmex XE-2100 & XT-1800i, Coulter-STKS, CA-1500, CA-56 and MLA 900. Plated and sub cultured in micro, prepared specimens for send out lab tests. Performed data entry for new and existing patients. Once the form has been completed, please send it to Med Travelers. A newly hired hand to work as assistant in a medical laboratory will be provided with a job description to guide his/her duties, tasks, and responsibilities on the job. Performed testing in all areas of the clinical laboratory including Urinalysis, Hematology, Serology and Microbiology. Performed testing on blood and other body fluids, cap surveys, instrument maintenance and quality control. Participated in extensive training at Roche headquarters for instrument maintenance and problem solving. Executed and analyzed tests in areas of Hematology including coagulation studies, Chemistry, Serology, and Urinalysis with microscopic evaluation. Cross-trained other Medical Technologist personnel to alleviate staff shortage issues. Organized and helpful at getting everyone prepared for blood banking procedures. Worked as general technician in the hematology, chemistry, serology, urinalysis, and processing/sends-outs departments. Performed daily and weekly maitenance on all instruments to assure accurate results and proper function of equipment. Trained 10 new employee medical laboratory technicians in laboratory equipment, computer operations, releasing results, and preparing quality controls. Collected blood samples using age appropriate techniques, performed over 50,000 tests per year using manual and automated techniques. Other Qualities. Advised personnel on collection of body fluids, skin scrapings, throat swabs, and other special collections. Called hospital to report any critical results. Performed diagnostic testing for Hematology, Urinalysis, Coagulation Studies, Blood Banking, Chemistry, and basic Microbiology procedures. Instructed residents on quality control, trouble shooting and inventory control/supply ordering. Reviewed production reports and documentation to ensure product acceptability and strictly observed all confidentiality and safety procedures. Received outpatient orders and completed lab tests as directed. Assisted in the full automation of the laboratory while performing laboratory procedures without deficiencies. Provided customer service through initiation and/or response to client inquiries regarding test results or specimen requirements. Here is an example of the kind of job description usually handed to medical laboratory assistants to work with. Maintained certification through the ASCP BOC Certification Maintenance Program. Helped 8 new hires/recent graduates obtain their ASCP certification. Reported accurate and critical results to nurses and physicians. Created and maintained SOP manuals in accordance with CLIA, COLA, and OSHA guidelines. Prepared components for transfusion following doctors' orders such as splitting, thawing, pooling blood products. Prepared specimens and body fluids samples for analysis using laboratory techniques. Identified microorganisms and reported results in laboratory information systems. Performed advanced and complex laboratory procedures; recognized deviation from expected results; analyzed and corrected problems using scientific principles. Medical Laboratory Technician Skills. Performed hematology, coagulation and urinalysis testing on Stat and routine hospital and outpatient specimens. Performed diagnostic analysis of blood samples in all departments of the lab. Prepared cultures of body tissue and fluid samples to determine presence of microorganisms. Performed routine maintenance and quality control. Medical Laboratory Technician Program Application Packet 1 Minnesota State College Southeast Medical Laboratory Technician Program Updated 6-17-2020 Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program Admission Process and Checklist To begin the admissions process, the following items will need to be completed. Ensured that all blood collection, manufacturing and testing are in accordance with FDA, CAP and AABB standards. From the skills checklist below, please locate the list that matches your specialty and complete the online form. Operated instruments by performing instrument maintenance, quality control, calibrations, and troubleshooting when necessary. Lab techs need a variety of technical skills to perform their jobs accurately and safely. Trained and hired new employees, performed data entry and maintained quality control records for the departments. Please refer to Checklist II for Restricted License. Provided customer service to incoming internal and external callers or visitors as needed. Prepared calculations for the data entry for reports. Performed technical procedures including patient testing, quality control, and preventative maintenance on instruments. Laboratory chemicals / auxiliary material 10 9. Acute Rehab: Occupational Therapy Skills Checklist : Physical Therapist Self Assessment: PT/PTA Skills Checklist: Respiratory Therapist: Speech Language Pathologist: Other Skills Checklists. Headquarters in Illinois for certification on the XT-2000i. Skilled in trouble shooting and maintenance of technical equipment. Recognized, confirmed, documented and called all critical and life-threatening lab results stat to physicians and nurses as appropriate. Performed and validated all Chemistry procedures utilizing the Centaur XP and Dimension analyzers. Documented donor files, collected blood samples and communicated necessary information for accuracy of records. May train or supervise staff. Worked Third Shift in the laboratory in the departments of Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis and Blood Bank. Trained peers on the SYSMEX line for lab also attended analyzer school in Chicago, IL. Maintained lab certification as required (CLIA). Maintained all required procedures for OSHA, FDA, and CAP regulations. Preformed Blood Banking Tasks including ABO Typing, Cross match, and Antibody Screens using Tube and Diagnostic Gel Methods. Performed quality control, data analysis, results reporting, instrument maintenance, and technical problem resolution. Performed routine maintenance and calibration of equipment. Performed and documented routine maintenance and review of equipment maintenance. Notified provider of abnormal and critical results. Demonstrated skills in laboratory procedures in Urinalysis, Hematology, Blood Bank, Coagulation, Chemistry and Special Chemistry departments. If you possess some or all of the following list of skills, then you should include them in your pharmacy technician resume and cover letter. Studied a broad array of laboratory specimens and quantitative and qualitative chemical analyses, utilizing equipment including Hitachi 747/717 chemistry analyzers. Performed preventative maintenance and used troubleshooting techniques when necessary on laboratory equipment. Medical Laboratory Technician . Served as Unit Safety Manager and Infection Control Manager, overseeing HAZMAT, OSHA, fire monitor, and safety training. Ensured compliance with governing agencies such as CLIA, CAP, OSHA, AABB and FDA. Ensured accuracy of laboratory results generated by instruments and correctly entered into the laboratory computer system. Analyzed body fluids such as blood, urine, and tissue samples to determine normal or abnormal findings. Required studies include chemistry, biology, microbiology and clinical laboratory skills. 34. Operated basic and advanced laboratory areas to include Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, and Hematology functions. Helped open the FSH clinic initiating procedures and improving current process leading to more efficient operation and faster patient care. Maintained proper records for quality control procedures as required by regulatory agencies in the microbiology section. Performed, analyzed and reported results of hospital-required testing for Hematology, Chemistry, Immunohematology, Microbiology, Immunology and Coagulation. Worked directly with pathologist, other physicians, nurses, and hospital staff members to ensure quality patient care. Enforced criteria for rejecting and appropriately documenting specimen disposition, electronically and manually in the quality control reports (QCR). Performed specimen collection analysis, documentation and reporting. Utilized automated systems to perform testing and appropriately interpreted and reported test results as well as follow-through with critical test results. Worked with other technologists to complete daily testing requirements. Operated analyzers like Sysmex XE5000-complete white count/reticulocyte, automated platelet function, automated erythrocyte Sedimentation, and automated coagulation analyzer. Reported to physicians the necessary findings of lab results for accurate care of the patients. Supervised 2 Soldiers; Mentored and coached to achieve ASCP MLT Certification. Performed annual preventative maintenance and calibration of laboratory instruments as per manufacturer's instructions. Performed CBC's using SYSMEX 1800 and SYSMEX 2100. Performed examinations and quality control testing in the areas of Hematology, Serology, Urinalysis, Bacteriology, and Chemistry. Laboratory shall have a labeled or otherwise coded to indicate the status of calibration or verification ant the date when calibration or reverification. These items may be mailed or delivered to the specific departments listed. Reported patient results, confirmed or rejected erroneous results, phoned appropriate nurse/doctor with critical patient results. Provided advanced problem solving, troubleshooting, and interpretation/consultation, verification of specimen quality and test results. Performed morning QC and calibrations on chemistry and hematology analyzers. Employers and Practitioners, on the other hand, rated MTs and Specialists as almost equal. Processed countless biological specimens via computer data entry in preparation for laboratory testing at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB. Provided general medical laboratory support to a regional medical clinic, reporting directly to the partner physicians. Performing tests as a laboratory technician requires proficiency in the use of technology. Collected blood samples from the patient's body using syringe and needle. Completed validation on SQA-V Gold Semen Analyzer and machine is now in use. Conducted clinical testing of blood samples to detect Hepatitis B&C, and HIV viruses using the ELISA testing method.5. From the skills checklist below, please locate the list that matches your specialty and complete the online form. Performed daily QI/ QC ensuring operating parameters were within acceptable limits on chemistry analyzers. Trained new staff and MLT students on their practicums. Assisted in the clinical rotations of MLT students. Established new processes for pediatric lead poisoning testing and specimen processing for a private clinical laboratory. Performed preventative maintenance, quality control, and troubleshooting of all laboratory equipment. Managed laboratory and office inventory, and developed and submitted in-depth costs analyses for a private medical practice. Maintained accurate Quality Control and Assurance records to comply with state board certification agency. Analyzed NIST standards for FDA approval. Performed routine clinical laboratory testing in the areas of chemistry, coagulation, hematology, urinalysis and toxicology. Demonstrated the ability to prepare specimen accordingly for testing by medical technologists. Collected blood samples of patients of age group from child to old age with any collection device. Called/faxed critical results to Providers. Performed start up and maintenance procedures on analyzers used to produce accurate results for the diagnosis of and treatment of patients. Developed Specimen Collection Manual to include development and maintenance of Test Menu. Notified and documented all critical values or unusual or unexpected results. Experienced in phlebotomy, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment and hospital computer system. Performed kit tests and chemical analysis of body fluids such as blood, urine, and stool. Performed, analyzed, monitored and validated lab tests. Talk to your employees about their pain points, strengths and weaknesses. Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), Technologists (MT) and Specialists. Ensured proper operation of analyzers by calibrating, performing preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting when required. Maintained lab equipment and troubleshot/ resolved instrument problems. Provided physicians, patients, and staff with excellent customer service. Automated and manual CBC analysis on Sysmex-2100 and KX-21. Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) examination Graduate of a bachelor’s or higher degree program in biology, chemistry, or the physical sciences ONLY Required Date Sent Required Date Sent Required Date Sent Required Date Sent You do NOT qualify for the Clinical Laboratory Technologist license without additional education. Utilized Sysmex 2000, Architect CI8200, and Siemens Urinalysis Machine. Performed microscopic testing such as gram stains and KOH testing. If they work for a food and drink manufacturer, they might be testing food and drink samples to detect contamination or ensure quality. Collaborated with medical professionals in all areas to ensure seamless patient care during outpatient visits. Performed type and cross matching on blood for transfusions, maintained proper documentation and inventory of blood products. Performed and recorded Quality Control Procedures as required.
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