The Program Assistant (Non-Profit) works on projects/matters of limited complexity in a support role. They protect and maintain the company’s status. While WV takes primary responsibility for community Determine personnel, supplies, equipment, and other resources needed for the project. offers free job descriptions, He/she must be open for the things happening. Program Manager Job Description Template We are looking for a Project Manager to be responsible for organizing programs and activities for our organization. Typically reports to a program manager. Help others who are trying to enter into this field. The specific positions an applicant may tout should be tailored to the type of NGO and its primary sphere of work or mission. Member organizations are large and small, secular and faith-based, with a focus on people living in the world’s most poor and Learn how your comment data is processed. A program manager performs various functions to see to the successful completion of assigned projects. Just keep the structure and organization of the description and revise it to reflect the specific duties and requirements of the job for which you are hiring. Ensure that volunteers or staff obtain any necessary passports or other travel documents for overseas projects. Go to temporary & contract jobs . The programme manager is responsible, on behalf of the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO), for delivering change. This is one of the priorities of the job. Interpersonal Skills. The job description example below highlights typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities that program managers carry out in most organizations where they work: Mar 22, 2018 | Government & Public Sector Job Descriptions | 0 comments. They do not ask anything from the government. NGO stands for non-government organizations. For example, a project manager for an environmental advocacy organization should immerse himself or herself in a curriculum and work that involves environmental protection. Designs programs that align with the organization's mission and support the organization's goals. These are organizations built by legal and authorized people that are independent to the government. Educational Requirements of a NGO Manager. An NGO Project Manager spends his/her time working in the office. Organizations that concentrate on particular countries or regions may prefer applicants who have lived or worked in the country or region. Job Description. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) take the form of corporations and unincorporated associations. In his/her hands depends if the projects are approved or rejected. Every day you mingle with so many people and problems. JOB DESCRIPTION Position name: Program Manager (HoC) COVID19 situation: As of the publication date, there are about 291 cases of COVID19 in Mongolia, according to government sources. If the trend is upward or progressive, they make sure that they will maintain it. You must have the passion of serving people and the company you will be working for. To be a Program Assistant (Non-Profit) typically requires 0-2 years of related experience. Develop, regularly update, and carry out volunteer orientation for all new volunteers. Sightsavers, an international development organization that promotes the prevention and cure of avoidable blindness, and promotes equality and opportunity for disabled people, seeks to recruit a mature experienced, self driven, dynamic and result oriented Program Manager, who is keen to develop a career in a dynamic organisation and … The role requires effective co-ordination of the programme’s projects and management of their inter-dependencies including oversight of any risks and issues arising. South African Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust (SA.MAST) is a nonprofit organisation registered as a Trust and Public Benefit Organisation with a mission to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens born into communities that are unable to support and care for them, by providing a free sterilisation service to the residents of those communities. For example, those in humanitarian organizations should have prior experience as a relief or aid worker. Produces program performance reports and invoices in accordance with agency rules and contract requirements. 15. He/she should also be able to accept and apply new technologies for their work. Everybody in the company relies and believes in him/her. They are all used to present plans, reasons for the project, and benefits. Monitor progress of project stages and determine and implement any necessary changes. While specific missions vary, NGOs generally assist, bring relief to, and advocate for those facing poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, unemployment and other barriers to a solid quality of life. Call one of our specialist consultants for a confidential discussion. and career advice. The position may be based in East Africa or the USA and is expected to require up to 40% travel. Looking for a position in the not-for-profit sector? NGO Partnership Manager. Every business or organization needs someone who can think of activities or projects that can be used for their development. Analytical Skills. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Hagar International in Vietnam, an international NGO based in Hanoi, invites applications from interested and experienced Vietnamese candidates for the following position. This profession needs a person who is good in leading members and company. All information is kept anonymous. Identify activities, timeline, and order for completion of the project. ... search our job listings and apply. Project managers of humanitarian efforts may have to locate in foreign countries or remote areas for extended weeks and months. Program Manager job description This Program Manager job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Analyzing program risks. Given the nature of NGOs, the project manager must The major and curriculum will turn in many instances on the organization and its mission. An NGO Project Manager is required to learn and understand an issue directly. Given the nature of NGOs, the project manager must expend more time and effort in convincing donors and other stakeholders of the merits of the project and procuring donations. Qualification : Post Graduate Diploma In Rural Management/ Social Work, Social Science. NGO Project Manager Job Description. Like their for-profit company and governmental agency counterparts, directors and managers of NGOs must understand the value of planning strategically and monitoring and evaluating outcomes with an eye on concrete objectives. POSITION DESCRIPTION Project Manager – Job Description – December 2014 Page 1 of 4 World Vision International Nepal ... It’s program aims to ... (e.g. As well as talents in analysis, relating to many interest holders, and managing workers. The interests of stakeholders often differ and may come into conflict. A work history in marketing or communications demonstrates the ability to promote projects to donors or to government bodies from whom the NGO might seek funding. Directors and managers of international NGOs must be able to successfully: 1. While both fields involve allocation and direction of workers and resources, the jobs differ by scope. Required fields are marked *. Prospective NGOs should also have some foreign language experience and take classes that cover international affairs or cultures. Record data on project work, such as expenditures, time to complete tasks, attendance at events and people served. SIF seeks a full-time NGO Program Coordinator for the Iniciativa para promover la autonomía económica de las mujeres sobrevivientes … An NGO Project Manager serves as a leader and mentor to the team members of the company. As well as the needs or views of the people being helped or donors solicited to support the project. Develop and maintain volunteer records, training curriculum, training checklists, and manuals as necessary. NGO program directors and managers must possess knowledge in key areas of management, from setting and implementing strategies to marketing and fundraising. The Global CCS Institute Objective. The success and progress of the company depends on the move and decisions of the NGO Project Manager. Copyright 2020. The Program Manager will report to the President/CEO of Grounds for Health and work closely with the Clinical Director, Administrative Manager and Vice President for Development and Communications. Position: Fundraising Assistant Reporting to: Director Objective: To provide assistance An NGO Project Manager is responsible in planning, implementing and finalizing the projects and activities in accordance of their members. An NGO Project Manager is working overtime especially when the deadline of the projects are required a day after. An NGO Project Manager must have good communication skills in order to provide good decision for the team. Engage other agencies, businesses, donors, and stakeholders to financially support and publicize project or initiative. Every work and decision must be supervised by the NGO Project Manager. They are also responsible for balancing and accounting budget for the project they are going to make. The role is crucial for creati… NGO project managers need skills in communicating clearly, crafting statements carefully, answer questions or otherwise inform the public and others about projects or the NGO. They usually work in teams. In most cases, the programme manager will work full-time on the programme. A project manager oversees a particular set of activities with often a short-term objective such as the development of a single product. Sample Job Description: Project Manager Job Title: Project Manager Location: (City/Town) Date of Joining: April 2010 Reporting to: Director Summary: The organization is currently implementing a project on community-based healthcare with the support of the (donor) and it is seeking Proven experience in program management. An NGO manager or director is someone in a management or leadership position in a non-government organization. In order to post a job announcement on this page, members of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre can simply send email to [email protected]. They think of plans and ideas they can suggest with other team members regarding a certain project. Use a subject line that describes the job, such as "Vacancy for IT advisor", and include a short description of the job in the email body. NGO has members who are responsible for this. In contrast to the operations/administrative-focused nonprofit chief operating officer, some COOs are responsible primarily for programs, while the ED, the chief financial officer, or another senior executive oversees the more administrative functions. Reports to: Programme Director Organisation: SOS Children’s Village Programme Location: SOS Children’s Village Kakiri Job Background: The Operations Manager is responsible for the day to day administration of the facilities at Kakiri project location. Many of these managers come from the business or government ranks, especially where they have overseen staffs, departments or projects. Years of Experience : 7 -10 Years of experience in a reputed NGO or similar organization at a managerial level. But if the trend is upward or the company is experiencing difficulties, it’s the time that they have to double time working it. Reporting. As a result, the availability of project manager openings will depend upon available funds. 182 Ngo Manager jobs available on Recent successes. Report project progress and results to Board of Directors or. They also participate in seminars in other country for some purposes. Many NGOs seek project managers who have served in the organizations’ field of work. To be specific a graduate which course is related to business like accounting, business administration and more. A NGO Project Manager must also be good in analyzing things. Travel constitutes a significant part of the NGO project manager job description. They are required to possess some knowledge regarding the work as a NGO worker, understand the organizations/ policies and other issues, resolve any problem and can handle the responsibility in carrying out the tasks and roles of being a NGO Manager. Technological Skills. Also, NGO project managers must interpret data on the project. NGO project managers in organizations that advocate for sustainable infrastructures or living might earn degrees in physical or earth science, biology or engineering. This sample job description is an illustration of a program focused chief operating officer. Bachelor degree or master degree in business or related field. Project Manager / Program Manager. Working on strategy with the team. Find jobs > Looking for staff? An NGO Project Manager must be computer literate. College degrees and work experience furnish managers with the practical skills and knowledge needed to better individuals and the environment. A college education affords NGO project managers the knowledge and skills to manage organizations and their activities. About InterAction: InterAction is the largest U.S. based coalition of international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) with nearly 190 members working around the world in low- and middle-income countries, fragile and post-conflict states, and emerging/growth economies. Zonal Head . Supervise training of project workers on activities to be performed and other aspects of the project. At least 5 years NGO experience is major requirement. Below is a sample job description that can be used as terms of reference for an NGO staff assigned with the responsibility of raising funds for the organization. Often, success stories are told with images and video presentation more than written reports. Programme Manager Job at Sightsavers. Job Description Below is a brief on the roles & responsibilities of this position (Assistant Manager/Manager- Partnerships), but not limited to: The role reports directly to the Senior Manager-Partnerships/Director. Find staff > … Skills in public relations also consist of highlighting the benefits and reasons for the project. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. The tools of an NGO project manager consist heavily of PowerPoint, word processors, publishing software and other applications. In order to be a qualified NGO Project Manager, it is required for a person to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Post now on job … Assist in establishing criteria and measurables for success or completion of the project. Actively monitor accuracy and completeness of data and Counseling Services databases in accordance with agency rules and expectations. Becoming a professional who can advance the organization’s missions requires a firm grasp of advocacy, the issues the organization addresses and the people or areas being helped. Producing accurate and timely reporting of program status throughout its life cycle. Evenings may be spent at meetings before the NGO boards and at events, such as tutoring or feeding, which form part of the project. Job Title: Program Manager II, School Feeding Reports To: Head of Programs Department: Programs Salary Grade: 10 Location: Vientiane, Laos. Starting date: The collaboration will start when Mongolia reopens its borders to Select workers, including paid staff, and volunteers for the project. The non-government organization is run only by these independent people. Typically requires a bachelor's degree. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Moreover, interpersonal skills include the ability to report and receive suggestions. And presenting convincing arguments for sometimes controversial stands. The program manager job description shares some similarities with that of a project manager. NGOs depend upon funding from governments, and donations by individuals, foundations, and businesses. It also includes the co-ordination of the new capability for the business to enable effective change and realisation of projected benefits. Create a vision that is si… Almost all the time they are sitting and thinking. Every business or organization needs someone who can think of activities or projects that can be used for their development. As well as concerns and other comments from project volunteers and workers, supervisors, directors and members of the NGO. They negotiate with the other members for their concerns and ideas, and also to the clients. Every day NGO Project managers deal with people, presentations and meetings. As with their counterparts in business or construction, NGO project managers oversee a project from its genesis to completion. He/she supports the Programme Director by taking care of operational support duties. This program manager sample job description can help you create a job posting that will attract top candidates and turn them into applicants. 16. Project management requires analytical skills to assess the scope, the resources needed and the success of the project. NGO Recruitment has the ability to find the best available people. Mongolia was one of the first countries to close its borders, in early March. An NGO Project Manager is a multitasking job. NGO stands for non-government organizations. The NGO project manager job description entails that this professional must be able to respond effectively and with acknowledgment on the stakeholders’ numbers and the NGO project. This article will provide a brief summary of the NGO project manager job description. The job duties of an NGO project manager involve public speaking and communication skills. Work is closely managed. Well-recognized and long-standing NGOs afford the best opportunities for candidates since these organizations have cultivated the trust and prominence needed for sustained financial support. Finance Manager and Administration Looking for jobs? Before implementing plans for the company, an NGO Project Manager must be consulted first. Program Manager Job Description Example/Template. As well as narratives about the purposes of the project and those helped. You will be tasked with developing programs to support the organization's strategic direction, … If possible use website hyperlinks rather than attaching documents. Qualifications for a Program Manager. The NGO partners are contracted to deliver some of the activities as part of the ADP. As a general rule, NGO project managers must have a bachelor’s degree. company profiles, company reviews, salary information Must be physically healthy in order to maintain and pursue the job. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Copyright © 2016 - 2019 - All rights reserved * Job Descriptions HUB. They must secure that the clients are still interested to work with them. Also, NGO project managers should be able to lead staff and volunteers in telling influential and moving stories about those benefiting from a project. About CRS Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. Apply online for the Program Manager vacancy at Anonymous Employer in Rest of Nigeria today. The health of the economy and the popularity of the organization or its social and political stands can spur or stunt donations and funds. As with their counterparts in business or construction, NGO project managers oversee a project from its genesis to completion. Program Manager (Non-Profit) manages a team that coordinates programs for a non-profit organization. They use computer in making their job appropriate and faster. Finally, NGO project managers rely on their management, technological and persuasive skills to spark interest in the organization’s goals and projects. They will take on the same type of roles that those in a government agency would have, taking care of various responsibilities that directly affect the future of the company. They are in charge of checking the development of the company by checking reports, proposals, presentations and documentations. Those with a business administration or business management degree, coupled with experience with NGOs, can also attract these organizations seeking people to fit their NGO project manager job description. Key Responsibilities: Other helpful jobs, whether paid or as a volunteer, including grant writing, construction in remote areas, distribution of relief supplies, and counseling. The approach of deadlines may necessitate overtime, late hours or weekends. When they have clients already, a NGO Project Manager is the one who updates them. And the appetite of donors and the organizations for projects. You must have good experience in this field. An NGO Project Manager analyzes the projects. Job Title/ Designation. It takes a lot of criteria for one to become a NGO Manager. Browse our recent successes, from board chairs, C-Suite executives and fundraising directors, to lawyers, lobbyists, HR managers, disability case managers and a complete range of finance and administration roles. Apply to Partnership Manager, Program Officer, Project Consultant and more! How much you earned, who your employer was, how much education was required or anything that pertains to this career. However, familiarity with and dedication to the cause and those to be helped are characteristics of the NGO project manager job description. Education-based NGOs may seek teachers, especially those who have taught in rural schools, “disadvantaged” or “troubled” schools or in remote areas. Sign up for similar job alerts. While in a healthcare nonprofit, preferred majors may include biology, public health or health administration. ... Job Description. Other helpful majors include sociology, psychology, and social services. Tell us about your experience as a NGO Project Manager . These are organizations built by legal and authorized people that are independent to the government. These courses can help when applying for this position. Volunteer Program Manager, Job Description 08/16 M Train volunteers and/or ensure that training is received from other staff as needed. Atlantic Street Center – Job Description JD - Behavioral Health Program Manager Page 2 of 2 14. Or working on a team that publicizes the organizations’ humanitarian efforts or involvement with charities or donation drives. Government & Public Sector Job Descriptions. Public Relations Skills. NGO project managers also need skills in using social media in order to post videos and images. JOB DESCRIPTION . To accomplish their goals, NGOs turn to project managers to guide their activities and initiatives. NGO project managers often work in excess of traditional daytime hours and weekdays. The advantages and disadvantages of implementing it. They are called the NGO Project Manager. VDCs, DEO, DPHO), and NGO partners.
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