The series ran through Wolverine #66–72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1 on September 9, 2009. It has, at times, chosen a host to live within, granting the vessel nigh-omnipotent power. Awesome Art: The entire story is done by Steve McNiven, so this is a given. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The youngest member of the original X-Men. A deadly killer for hire capable of using practically anything as a lethal projectile weapon with flawless accuracy and deadly force. After Logan and Danielle Cage rescued Bruce Banner Jr., they got chased by the Sabretooth clones until Danielle picked up Mjolnir and became the new Thor. After combing through the book and subsequent ongoing series these are the ones that I can confirm. The bouncing and dwarfish dynamo of Alpha Flight, the good natured Puck is the heart and soul of the team. The Hulk's future counterpart, a true tyrant in every sense. Logan is at his most powerful when fighting champions Bleed-reliant Champions, such as Black Panther and Gamora, as his Regeneration closes their wounds quickly, and allows him to heal up. In a future where mutants are nearly extinct, an elderly and weary Logan leads a quiet life. [15], Logan uses Black Butcher's workshop to prepare. Starter Villain: The main universe's version is the first "villain" Logan fights in the main Marvel Universe. Logan wakes up in the dungeon, along with the Howling Commandos. He had recently joined Psylocke and Storms' Uncanny X-Force but has now returned to Alpha Flight working in space. Dr. Stephen Strange was once a gifted but egotistical surgeon who sought out the Ancient One to heal his hands after they were wounded in a car accident. Logan begins his search by going to Jubilee's apartment, only to find her infant son, Shogo, by himself. With the movie Logan featuring an aged Wolverine, you may have heard talk of the Old Man Logan comic book. This combo denies such Champions much of their overall offensive power. When Logan was captured by cannibals operating in the Ozarks, he is saved by Danielle Cage and Bruce Banner Jr. who inform him that a lot of villains like the Punisher Gang are looking for him after what he did to Red Skull and Hulk. Most recently, she re-gained her pyrotechnic abilities and was turned back into a mutant when Quentin Quire sacrificed his Phoenix shard to save her life and revert her powers back. Hearing about what Logan did, Hawkeye followed Logan to his timeline and helped to fight the Hulk Gang. Jubilee is a long-time member of the X-Men and serves as a teacher to Generation X, a group of teenage mutants living at the Xavier Institute. He is then ambushed by a ninja clan, the Silent Order. Sohei calls Logan's bluff, but knows that Yuriko is more than willing to murder a helpless child. Following the deaths of most of the world's superheroes, Bruce Banner chose to inter-breed with one woman who would not be poi… The wife of Wolverine (Old Man Logan) and mother of his children. Logan convinces the young boy to read his mind, assuring the Monk that Logan's future will never likely come true. He tries to convince her to throw him out of the Deadlands when the zombies find them. [24], Logan goes to a bar in Tokyo as Patch, where he meets Eito, a minor crimelord. This Logan's life was originally presumed to be identical to that of the primary iteration of the Wolverine; however, there have since been notable revelations to contradict this erroneous assumption, such as the fact that he recalled fighting in the War of 1812; meanwhile, the Logan of Earth-616 was allegedly born … Logan encourages her to fight back just before Man-Thing and Orrgo break in to free everyone. [23], Logan returns to X-Haven where he has a nightmare about the villain uprising which quickly alerts Jean. [19] Logan catches the X-Men's attention when confronted by Cerebra. Usually channeling this energy into concussive force blasts, he is visually distinctive for the ruby quartz visor he wears to control his devastating power. Unable to locate his teammates, Logan slaughtered the attackers to ensure the safety of the mutant children. The two then snuck back onto the station. Tomi Shishido is a mutant extremist that formed the "Dawn of the White Light" cult. All Series. Now free from his control, Jubilee throws Dracula towards Logan, who then impales him. He is wounded multiple times, but Logan defeats Deathstrike. Although he tells Rogers what he had experienced in his timeline, Logan declines Rogers' offer of help. Gifted with the power to control the elemental forces and energies that govern the weather, ranging from the nervous system and elements present within living beings to planetary atmospheres and the depths of space, Ororo Munroe also known as Storm or The Hadari Yao is an Omega Level Mutant and Wakandan goddess, solidifying her place as one of the strongest members of the X-men and one of the most powerful beings on Earth. Angry, she attacks both the X-Men and the Horsemen with a lightning bolt and then looks for Logan through the domain. [8] He seeks out and slaughters the Hulk's grandchildren Beau, Bobbie-Jo, Charlie, Elrod, Eustace, Luke, Otis, Rufus and Woody before encountering Old Man Banner himself who displays monstrous strength, even in his human form. Earth-807128. Showing 20 of 50 Results. After a failed mission left him encased in ice for decades, he was found and revived by the Avengers. Logan immediately attacks them, cutting off one man's hand despite them denying that they knew who Mysterio is. Later, Logan spends time with Jubilee and Shogo over dinner. After Wolverine threatened to have Logan thrown in jail if Honey Badger is harmed again, Logan quoted to Honey Badger that he will come after her if Wolverine is harmed. He mentions alledgedly that years of gamma exposure had negative effects on his psyche, causing him to become progressively more and more villainous. [37] This experiment led to the creation of Weapon H.[38], Logan later went on the trail of the Regenix drug which took him to Ikebukuro where he fought the head of the operation and the Crazy Thunder Gang. She murders Kingpin and reveals her intention to seize his territory of Hammer Falls (formerly Las Vegas). Gifted with the power to control the elemental forces and energies that govern the weather, … [21] The time-displaced Jean Grey of the past convinces Logan to change his mind and promises to stop him from killing the X-Men again. As the Reavers massacre the town, Logan singlehandedly kills them all and confronts Lady Deathstrike before saving Maureen. Dracula threatens to kill Jubilee as Logan approaches him. Logan attempts to bribe him for information on Lady Deathstrike's whereabouts, but the meeting turns out to be a ruse. A long-time member of Alpha Flight, Walter Langkowski has the ability to transform at will into the fearsome and powerful Sasquatch. The Reavers arrive at Killhorn Falls with Lady Deathstrike and attempt to hunt down Logan. DoFP Logan is an old man version of Logan. Known as Wolverine's true love, she was mercy killed by him after she was poisoned. Robert Bruce Banner Jr. is the son of The Incredible Hulk, the adopted stepson of The Hooded Man and is Second-in-Command of The New Defenders. Ulysses Cain's vision stated that Logan would kill X-23's clone Honey Badger. Logan is overwhelmed by the horde of ninjas, so he has no choice but to free Lady Deathstrike. Puck warns Logan about the "Warlord of the Wastelands" just before Kang reveals himself. This insane and epic moment comes in Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #3, from writer Declan Shalvey with art by Mike Henderson. When she is near the domain's walls, Logan climbs it and attacks her from behind. He is later seen gardening with Gaia, who is now pregnant with his child.[46]. Though he made a subsequent suicide attempt by allowing a freight train to run him over, Logan could not actually kill himself, but had effectively killed "Wolverine".[7]. It will be difficult for fans of Wolverine who don't know the story behind Marvel Comics' Old Man Logan to truly appreciate the build-up. Originally a standalone (and I know this is a DC term but it’s fitting) “Elseworlds”-type story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven from 2008-09, the character and world was revisited in a Brian Bendis-written miniseries during last year’s Secret Wars and now it’s an ongoing. Dead Man Logan #11: 18 Sep 2019 Dead Man Logan #12: 30 Oct 2019 none scheduled Published monthly or twice monthly. Old Man Logan actually debuted as a character in Mark Millar's run on Fantastic Four, which featured characters who are heavily implied to be the aged Wolverine and Bruce Banner Jr. as an adult. While on the way back to meet with Danielle Cage, Logan witnesses the head of an Ultron Sentinel fall from above. They are confronted by the Warlord, who is revealed to be a fully grown Bruce Banner Jr. As the Warlord beats Logan, Puck urges him to remember what has happened. He takes shelter inside a cave where he finds an uninfected She-Hulk who has been there for a long time. Mysterio subsequently faked his death after Logan and the Avengers defeated Neo-HYDRA. After burying Logan with his family, Danielle Cage, now acting as the new Thor, Bruce Banner Jr. as the new Hulk, and Dwight Barrett as the new Ant-Man, formed a new incarnation of the Avengers and vow to keep fighting the opposition until they can find a place they can call home. The sight reminds Logan to enjoy life, rather than brood over his own past ghosts. Logan and Puck were discovered by the Brood, forcing them to fight. 's database. Logan is taken to Stark Tower by Baron Stark and Grand Marshal Rhodes, the Thor of that domain. Just as Logan attempts to confront Sohei, he is telekinetically assaulted by his unwitting enforcer, a mutant child called the Silent Monk, whose older self Logan had killed in his timeline. Old Man Logan is the best Wolverine story bar none. Logan realizes that if and when the villain uprising comes, he will not need to face it alone. Daughter of Wolverine & Maureen Logan. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Adds Old Man Logan Skin. He ends up fighting Rhodes, but is defeated and sent to the Deadlands as punishment for breaking Doom's laws. What happened to Red Skull and the Hulk Gang caused a power vacuum in the Wastelands. Stephen Merchant as Caliban 6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order adds a new free costume update that includes the popular Old Man Logan character. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. agents. An old foe of Spider-Man, Mysterio is the main reason Wolverine is pushed into his unhappy predicament at the start of the story. Old Man Logan is an alternative version of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. [32], During the "Inhumans vs. X-Men" storyline, Inferno and Iso escape through Eldrac to get away from Wolverine, only to end up running into Logan. Elizabeth Rodriguez as Gabriela Lopez 8. He was saved by Wolverine (X-23) before he can be eaten by Fin Fang Foom. He saw Logan’s powers first hand — … When Logan and Silver Samurai attack the Hand's Regenix operations, Silver Samurai fought Gorgon while Logan fought the Hand Ninjas to confront Mariko. Logan. Dr Michael Twoyoungmen is a powerful shaman and a founding member of Alpha Flight. But Old Man Logan is a distinct version of the character from a different dystopian future. Sohei agrees to their demands, just as the Silent Monk regains consciousness and lashes out. Logan then sets out to hunt down Kang down and rescue the baby. Biography On the night that the heroes fell and the villains gained control, Wolverine was at the X-Mansion with Jubilee receiving an emergency signal from the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Wakanda, and everywhere else. Afterwards, Logan and Mariko sent Silver Samurai to destroy the Regenix shipments in Madripoor. Forge's lair was attacked by Sabretooth and his clones. He is not sure how he has been relocated, but he knows he is in the past. Enraged, the Thor attacks him with another lightning bolt and lets him fall into the neighboring domain of Technopolis, as she is attacked by Apocalypse's Infinite Soldiers. Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X 3. Superheroes have been wiped out of existence, with the few survivors in hiding. Jean telepathically assaults Logan by forcing him to relive his greatest crimes and failures. [18], Logan later appears in Extraordinary X-Men where he decides to remain under the radar, believing his destiny was to kill the X-Men and determined to try anything to avoid it. Jean shuts down the Brood hive mind, freeing everyone from its control. [10], When Logan trespasses upon its borders, he is approached by an unidentified Thor of the Thor Corps. Writer Jeff Lemire has put the once—and future?—Wolverine through his paces in OLD MAN LOGAN issue-after-issue, and crafted quite an adventure in the process. With Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook. It was discovered that the members were under Mesmero's control on behalf of Lydia Nance. A now pacifist Logan lives with his new family in "Hulkland" (formerly, The Abomination's Territory, formerly California) where the inbred children of a Face Heel Turn Hulk are the lords of the land. They rescue Ashley Barton (who seems to be an aspiring Spider-Girl) from the clutches of the new Kingpin. He is attacked by Sohei and the rest of the Silent Order. For other variations, see Wolverine. Manipulated into taking down the X-Men, the villains broke Wolverine's spirit leaving him alive in a world dominated by evil. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Obsidian Portal allows you to create campaign websites for tabletop roleplaying games. Quincy Fouse as Nate Munson 11. Logan was then attacked by Sasquatch and Abigail Brand, who had been converted into Brood drones. After subduing the guards, Logan is confronted by Spider-Man, whom he distracts by freeing some of the inmates. Logan regained consciousness aboard the Alpha Flight Squadron Jet, piloted by Puck, who had saved him. Needing money to pay rent to his landlords the Hulk Gang (the incestuous hillbilly grandchildren of the Hulk and his first cousin She-Hulk), Logan accepts a job from a blind Clint Barton to help him travel east to the capital of New Babylon and deliver a secret package (which Logan assumes to be drugs). This results in Logan finally unleashing his claws. Elise Neal as a Kathryn Munson 10. They shoot and kill Logan and Barton. Soon after arriving, Logan encounters the Howling Commandos who mistake him for a vampire and attack him. Millar, Mark (w), McNiven, Steve (p), Vines, Dexter (i). Agents. Logan later leads the superhero population of the Kingdom of Manhattan in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom. A horrified Kate tries to stop him, but Logan quickly neutralizes her as the two men escape. After evading the police, Logan goes to Hawkeye's apartment in Brooklyn to ask for his help, but he finds Kate Bishop. He possesses the intelligence that is equal to or greater than Bruce Banner, while also possessing enhanced power that is greater than that of the Hulk. Logan goes back to his old house looking for Dani Cage and Bruce Banner Jr. only to find it seemingly abandoned. Before he kills Eito, Logan interrogates him and learns that Lady Deathstrike is in a remote village. They were later revived. Old Man Logan is an alternate-universe version of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine and X-24 1. After the Brotherhood of Mutants was defeated, the X-Men track down Lydia Nance and state that they will come for her if she tries anything against them again. Sienna Novikov (stunts) 2. Disambiguation Pages. The young boy then realizes that Sohei has been manipulating him and subdues Sohei and the remaining Silent Order ninjas. Andrea Sorrentino. The Phoenix has had various hosts, but the most well known and frequent host is the mortal mutant Jean Grey. Old Man Logan debuted in his solo series during the 2015 Secret Wars storyline,[2] written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Andrea Sorrentino. Old Man Logan (2016 - 2018) Old Man Logan (2016 - 2018) Sort & Filter . When Logan was subdued, Gorgon ordered Scarlet Samurai to remove her helmet as Logan discovered that Scarlet Samurai is the resurrected Mariko Yashida who hesitated to attack Logan enabling him and Asami to get away. Directed by James Mangold. Wolverine: Old Man Logan started as an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics in June 2008. Death of the Invisible Woman. But he always returns, ready to face any threat. A powerful cosmic entity, an immortal being representing the Life-Death-Rebirth cycle, all current and future life, and is the nexus of all psychic energy ever to have existed, to exist or will exist. She attacks Logan with a lightning bolt for breaking Doctor Doom's laws, falling into the Domain of Apocalypse in the process. 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[14], Logan awakens on Earth-616 in New York City. During World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Once Logan succeeds in climbing out of the well, he sees he is in a temple and Lady Deathstrike is in a cage. [45], Old Man Logan and Bruce Banner Jr. are briefly featured during a scene when the new Defenders, led by an older Susan Storm, travels back in time to use cosmic energy to restore their world. Logan travels there, noting that it is where he and Maureen had attempted to find refuge in his past. His story takes place in a universe which used to be identical to Earth-616. After being directed to Touku Kenmochi, he learns that he has died and meets with his widow Asami where she stated that Touku was coerced into bringing the Regenix samples to the Crazy Thunder Gang. The Commandos attack Dracula's castle while Logan sneaks in, but are subdued by his army, led by Vampire by Night, who is under Dracula's control. Little to nothing is known of this version of Hulk's backstory, but presumably he had an origin similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Old Man Logan Is a mod character from the game. Logan leaves the baby in Cerebra's care before telling her to teleport him to wherever Jubilee was last located, which is Romania. [22] When Logan searches for Maureen's missing dog, he discovers its corpse which was killed by the Reavers. Logan easily kills him. Upon arriving, Logan discovers that, in his absence, the Hulk Gang murdered his family and left the bodies unburied. [4], Logan and Hawkeye encounter several diversions on their journey. His neighbor, Abraham Donovan, states that Logan's family was killed when the Hulk Gang got tired of waiting for their payment. As you may or may not have heard, the upcoming 'Logan' film is loosely inspired by the storyline 'Old Man Logan', a comic that Hugh Jackman had been hoping to adapt for years. Kang claims to have taken the baby in order to prevent the Warlord's rise to power, confusing Logan. After finding a safe place to regroup, the hull was ripped open, causing Logan to be pulled into space. The X-Man formerly known as the Wolverine and a physically- enhanced mutant with accelerated... Jackman also plays X-24, a feral younger clone of Wolverine, loyal only to his creator Zander Rice. Oct 14, 2020 - Explore Dean Edwards's board "Old man logan", followed by 818 people on Pinterest. Cerebra was created by Forge from old parts of a sentinel. The first X-Man, Scott Summers possesses the mutant ability to draw ambient energy from another dimension through his eyes, which are actually portals to said dimension. [9], When the Multiverse was destroyed and Battleworld was created, a different version from an altered universe version of "Old Man Logan" called Earth-21923[a] is reborn on the Battleworld domain called the Wastelands, a re-creation of his native reality with his memories still intact, although he does not know how he arrived in Battleworld. Already healed from the burns caused by the Thor's attack, Logan is attacked by Victor Creed (who is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse) and his soldiers, but Logan is rescued by the X-Men and taken to their hideout, where they are attacked by Apocalypse and his other Horsemen. After a brief scuffle, Orrgo grabs Dracula and exposes him to the sun. It is revealed that the X-Men came to help, but were converted by the Brood and that Logan's experiences in the Wastelands were an illusion created by Jean Grey. So, yeah. She tells him that Bruce has been kidnapped by Kang the Conqueror. The series ran through Wolverine #66–72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan #1 on September 9, 2009. Logan then hears a noise and finds Dani bound and gagged in the closet. When they arrive, they find a man named Eddie and his unnamed partner there. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Maestro. The United States and the world of Earth-807128 has been conquered and divided among supervillains, with territories belonging to the Abomination (later conquered by the Hulk), Magneto (later conquered by a new Kingpin), Doctor Doom, and the Red Skull, who has named himself President of the United States. The Brood then inexplicably disappeared. Dracula has been psychically calling all vampires to his castle which, Logan deduces, must include Jubilee. It soon became critically and fan acclaimed and is now deemed a modern classic. Richard E. Grant as Dr. Zander Rice 7. We've seen human heroes, and mutants of the Marvel Universe become old and continue with their jobs, and we know of a… Wishing to investigate further, he brings it along with him back home, where Bruce Jr. and Danielle also reside. He hears on the radio that the Hulk is in Manhattan. The movie isn’t a direct adaption of this comic by any means, but rather a … Wolverine is the titular main protagonist from the event Old Man Logan. A technological prodigy he makes up for his lack of mutant abilities with a self created set of armor that replicates his fathers abilities. The world knows him best as Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman. Jean Grey was one of the five original X-Men. Cheramie Martin (body double) 4. 1. Logan then threatens to kill the young mutant unless Sohei releases he and Yuriko. Logan fights Dracula as his healing factor fights off the vampirism. [35], During the "RessurXion" storyline, Logan is seen as a member of Kitty Pryde's new Gold Team of X-Men as they fight Mesmero's incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants. [40], After defeating an alternate version of the Maestro, Logan recognized that he was dying of old age, now relying on regenix to supplement his failing healing factor. Browse the Marvel comic series Old Man Logan (2016 - 2018). They then get chased by a Venom symbiote-infused dinosaur (imported from the Savage Land), but they are rescued and teleported by the White Queen and Black Bolt. Crosses the Line Twice: Red Skull's … Hawkeye. Subsequently, Logan finds himself in a new world. It is here where Crossbones, and the rest of the villains with him, killed Wonder Man before Crossbones was stepped on by Giant-Man who also crushes Vulture with his hand. He survived the great apocalyptic war and proceeded to kill the remaining heroes and villains that dared to oppose him. He managed to kill the Brood drones that attacked him and proceeded to look for Alpha Flight, only to find most of them encased in cocoons. The Old Man lived alone with his cats in the ruins outside the City of Domes. Hugh Jackman as Logan: In his Hulk form, Banner easily defeats Logan and then consumes him. [17], After gaining Logan's trust and bringing him to Alberta, Canada, Rogers reassures Logan that this is not his past by showing him the adamantium-coated corpse of his younger self. [11], The battle that ensues is intervened by the Thor who attacked Logan earlier and as she argues with Apocalypse, Logan flees and hides. Comic Vine users. The Thor then demands to know to where he had run, but no one answers. Old Man Logan is published by Marvel Comics. Logan chases them, but he is stopped by the arrival of Commander Steve Rogers. [19], After taking a momentary leave, Logan decides to head to the old Weapon X facility where he initially met Maureen. Bruce Jr. leaves his adoptive father in anger as Logan is eventually found by Archangel, who evaded being killed by the villains. [12], Due to his healing factor, Logan succeeds in fighting through hordes of zombies in the Deadlands. In that movie, a man who knew Logan in 1945, Ichiro Yashida, has become a powerful industrialist in the 2010s. A long-lived mutant with the rage of a beast and the soul of a Samurai, James "Logan" Howlett's once mysterious past is filled with ... Maureen Logan. He resists the attack and kills the parasite controlling Jean. Afterwards, Logan finds himself in the Battleworld domain called the Kingdom of Manhattan. He also vows to take out those who would orchestrate the villain uprising. Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Dead Man Logan #6 It's been a reunion years in the making, but now that Wolverine has met his future self, Old Man Logan, it's hard to imagine them meeting face to face in a more perfect way.. Later joining their ranks and eventually becoming the team's leader. After having declared to set his world right, Logan disrupts a poker game between the Gladiator and his Flying Devils, and he ends their human trafficking ring by killing them, freeing those imprisoned. Films. Realizing that he failed to protect Maureen from the chaos, Logan decides to hunt down Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine: Old Man Logan started as an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, published by Marvel Comics in June 2008. Afterwards, Asmodeus begins to help Logan in his mission to rescue Bruce Banner Jr.[29] After reliving each moment, Logan finally arrives in the current time, where he finds that the remainder of the Hulk Gang are now working for an unidentified version of Maestro. [44] Logan would eventually meet his end after killing Sabretooth and Mister Sinister, weakly affirming that his healing factor has finally worn out and he just exhausted his final vial of Regenix. It has the power to create or destroy anything, or everything. Hopefully I'm not the only one, but I've found my self really curious as to how each hero was defeated and killed during the "Night The Heroes Fell" referenced in Old Man Logan. In a desperate attempt to save Logan's life, She-Hulk grabs him and jumps as high as she can to throw him out of the Deadlands as he had suggested, ultimately sacrificing her own life to do so. After a fight with the Tranquility Temple that tried to kill him and Bruce Banner Jr., Logan drove his group to the Badlands where they met with Forge and Dwight Barrett. Logan 5 and Jessica 6 met the Old Man when they left the city to search for Sanctuary.Both Logan and Jessica fail to realize they have stumbled into the ruins of Washington DC. His first target is a minor villain named Black Butcher who, in his future, stole Scotty Logan's baseball cap. He is one of the most psychotic and sadistic characters in Marvel and serves as one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes. Eriq La Salle as Will Munson 9. When Wasp was killed after shooting down Hobgoblin, Giant-Man was devoured by the Moloids that emerged from the ground when Avalanche shook the area around Giant-Man. The Vampire King easily beats the weakened Logan, who then passes out. As Jean manages to assure Logan of no invasion, she takes Logan to Madripoor where he is greeted by Puck, Hawkeye, Steve Rogers, and Jubilee. Desperate and left with no options, Logan breaks into the Cellar: a maximum-security super-prison. Without using his claws, he kills Red Skull's men and engages Red Skull himself, eventually decapitating him with Captain America's shield. Instead, the Ancient One trained him to become Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Mysterio is one of Spider-Man's most recurring and dangerous villains, yet in the alternate-reality of Old Man Logan, Mysterio would prove to become Wolverine's most devastating opponent and the main reason Wolverine would give up his decades-long fight against oppression and fear, at least until Hulk decided to force Wolverine to fight as he had grown "bored" of peace. Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce 5. Possessing an accelerated healing factor, keenly enhanced senses and bone claws in each hand (along with his skeleton) that are coated in adamantium; Wolverine is, without question, the ultimate weapon. She previously lost her mutant powers and then was turned into a vampire, adopting a baby boy named Shogo and working alongside the X-Men. Agents to show up to arrest Logan moments after Logan, Wolverine, and Honey Badger defeated the burglars. Logan no longer operates under the 'Wolverine' moniker since killing the X-Men while under the influence of Mysterio's illusions. How did all the heroes die in the Old Man Logan comic? Iso and Inferno manage to defeat Logan and Forge, then flee as they take Forge prisoner. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Introduced as a self-contained story arc within the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, the character became popular with fans. This led to Captain America and the S.H.I.E.L.D. [13], While wandering the city he has not seen in years, Logan meets this domain's Jean Grey and Emma Frost. Just as he lets his guard down, Dracula attacks Logan from behind, biting him. After explaining this new development, he investigates the head's origins. As the last "attacker", Bullseye, was killed, Logan realized that the entire assault was an illusion created by Mysterio and his perceived enemies were actually his fellow X-Men. Beginning in Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's afformenti0ned Wolverine #66, the 'Old Man Logan' arc follows an aged Logan living in a dilapidated part of America dubbed the Wastelands. [33] While Inferno distracts Logan, Iso discovers Forge nearby with a device that the X-Men are planning to use to destroy the Terrigen Cloud. Current price per issue is $3.99. Ulysses learns that the Inhumans left Earth when Tony Stark "pushed her too far". He gained his powers while trying to duplicate the conditions that had created the Hulk, but inadvertently fused his body with the essence of the Great Beast, Tanaraq, instead. Four days later, he awakens in a well and attempts to climb out, but he is shot down by Sohei, the Order's leader. In the Venomverse crossover, this version of Old Man Logan raises Bruce Jr. for 15 years before telling him of his true parentage. But he’s not as old and has only gray hair at the temples versus a full head of gray like OML has. As Dracula taunts them, Jubilee begins resisting his control. Knowing that Logan is seeking Mysterio, Kate accesses the villain's last known whereabouts on S.H.I.E.L.D. The self-proclaimed kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk is one of the most prominent figures of organized crime in the United States. The Wastelands. In the aftermath, Logan resolves to go back to the Wastelands to save baby Bruce. Dafne Keen as Laura 1. This character is an aged version of Wolverine set in an alternate future universe designated Earth-807128, where the supervillains overthrew the superheroes. Logan then enters the cell of Asmodeus, a servant of Satannish and makes him an offer. It is implied that the gamma poisoning in his body had begun to deteriorate his sanity in his old age. In the miniseries, Deadpool and Logan initially have some beef and fight, but they soon come together to save a young mutant teen from being turned into a Living Weapon by the group known as Geneform. Glob was a student at Xavier's mansion and a member of the Omega Gang under the leadership of Quentin Quire. After killing the beast, Logan retraces his steps and remembers receiving a distress call from Puck, who he and the rest of Alpha Flight were trapped in an abandoned space station formerly owned by Reed Richards. After the Death of Wolverine, X-23 took the Wolverine mantle but an Old Man Logan the similar Earth-21923 was brought in to serve as an X-Man and featured in his own ongoing series.[1]. [25], One day at X-Haven, Logan is approached by Cerebra, who informs him of Jubilee's disappearance. Wolverine. Logan This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. [26], Logan awakens in a desert, his memory hazy. The package contains Super-Soldier Formula, enough to form an army, but Barton's clients expose themselves as undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. Dani and Bruce take him back to the graves of his deceased family and he dies looking up into the sun. Somewhat. Final issue is #50, to be followed by the twelve-issue Dead Man Logan. Old Man Logan has ways of dealing with specific Mastery set-ups Old Man Logan actually debuted as a character in Mark Millar's run on Fantastic Four, which featured characters who are heavily implied to be the aged Wolverine and Bruce Banner Jr. as an adult. Cover artist. Logan lives with his wife Maureen and young children Scotty and Jade on a barren plot of land in Sacramento, California, now part of the territory known as Hulkland. [5], They escape a cluster of Moloids who are destroying cities by sinking them from beneath the surface. The village is seemingly abandoned, but he finds Yuriko chained to a wall, begging for his help. Lady Deathstrike throws an arrow into the Silent Monk's thigh, causing him to fall in. After Honey Badger threatened Logan, Wolverine and Honey Badger told Captain America that they are not partaking in the second civil war. Flashbacks reveal that on the night the attack happened, a group of 40 supervillains attacked the X-Mansion. Bobby's control of ice is vast; he can create shields, clones, spikes, slides and also freeze others. [30], During the "Civil War II" storyline, Maria Hill recruited Logan to investigate the missing S.H.I.E.L.D. D&D Beyond Logan recuperates within Banner's stomach and bursts out, killing the Hulk. The Monk transforms into a giant creature as his powers run wild. Mysterio. After going into space and entering said space station via X-Shuttle, Logan found it infested with the Brood. Trained by criminals and inspired by heroes, Clint Barton has grown from a troubled youth into one of the greatest heroes on Earth. This story is continued in an ongoing series with the same name beginning in January 2016,[3] written by Jeff Lemire with Sorrentino returning as artist. When they arrive at the capital, Hawkeye delivers his package to an underground resistance group hoping to begin a new team like the Avengers. Storm. [42] Returning to the Wastelands, Logan engaged the Joseph Manfredi and his henchmen who are allied with Lizard in Florida, the Creel Gang in Georgia, and the Phantom Riders in Nashville, Tennessee. They take him to meet the rest of the X-Men, as well as "his" son Jimmy Hudson. Old Man Logan Characters - Comic Vine. Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them! [28] Asmodeus states to Logan that he would help him in his mission if he picked up some of his things. The Monk has had a vision of his death and tries to kill Logan by throwing him into the well over and over again. After Gorgon got away, Silver Samurai injected nanites into Mariko to break the Hand's control over her. [36], While spending some alone time in the woods as part of the "Weapons of Mutant Destruction" storyline, Logan is attacked by Weapon X cyborgs, forcing him to team up with Sabretooth to confront the current iteration of the organization, whose goal is to hunt mutantkind to extinction. Afterward, he discovers a baby Hulk named Bruce Banner, Jr. A month later, Logan and his neighbors hold a small memorial for Logan's family. Old Man Logan (2015) #3. Shishido ranks among the most skilled swordsmen of the world. Logan then proceeds to decapitate Dracula, freeing his thralls. A former colleague of Doctor Strange turned Satannish worshipper Asmodeus battled the Master of the Mystic Arts on a few occasions. [34], During the "Monsters Unleashed" storyline, Logan is seen fighting Leviathons in Louisiana and receives help from Monstrom. Categories: Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. He was saved by Puck at the last minute and the two escaped through an air vent. While Punisher managed to kill Electro, he was stabbed by Kraven the Hunter. Banner reveals that while the murder of Logan's family was intended as a message to others, he really just wanted to get Logan angry enough to fight him because he had gotten bored with being a "super-villain landlord", like the others. Illegitimate son of Keniuchio Harada, the original Silver Samurai. As she leaves, limping, Logan falls unconscious. With help from the Cambria Banner (A member of the Hulk gang who defected), Logan and Hawkeye of Earth-616 were able to defeat Maestro and the surviving members of the Hulk Gang went their separate ways. Old Man Logan. He has served as a high-ranking official of The Hand and HYDRA. Old Man Logan. Lady Deathstrike is a super-villain in the Marvel Universe and is most commonly associated with Wolverine and the X-Men. Enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical potential and armed with an unbreakable shield, he became Captain America. An omega-level mutant telekinetic and telepath, Jean has gained near limitless powers as a recurrent host of the Phoenix Force. But when Laura, a mutant child pursued by scientists, comes to him for help, he must get her to safety. Logan regains consciousness and soon encounters a hysterical Puck, surrounded by the corpses of Alpha Flight. He grabs a briefcase of money (their intended reward for the delivery) and uses pieces of Iron Man's armor to fly back home. Logan offers to take the Silent Monk to X-Haven, to which he accepts. A long-lived mutant with the rage of a beast and the soul of a Samurai, James "Logan" Howlett's once mysterious past is filled with blood, war and betrayal. True. He finds her, but she is still a child. [6] Logan's body heals, and he awakens in Red Skull's trophy room amongst the armaments and costumes of fallen superheroes. In order to calm Logan, Jean assists Logan's travels to Manhattan where in his timeline, Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight had been killed by Enchantress and Electro. She demands to join Logan on his search. Old Man Logan. A born leader, Cyclops succeeded his mentor Professor X to command the X-Men. Cerebra then teleports Logan and Jean to Connecticut where Pym Falls would be established in Logan's timeline. [31] Ulysses Cain's latest vision has him in the Wastelands where he meets Logan after he saves Ulysses from a Hulk. The X-Men believe Logan to be their late Wolverine. Logan confronts Hulk and after a brief fight, learns that the Hulk in question is actually Amadeus Cho and not Bruce Banner. This destroyed Wolverine emotionally and mentally, and he fled the mansion and wandered away to a train track in shock and shame. [41], After a meeting with his resurrected counterpart, Logan asked Mariko to keep an eye on the version of his future wife in this timeline before he returned to the Wasteland via a time portal created by Forge. Even in death he managed to lure Doctor Strange and his fellow Defenders into Hell. A page for describing YMMV: Old Man Logan. Tracking Sabretooth to a Weapon X facility, Logan and Danielle discovered that the head of the Weapon X facility is Mister Sinister who created the Sabretooth clones and claimed that he orchestrated the villains' rise to power which Red Skull took the credit for. [16], He explains his situation and drops exhausted on Hawkeye's couch, awakening 33 hours later. Logan finds Jubilee who, also under Dracula's control, begs him to save her. [6], Throughout the story it is reiterated that the "Wolverine" persona died the day the villains attacked and that since then, Logan has refused to use his claws (yet is shown in Old Man Logan #14 (2016) using his claws once after this event, albeit briefly, to destroy the Silent Order's leadership). See more ideas about old man logan, wolverine marvel, wolverine. Now calling himself the Hooded Man, Old Man Logan accompanies Gaia back to his original timeline in order to repopulate the now desolate Earth and keep her from going insane from the lack of inhabitants. Afterwards, Logan and Hawkeye returned to Earth-616. Mysterio was recruited by Neo-HYDRA and Miss Sinister when they learned about Logan's history, but Mysterio eventually turned against Neo-HYDRA to aid the Avengers when he learned that Neo-HYDRA intended to kill him once they had won. Logan's search leads him to Niagara Falls, where he is assaulted by some thugs and kicked down a cliff. He is gunned down by Eito's henchmen, but he heals and then slaughters them all. Bobby is an Omega-level mutant, although it took some help from Emma Frost to realize this. Logan discovers that Maestro has rounded up the remaining members of the Hulk Gang in his plan to make a paradise for all Hulks on Earth-616. He decided to set out to return to his original timeline after sorting out a few loose ends in this one, which included eliminating Mysterio so that the villain could never attempt the same feat he accomplished in Logan's past. Old Man Logan Related. Again not assured, Jean and Cerebra teleport Logan to Westchester County, New York where Logan was tricked by Mysterio into killing the X-Men. Filtered by: Reset Filters. He visits Hammer Falls and meets with the dying Emma Frost, and he learns that the head is from beyond the Wastelands, so he begins traveling beyond his domain. Jason Genao as Rictor 12. After healing from his injuries, Logan awakens only to find himself in a totally different domain from the one where he was. He currently teaches at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Old Man is a character in the 1976 feature film Logan's Run.He was played by Peter Ustinov.. About Old Man. ( Earth-807128) Earth-21923. A member of the Avengers for many years, he has left the team on occasion because of team friction. Old Man Logan Is a seven chapter story set in an Alternate Universe/Bad Future where the villains of the Marvel Universe took over the United States and divided it up into territories. With nothing left of his old home, Logan then says he plans to defeat all the new world villains and bring peace to the land—with himself and Bruce Banner, Jr. being the first members of a new group of superheroes—before riding off into the sunset. send you an email once approved. Logan realizes that he is somehow back in the Wastelands, as he is attacked by the Venom T-rex. Scotty Logan. Their conversation is crashed by the Hand Ninjas led by Gorgon and Scarlet Samurai. When the Silver Samurai wanted to ally himself with Logan, he agreed in exchange that he doesn't kill Mariko and that Touku and Asami's child is taken care of. Eddie Davenport (stunts) 2. She lived in a future in which the villains had taken over. Better manage your group and your campaign, and have a better game. Forge unleashed an unstable Speedball from him container who destroyed the Sabretooth clones as Sabretooth made off with Bruce Jr.[43]. He decides to prevent his post-apocalyptic future. Wolverine was there the night that the Super Villians finally defeated the heroes. 50. Logan instructs Cerebra to throw Dracula's head into the sun in order to prevent or at the very least, delay his resurrection. She is known for her many returns from death and as the deceased wife of Cyclops. In 2008 Mark Millar, Steve McNiven and Marvel introduced the world to a very different version of Wolverine, the one of the distant (and alternate) future.Staying alive due to his healing factor, Old Man Logan stars an aged version of Wolverine that lives in a violent wasteland overrun by super-villains. He is the king of mobsters, controlling organized crime on the East Coast with an iron fist. While a similar event happened during the conflict, Honey Badger survived Logan's attack as Logan commented that he killed the X-23 of his world due to his hallucination. [39], Recently, Old Man Logan, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabretooth were captured by a group of anti-mutant terrorists called the Orphans Of X and were all killed, having all their heads blown off by bullets covered in Muramasa metal and their healing factors nullified temporarily, until being rescued by X-23 Wolverine. After Logan and Yuriko manage to kill all of the ninjas, she attempts to kill Sohei, but is cut down by him, causing her to stumble back into the well. [20] Storm wants Logan to rejoin the team, but he declines. [27], Logan seeks help from the foremost experts on time travel and sorcery, including Magik, Beast, Shaman, Cable, Wiccan, Doctor Doom, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange, who all refuse to help him, due to how his plan might affect the timestream. After the misunderstanding is cleared, their leader Warwolf informs Logan of their war with Dracula. ( Earth-21923) Old Man ... Comics.
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