The actual process of naming new planets… PSR 1620-26 b is probably the oldest planet of the universe, old enough to defy the traditional astrophysical models. Helium derives its name from Helios, the Greek name for the sun. Mercury – The planet with the second highest temperature in the Solar System and the closest planet to the Sun. Five of the systems are common to both of the Planet Methuselah. As the term is applied to bodies in Earth’s solar system, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) lists eight planets orbiting the Sun. Discovery: 95 new planets! The name “Epsilon Eridani” stands for the parent star, or their “sun,” and it has two probable planets orbiting it: one confirmed (Epsilon Eridani b) another yet unconfirmed (Epsilon Eridani c), making it the closest planetary system at just over 10 light years from the solar system. Planets in the Solar System. Cerium and palladium get their names from Ceres and Pallas, the first two asteroids to be discovered. Scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have discovered 15 new planets orbiting small, cool dwarf stars near our solar system, including one planet that may be habitable. The planet zips around the sun at more than 18 miles per second (29 km per second). 8. The names of new planets - and hints about the role they will play - in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens have been revealed. Shortly after the announcement of the TRAPPIST-1 system, NASA crowdsourced its Twitter followers for possible planet names. using NASA's Kepler telescope Date: February 15, 2018 Key Facts: Ninety-five new exoplanets were discovered beyond our solar system!The planets range in size from mostly rocky super-Earths and fluffy mini-Neptunes to Jupiter-like giants. It’s actually a system of planets, not unlike how we like to call our own solar system. Pluto also was listed as a planet until 2006. ]- Although the element mercury shares its name with the planet Mercury, it’s not named after the planet. One paper (J Steffen et al, 2012) confirms 27 transiting planets in 13 systems; and the other paper (Ji-Wei Xei, 2012) confirms 24 transiting planets in 12 systems. ; Venus – The warmest planet. Discovered by: Andrew Mayo et al. By Sandy Schaefer Nov 27, 2015. Two independent papers have been submitted confirming 41 new transiting planets in 20 multiple planet systems in the Kepler field of view. Earth – The only planet that is known to have life. 0. Names of planets from the Dune series of science fiction novels by American author Frank Herbert (1920 - 1986) SinÅ«s Names of terrestrial bays, coves, fjords or other inlets Undae Gods and goddesses of wind Virgae Gods and goddesses of rain Terrestrial planets. Star Wars 7: New Planet Names Revealed. It has one natural satellite, the Moon. Sometimes called "Earth's twin" because Venus and Earth are very similar. Comment [Mild SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead. Name originates from "Die Erde," the German word for "the … Share Share Tweet Email. This is a list of selected planets. Selenium is named for Selene, the Greek name for the moon.
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