Common courses include developmental psychology, child psychology, introduction to sociology, and abnormal psychology. Some exams in online classes may require proctoring. Grounded in Christian values, UC serves more than 800 online undergraduates and a total student body of more than 11,000. Program Name: Associate of Arts in Psychology School Status: Public Tuition: $77/credit in-district; $87/credit in-state; $200/credit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Phone: (855) 468-6782 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Full-time students typically finish the program in two years. Students may also select face-to-face courses to complete degree requirements. The school holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Program Name: Associate of Arts in Psychology School Status: Private Tuition: $488/credit Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Phone: (800) 553-4150 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Sheridan's online AA in social science requires courses in anthropology, sociology, and psychology. Most schools offer digital libraries, career counseling, video-based office hours, and 24/7 IT assistance. is an advertising-supported site. They may also need a microphone and video chat capabilities. The SJC associate degree requires 24 general education credits in English composition, history, religion, human nature, environmental science, and social science. However, a psychology associate degree creates opportunities for entry-level positions and allows graduates to begin acquiring professional experience. Learners can also explore work-study opportunities, provided that they are enrolled at least part time and remain in good academic standing. Looking for something else? Read more about our Ranking Methodology. Advanced roles that allow professionals to work directly with clients require additional education. Northeast also requires general education courses in science, math, and English. Recommended core courses for the social science major include history, government, sociology, and economics. Online students only pay for tuition, distance learning fees, and textbooks. Psychology course offerings include physiological psychology, abnormal psychology, lifespan development, and human sexuality. The psychology AS includes 30 general education credits in subjects like philosophy, Biblical studies, humanities, math, science, and English. Students without obligations often take more classes per term to graduate early. A psychology associate degree also prepares graduates to become family advocates. Program Name: Associate of Arts Psychology Interpersonal Emphasis School Status: Public Tuition: $165/credit in-county; $330/credit out-of-county; $495/credit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Standardized Tests: Placement tests (may be waived), Phone: (215) 968-8052 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, corrections officers earn a mean annual salary of $49,300, home care aides earn $25,330, human services assistants earn $35,830, and psychiatric aides take home $31,090. Jobs in these settings also provide flexible schedules. MPC holds accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Learners explore a range of psychological and behavioral disorders on a spectrum. CCCC boasts a 68% success rate in online classes. Colleges and universities develop their own curriculum. Casper's AS in psychology requires 32 credits of general education, such as math and English, and 29 credits in the major. SAGU students may earn up to 45 credits for life experience in experiential learning credits. Students take courses on campus one day per week and complete all remaining requirements online. Graduates of online associate programs in psychology can pursue careers in corrections, home care, and human services. ), A broad understanding of child psychology and development, Students learn how early childhood events can affect adult psychology, Familiarity with types of abnormal psychology, A better understanding of those suffering from psychological illness, An understanding of various personality disorders and their characteristics, Awareness of a range of personality types, © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. Required psychology courses include research methods, developmental psychology, social psychology, and abnormal psychology. With campuses in Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, LCCC offers 85 associate degree programs and serves more than 6,000 students annually. Program Name: Associate Degree in Psychology School Status: Private Tuition: $499/credit Credit Requirements: 63 Program Length: 2 years, Format: 100% online Instruction Style: Asynchronous and synchronous, GPA: 2.0 minimum Standardized Tests: SAT/ACT, Phone: (888) 937-7248 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. The school holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Colleges and universities may require a minimum GPA score. Established in 1914, CCC serves more than 8,000 students, including more than 5,500 adult undergraduates enrolled in online programs taught from a Christian perspective. An evangelical Christian institution founded in 1971, Liberty now serves more than 100,000 students through its 17 colleges and schools. Traditional: Learners can access on-campus libraries, meet with their peers in person, and visit their professors during office hours. UA Cossatot operates campuses in De Queen, Nashville, and Ashdown, Arkansas, and offers eight associate degrees online. Campus activities like sporting events, academic lectures, and cultural events help develop a deeper sense of community. Located in Odessa, Texas, OC offers more than 120 associate degree and certificate programs and boasts more than 50 transfer agreements. While completing the program, you might gain fundamental knowledge in behavior theories and explore the causes of abnormal and normal thought processes. Students investigate the causes and manifestations of personality disorders, such as narcissism, and explore common personality traits. Some online courses require free proctored testing. The school holds accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Programs also offer elective courses that may vary by program. Program Name: Associate of Arts in Psychology School Status: Private Available Concentrations: Christian counseling Tuition: $390/credit Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 1.5 years (average), Format: 100% online Instruction Style: Asynchronous, Phone: (800) 424-9595 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Clinical psychology emphasizes compiling and analyzing research data about individuals, while counseling psychology students focus more on... Find the psychology program that best fits your career plans and budget. Traditional: Learners may need to quit their job or adjust their work schedule to accommodate on-campus classes. Individuals pursuing a psychology associate degree are not required to complete clinical hours. An undergraduate degree, an Online Associates Degree in Psychology is typically considered an introductory degree program, so welcome!. UC offers the same tuition rate to all online students, regardless of residency status. For several required courses, CCCC offers honors options. Professionals work in social service agencies interviewing and writing reports about children and their families. Entering the workforce also allows graduates to build a professional network, which offers multiple benefits after earning an advanced degree. While identical in coursework and academic quality, the experience of earning a psychology associate degree online is different from that of a traditional, on-campus program. The associate degree focused on this field should also cover a few courses required for the bachelor's degree such as statistics, intro to psychology, and perhaps a few counseling-specific psychology courses. Students who elect to get their degree online should be self-motivated and able to meet deadlines with little supervision. Explore these other online degrees. Program Name: Associate of Arts in Psychology School Status: Public Tuition: $91/credit in-district; $141/credit out-of-district; $173/credit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Standardized Tests: TSIA, ACT, SAT, or STAAR, Phone: (432) 335-6400 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. In some states, graduates of master’s programs can earn a mental health counseling license, which allows them to pursue school counseling positions. TMCC's psychology associate degree requires students to complete general education coursework and psychology courses, including general psychology, research methods, and abnormal psychology. Traditional: Classroom settings offer structure and external motivation. Students are restricted to local schools or institutions in areas where they want to live. On-campus requirements vary by school. GMC associate degrees require approximately 70 quarter credits for core courses plus five psychology concentration courses. Services available to online students include tutoring, advising, career services, and counseling. Program Name: Associate of Science in Psychology School Status: Public Tuition: Range from $74-$92/credit Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Standardized Tests: ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER placement tests, Phone: (800) 844-4471 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Schools often require 1-3 letters of recommendation. Professionals in psychology often go on to earn advanced degrees, which can lead to multiple state licenses. The combined cost of study materials, prep courses, application fees, and the licensing fee itself may add up to $1,000 or more. Requirements for the psychology associate degree include 36-39 credits in foundational skills, such as English, math, and Christian life, and 24 credits for the major. Keep reading to learn more about these common psychology-related careers, including the salary and outlook information for each one. Students may take 70% or more of their courses online. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Most online associate degree in psychology programs require 60-65 credits of coursework. Online learners frequently pay in-state tuition for programs based outside of their home state. Program Name: Associate of Arts in Psychology School Status: Public Tuition: $103/credit Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Standardized Tests: ACCUPLACER, ACT, or SAT placement tests, Phone: (775) 673-7111 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Other academic goals include developing critical-thinking skills and demonstrating knowledge of how various factors influence the delivery of psychology-related services. In addition to general education courses, MPC psychology majors complete online courses in general psychology, research methods, biological psychology, social psychology, and lifespan development. Students learn theories and principles of psychology required for learning and teaching. Liberty provides electronic textbooks at no additional cost for undergraduates. The best candidates for an online associate degree in psychology are self-motivated and organized individuals who want to pursue their education without sacrificing their current job or lifestyle. Sometimes, students must live in-state for at least a year to establish residency before qualifying for cheaper in-state tuition. Employers typically require a postsecondary certificate at minimum. Psychology remains one of the top majors at CCCC, where students benefit from guaranteed admission into the California State University system upon graduation. STC offers 123 degrees and certificates, including 36 online undergraduate programs that do not require students to come to campus. Prospective students should examine what they want from a psychology degree and decide whether online learning fits their lifestyle, personality, learning preferences, and career goals. Regent offers a 64-credit online AA in psychology taught from a Christian perspective. Schools may allow candidates with a lower GPA to apply under academic probation, an opportunity that allows students to prove they can keep up with coursework. All interdisciplinary studies students also complete a capstone course in which students apply their knowledge to professional situations. Some schools offer online students exclusive discounts on software and other technologies. The public state school offers 19 associate degrees, including a fully online AA in behavioral science. Regardless of whether you opt for an AA or an AS in psychology, and whether you chose a community college or an online degree program, the core coursework tends to be quite similar. Core psychology courses include human development, introduction to counseling, social psychology, research design, and the psychology of personality. For those who envision themselves working in entry-level supportive roles in hospitals, clinics, or residential health facilities, a two-year associate degree in psychology can help them enter a career. Psychology classes offered at GMC include human growth and development, psychology of adjustment, educational psychology, and abnormal psychology. Psychology course requirements include developmental psychology, introduction to research, and psychology of personality. An online associate degree can be an important step in fulfilling your professional goals. Founded in 1993, STC serves more than 31,000 students online and at five campuses in southern Texas. Both associate and bachelor’s degrees provide a significant amount of coursework in liberal arts and science topics like math, humanities, natural science, and history. UC's 61-credit psychology degree requires 31 general education credits, 18 core courses, and 12 credits of electives. Online programs may offer year-round courses, which can allow students to graduate sooner. This 60-credit program is entirely online and includes 21 credit hours in psychology. Merced lists two associate degrees in psychology among 22 degrees offered … Additional course offerings include the psychology of women and abnormal psychology. They may also work as psychiatric nurse aides. Prospective students may use this page to identify schools with top-ranked programs. The psychology major requires 36 general education and nine general elective credits, including one psychology class from each of the following categories: learning, individual differences, biological bases and behavior, developmental changes in behavior, and electives. The school holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. While an online degree provides flexibility, independence, and freedom, it also requires considerable self-motivation and discipline. Online associates degree for psychology students may also customize their studies by choosing from elective classes like Introduction to Women’s Studies, Sociology of Gender, and Cultural Anthropology, for instance. Military members and veterans may be eligible for additional aid opportunities, such as scholarships and tuition assistance programs. An associate degree in psychology is an undergraduate-level degree that usually takes two years to complete. Earning a higher degree in psychology can yield a higher salary, especially if you complete your bachelor’s degree. Psychology course topics include social gerontology, personality, and motivation. Jobs in the psychology field are found in a variety of places such as hospitals, law enforcement, correctional institutions, schools and universities, as well as local, state, or federal governments. Students who earn an associate in psychology enter a growing field. Students should spend time determining how they plan to help others to narrow the options. While students can complete an associate degree in a short amount of time, they take mostly general education courses. Some states may require additional tests, background checks, and professional references. Northeast offers day, evening, and online classes through its main campus, three extended campuses, and two regional offices. An associate's degree in psychology can prepare you for a wide range of careers. In general, licensed psychologists must possess a doctoral degree and complete a year or more of supervised clinical experience. Applicants may apply online and then submit placement scores and transcripts. Prospective psychology students can filter programs by location, campus type, degree level, and other factors to find the program that fits their unique needs. Graduates who hold an online associate in psychology qualify for entry-level jobs in the field. A psychology associate degree prepares students for entry-level roles as an administrative specialist, crisis intervention specialist, psychology aide, or research associate. Students may earn up to 45 credits for life experience or transfer up to 45 credits. Students must earn at least 25% of the 66 credits required for an associate degree at SJC through the college. Students learn about language acquisition; the development of motor and social skills; and the role of cultural, socioeconomic, geographic, and environmental play in childhood development. Founded in 1857, UIU serves 5,200 students from more than 20 locations in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Coursework examines the complexity of human personality and how personalities differ between individuals. If a program requires internship hours or fieldwork, students can usually fulfill these requirements locally. Since an associate degree includes the core courses most four-year degrees require, it will be all the easier to return to school and complete an undergraduate degree. UA Cossatot's 60-credit psychology program requires English, math, and general education state core credits in addition to requirements for the major. Licensing regulations and requirements vary by state. General education courses required for Psychology majors include English, American history, biology, and math. This course introduces students to the science of psychology. Online student resources include one-on-one tutoring and virtual workshops. They also do not incur fees for recreation centers and other campus amenities. Tuition: $1,551 . Graduates may transfer their credits into CCC's BS in applied psychology. Already one of the most affordable choices among private colleges, Point University offers online students almost 40% off … Course structure typically depends upon the individual instructor and whether the program runs synchronously or asynchronously. Some instructors record their lectures and make the videos available for distance learners to watch at their own convenience. An online associate’s degree in psychology is a substantial stepping stone toward a fruitful career and academic pathway. Employers often require prior experience. While an online degree provides flexibility, independence, and freedom, it also requires considerable self-motivation and discipline. NCC graduates may benefit from transfer agreements with several colleges, including the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Program Name: Associate of Science in Psychology School Status: Public Tuition: $135/credit in-state; $184/credit WUE; $333/credit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 61 Program Length: 2 years, GPA: 2.0 Standardized Tests: ACT/SAT or placement scores, Phone: (800) 442-2963 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. These top, accredited schools offer a variety of online degrees. Ranked by affordability, these 24 schools all offer online low-cost bachelor's degrees in psychology. By reviewing case studies and patient interviews, students learn to understand the experiences of those who suffer from mental illness. Hybrid programs may include mandatory campus visits to complete classes or labs that students cannot complete online. Online Master PhD Law Bachelor MBA Healthcare Courses For Institutions arrow_drop_down. They can choose when to complete their coursework. Students may access the school's 60-credit AS in psychology online or in a hybrid format. Additional course offerings include psychology of adjustment and psychology of excellence. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"While tuition costs for online programs remain similar to traditional programs, distance learners do not incur costs for transportation, course materials, childcare during class hours, or meal plans. Part-time students should anticipate doubling their timeline. Online undergraduates may select from among 11 degree options, including an AS in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in psychology. Most online associate degree in psychology programs require 60-65 credits of coursework. The degree requires 60 credits of general education and psychology courses. The school provides 24-hour online tutoring and gives every student three free hours of tutoring each semester. According to, applicants who have earned their associate degree psychology online earn an average an annual salary of $33,000-$36,000, compared to those with a bachelor’s degree who earn from the mid-$50,000 salary range and up. This course also explores ethical and legal issues relating to treatment and assessment methods. Southeastern Pennsylvania's Bucks County Community College offers 21 online programs, including an entirely online AA in psychology - interpersonal emphasis designed for transfer to a four-year college. UIU offers a 60-credit online associate of arts in psychology that requires students to earn at least 15 credits from the school. Learners who work or have family obligations may choose to take fewer courses per term, or even one course at a time, which may increase the time it takes to earn their degree. Online classes at Liberty run for eight weeks and start eight times per year. Others follow a cohort learning format, in which students advance through their coursework at the same pace as their peers. Online learners can apply for both. Program Name: Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Psychology Minor School Status: Private Tuition: $356/credit Credit Requirements: 66 credits, Phone: (800) 752-4723 Email: Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. Learners who wish to pursue a career in social work, counseling, or other related areas would benefit from earning a four-year degree. Professionals in this field typically go on to earn advanced degrees. you will review the major concepts of applied psychology, including theoretical perspectives, historical trends and empirical findings. Online applicants must complete an admissions questionnaire and may submit unofficial transcripts. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Access (libraries, on-campus activities, office hours). Program Name: Associate of Science in Psychology School Status: Private Tuition: $469/credit Credit Requirements: 60 credits Program Length: 2 years, Format: 100% online or hybrid Instruction Style: Asynchronous, GPA: 2.8 minimum Standardized Tests: 21 ACT or 1460 SAT (1060 new SAT), Phone: (303) 963-3311 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. A psychology associate degree provides multiple benefits for students who wish to enter the field as quickly as possible. Online students can pursue the same financial aid opportunities as their on-campus peers. Sign In. Topics include standardized testing, research methods, learning disabilities, and classroom management. Program Name: Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer School Status: Public Tuition: $46/unit in-state; $311/unit out-of-state Credit Requirements: 60 units Program Length: 2 years, Phone: (831) 646-4020 Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter. The school's fitness center remains open to students, alumni, and employees at no cost. What Can You Do with a Degree in Developmental Psychology? Course outcomes include understanding how humans think and learn at different stages in life. Students select from courses like developmental psychology and cognitive psychology to complete their recommended electives. UCC provides an online student advisor and online tutoring. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"How Long Does It Take To Get an Associate Degree in Psychology? Students must hold themselves accountable. Earning a psychology associate degree online provides students with a variety of marketable skills and prepares them to pursue a bachelor’s in the field. Some schools offer online students exclusive discounts on software and other technologies. Northeast reports a completion rate of 79.5% for eLearning courses. A public California community college, MPC offers more than 100 degree and certificate programs, including 14 degrees that qualify students for transfer to California State University. SAGU offers 15 online undergraduate programs for students interested in psychology and related subject areas, such as counseling, human services, and social work. Difference Between Psychology and Psychiatry. The school's distance learning opportunities include online and hybrid classes.
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