Shelves are adjustable in 1.5” increments; CONSTRUCTION: Each side rail is constructed out of industrial steel and utilize a strong C-Channel Design! Get free shipping on qualified SafeRacks Garage Overhead Storage or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Storage & Organization Department. Option 2: If the vertical posts are centered on a wall stud, you can screw the vertical post directly to the wall stud. Finally, check all the nut and bolt connections on the vertical posts and ceiling brackets to ensure that everything is tight. Wire decking remains in place by gravity and can slide freely side-to-side. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Assembly Instructions; FAQs; Track Order; Contact Us; CONTACT US; TRACK ORDER; CALL US TOLL FREE (877) 654-2066. Once the first ceiling bracket is installed, measure for the remaining brackets (Figures 10,11,12 & 13). One bolt at the top and the other at the bottom, where the vertical post sections overlap (Figure 14). SafeRacks Garage Shelving is among the best in the industry. The Total Garage has set the standard for high quality storage products. Determine the joist direction that applies to the installation. Finish with installation of the C-Channel Beams. letter-spacing: 1px; Choose from static models or units with casters for maximum flexibility. We will get the clutter, toys and yard work tools off the floor.The items you want put away yet still be easily retrievable can be put in overhead garage storage shelves. NOTE: This installation is intended for a wood framed home, if your home is steel framed, stop the installation … Please refer to the figures below for the correct way of positioning the vertical posts on the ceiling bracket. Get free shipping on qualified SafeRacks Garage Shelving or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Storage & Organization Department. /* ----------------------------------------- */ We stock rack or wire shelves that are all extremely easy to install and maintain and capable of comfortably handling significant loads on each shelf while helping your garage look smart and neat. If they have, it is an indication that the lag screws may not be in the center of the ceiling joist, or that they were not fully tightened when installed. If the garage ceiling is finished with drywall, use a stud finder and locate the ceiling joists that are in the area of the installation. Sort by: Show: SAVE $83. Facebook ; Prev Article Next Article . They are perfect for the areas where you need quick access. Identify the ceiling location where the overhead rack will be installed. A large variety of hooks provides the means to store gardening tools, bikes, chairs, extensions cords, sporting gear, and much more. Begin by installing your ceiling brackets (Figure 1). Saferacks overhead storage systems are the ideal garage storage solution for space limited areas. If any of the listed components in your packaging are missing, please call 877.655.3443 to have them sent directly to you. Featuring our most popular 4X8 unit for garage ceiling storage, this video covers how to find the best location, what installation equipment to use, and how to assemble the SafeRacks itself. Or, if the joist spacing is consistent across the ceiling, you can count the number of joists for the correct distance between the brackets. Depending on the direction of the ceiling joist in relation to the racks, the vertical posts will either be located on opposite sides of the ceiling brackets (Figure 29), or they will be located on the same side of the ceiling brackets (Figure 28). FILTERS. Saferacks recognizes that each garage is different, and it understands how difficult it is to create more space to organize. Its authorized installers can customize storage racks in customers' garages to accommodate any height requirements. Use a helper to ensure rivets do not come loose during the seating process. Place the rivets of the beams in the bottom 2 holes of the vertical posts (Figure 19). If needed, verify the edges and center of the joist by using a small nail and punching holes along your pencil lines (Figure 5). W Black 8-Bike Garage Wall Shelf 2-Pack with Bike Tire Hooks in Gray Note: If this option is chosen, install the ceiling bracket 1 ½” from the wall, so that you can access the back of the bracket to install the nut and bolt for the vertical post in the next step (Figure 8). text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px #233784; Screw the 3″ lag screws through the ceiling bracket into the drilled pilot holes using a washer under the head of each screw (Figure 6). We stock rack or wire shelves that are all extremely easy to install and maintain and capable of comfortably handling significant loads on each shelf while helping your garage look smart and neat. For now, leave the vertical posts slightly loose on the ceiling brackets so that they can move back and forth during the next step. Ensure the small lip is on the top, and that the side beams are on the inside of the vertical posts (Figure 20). Once all vertical posts are in place, install the side beams. Our ceiling brackets are intended to be installed with a minimum of two Lag Screws. Sort by: Showing: 1 - 16 of 17 1; 2; Show: SAVE $83. This 18"x48" two-pack shelving system provides a total of 500 pounds of capacity. /* ----------------------------------------- */, If you would like a printable version of the full, Use the links below if you need printable, Overhead Storage Racks – Installation Instructions, Assembling and Attaching the Vertical Posts, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting Organized—and Staying that Way, Socket Set, Adjustable Crescent Wrench or Open End Wrench Set, Stud Finder (if installing on ceiling drywall). ***SafeRack 4' x 8' Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Storage Rack is designed to help utilize wasted space in your garage. In most cases, joists will run from the front of the garage to the back. Related Posts. FILTERS. Use a flat head screwdriver to fully tighten the bolts to the wing nuts. Use a rubber mallet to hammer the rivets into the bottom of the teardrop holes (Figure 21). All stated weight limits are based on static loads with load distribution as stated above. The Deck Hook is designed for easy installation; just snap into place with the flat top ranging over two wires. We stock rack or wire shelves that are all extremely easy to install and maintain and capable of comfortably handling significant loads on each shelf while helping your garage look smart and neat. /* Content Template: business-hours-header - start */ WARNING: Opposite ends may come loose when hammering beams in place. Set your store to see local availability View Similar in Stock. This video is unavailable. We install Saferacks in Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna and surrounding areas. padding: 2px 7px; SafeRacks provides overhead storage racks and other life changing products for your garage storage and organizational needs. SafeRacks Garage Shelving Freestanding Shelf Durable Powder Coat Finish Adjustable Shelf Heights Sturdy All Steel Construction 3 Size Options Available I purchased From Amazon for only $160. header .op-is-open-shortcode span.hours-description { They will be tightened down in the upcoming steps. Note: If this option is chosen, install the lag screws loosely at first to ensure room for assembling the rest of the rack and leaving room for the wire decking which sits over the lip of the rack. Determine the joist direction that applies to the installation. Installation & Services Specials & Offers Local Ad ... SafeRacks 18 in. There will be a small space between each deck (Figure 26). Mark the edges and center of each joist (Figure 4). SafeRacks 24 in. Make adjustments to the placement of the vertical posts or ceiling brackets if the vertical posts are severely out of alignment. Mounted in a closet or above the washer/dryer, these shelves can withstand all of your household demands. Connect the center support (Not included with 4×4) using the remaining slot-head bolts and wing nuts (Figure 23). (72 ½” or 48 ½” for other rack sizes). x 48 in. Perfect for holding loose items up and off the floor, freeing up the much needed space in your garage. In other cases, they will run side to side. W Black 8-Bike Garage Wall Shelf 2-Pack with Bike Tire Hooks in Gray Model# SR-WS1 18x48-H $ 108 49 $ 108 49. font-weight: bold; Using a 3/16″ drill bit, drill a pilot hole 3″ deep at each center marked location. Exclusive Husky® Welded Garage Systems . background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.13); (Figure 31), The Utility Hook is designed for longer items and it attaches to the vertical posts with bolts, washers & locking nuts. (7370) More Colors Available Compare Product. Before you begin, gather the required tools and components listed to the right and ensure all are accounted for. Pre-assembled garage cabinet sets built with durable steel. color: #FFFFFF; } (36 ½” or 24 ½” for other rack sizes), On the long side, measure 96 ½” to the location of the next bracket. If you have any questions regarding your installation, please call: Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals". /* Content Template: business-hours-header - end */ } header .op-is-open-shortcode span.hours-label { border-radius: 5px; Each corner should look like (Figure 22). FILTERS. And the best part is--it costs nothing to schedule. Our patented design holds 600 pounds and we back it up with a lifetime warranty. /* ----------------------------------------- */ In rare cases, ceiling joist may be at odd intervals, greater than 24″ apart, or even switch directions in different parts of your ceiling. Installation & Services Specials & Offers Local Ad ... SafeRacks Garage Racks . $159.99 After $60 OFF. Once you understand all of the installation steps, proceed with the installation. font-weight: bold; (Figure 30), The Rail Hook is similar to the Deck Hook in its shape, but is designed to hold items around the edge of the SafeRack. SafeRacks 18 in. Choose from static models or units with casters for maximum flexibility. Each adjustable shelf gives you plenty of options on what you store. Overhead Garage Storage Rack and Accessories Kit. SafeRacks 4 ft. x 8 ft. letter-spacing: 1px; L x 48 in. HyLoft 00540 Overhead Storage System. The weakest point in this system is the frame of your house. The SafeRacks Wall Shelves are a great storage solution for your garage. Search. Freestanding Shelving Units. 0 item(s) You have no items in your shopping cart. Secure these posts together using two nuts, two bolts, and two washers. (Figure 32). 0 items / $ 0.00. Watch the installation video or read through the instructions today. (These instructions depict a 4’x8′ size rack being installed; all size racks can be installed based on the same steps taken with different measurements depending on rack size). WARNING, DO NOT EXCEED THE FOLLOWING WEIGHT LIMITS. Option 1: If the ceiling bracket is being placed in the corner of the wall and ceiling, and 2 joists are not available for anchoring, you can install the lag bolts into the wall header if one is present (Figure 7). Choose from static models or units with casters for maximum flexibility. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit, Two 4 ft. x 8 ft. Racks, 18-piece Deluxe Hook Accessory Pack Includes: Two 4'x8' Racks with Deluxe Hook Accessory Pack (10 Deck Hooks, 4 Rail Hooks, 4 Utility Hooks) Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 7370 reviews. opacity: .5; font-weight: bold; HOME GARAGE CABINETS NEWAGE ULTI-MATE HERCKE MONTEZUMA FLOORING Floor tiles Roll-out flooring Luxury Vinyl Plank … They are perfect for areas in your garage where you need quick access to your things. Read the safety label on the rack and do not overload the system. L x 48 in. border-radius: 5px; text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px #233784; 3. Next, the vertical posts will fasten to the ceiling brackets (Figure 2). Those 2 pieces adjust and bolt to the length that you want the rack to hang from the ceiling. Sports Bike Racks. Watch Queue Queue HAVE QUESTIONS? Support / Resource Center. VERSATILE: Install virtually anywhere on the wall for a fast and easy storage solution. Use the space you already own, and take back your garage with Saferacks overhead storage. COMPONENTS: 48” Wall Track offers plenty of space for your belongings. Store your bikes and sports equipment to create more usable space. They come in different colors and sizes. Routinely inspect the rack over time to ensure rivets and wire decking units are seated properly. Use 3 washers total per lag screw, 2 against the wall and 1 on the head of the lag screw (Figure 9). Overhead installation typically takes forty-five minutes to an hour per rack, and our professional customer service team will work with you to find the right date for you. Each ceiling bracket fastens to 2 separate joists. Remember you will be utilizing at least the same area on the ceiling as the size rack you are installing. If the rivets are not seating correctly, check if the vertical posts are truly vertical. Each vertical post is made from 2 pieces. Compare (0) Links. Next, using a single bolt with two washers (one on each side) and a locking nut, connect the first vertical post assembly to the ceiling bracket that was installed in the previous step (Figure 14). AMERICA'S FAVORITE GARAGE STORAGE AND FLOORING About Us Track Your Order CALL TOLL FREE 24/7 844 344 9868. If the brackets are in-line, the measurement can be from one edge of the bracket to the same edge on the next bracket (Figure 13). Line up the 45 degree on the end of the small lip to the same angle on the side beams. If you can organize your ceiling-mounted storage properly, you may … padding: 2px 9px; Please read through the assembly instructions completely before proceeding to installation. If installing multiple racks, end-to-end or side-by-side, a 27″ ceiling bracket should be utilized per corner, per rack. Assembly Instructions. Menu . Open and sturdy shelving units allow you to store and access tools easily. Take the wire decking and place it on the rack unit (Figure 25). 6/23/19, 3 hours. The rack occupies a large portion of the ceiling, whose space is as large as that of the floor. Determine how far down from the ceiling you want the rack to hang. header .op-is-open-shortcode span.hours-status { MAILING ADDRESS 23301 Antonio Parkway Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, 92688 PHONE: (877) 655-3443 If you desire a well-organized garage where everything is in its place, Park Place can help. If the ceiling brackets are facing each other, measure directly from the back of one bracket to the back of the opposite facing bracket (Figure 12). Page 3 Garage Shelving acks ® Assembly Instructions 24”x92”x84” • 24”x72”x84 • 24”x48”x84 After selecting desired height, position side rail such Assemble #10-24 Shoulder Bolts and #10-24 Hex Nuts … Once the center support is installed go back and tighten the vertical posts to the ceiling brackets (Figure 24). MODULAR: Assemble SafeRacks shelving unit as single 72” tall 5-tier shelf or two 48” tall shelving units! When installing the vertical posts to ceiling brackets that are in-line (Figure 13), ensure that the vertical posts are 48″ or 96″ apart (depending on the orientation of the rack). For truss framed garage ceiling structures, joists with a 2” x 4” (bottom truss cord) cross section is acceptable. For the short side, measure 48 ½” to the location of the next bracket. Learn how to install SafeRacks garage storage products. At the corners where 2 vertical posts will be hanging side by side, install the ceiling brackets back to back and utilize 2 lag bolts per bracket as outlined (Figures 6, 28 & 29). Overhead garage storage can actually be larger than other kinds of storage that you have in your garage. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Each shelf can be easily installed–side by side or separately–and includes four hooks. In other cases, they will run side to side. Out of stock online. The measurement could also be taken from a point in the middle of the bracket where the vertical post is expected to hang. Adjust the length of the vertical posts to the desired distance from the ceiling. Once the location of the rack has been identified, use a stud finder to locate the joist on either side of where you intend the first vertical post to hang. Finally, the horizontal beams and center support will attach to the vertical posts; the decks are placed on the beams to complete your rack installation (Figure 3). If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, including lead, which is know to the State of, US Patents D553,401 / 7,357,262 / D697,785 /, California to cause cancer and birth defect. color: #FFFFFF; If the garage ceiling is finished with drywall, use a stud finder and locate the ceiling joists that are in the area of the installation. color: #FFFFFF; Take one last look at all of the rivets to make sure they have not backed out during the installation process. WARNING: Load heavy objects, distributed equally, nearest the vertical posts and light objects nearest the center. If the vertical posts are at an angle, the rivets will not seat properly. Look at the ceiling brackets and lag screws to make sure that they have not pulled out during the beam seating process. Ensure the lower section of the vertical post is placed on the inside of the two post pieces. There are no fees or deposits. Learn how to install overhead garage storage with this easy how-to tutorial from SafeRacks. SafeRacks garage storage shelves fit the bill for fit, finish and durability. Install Shelves Side by Side or Separately; SafeRacks Wall Shelves are a perfect complement to your garage or utility room. Customize the ceiling drop-down distance between 12" and 45" from the ceiling. This product is made of high grade steel with a powder coat finish. Ensure that the holes are in the center of each joist. Compare. In most cases, joists will run from the front of the garage to the back. SafeRack is best option to maximize garage space. Start typing to see products you are looking for. We designed this shelving for residential purposes while maintaining the quality and durability of industrial shelving. Do not climb on or hang from the storage rack. [email protected] Login / Register 0 items / $ 0.00. SafeRacks provides overhead storage racks and other life changing products for your garage storage and organizational needs. Steel Overhead Garage Storage Systems Installation In Sarasota Garage Storage Design Ideas Overhead Costco ... Saferacks 4 x 8 overhead ceiling 24 45 garage storage system garage storage design ideas safe racks overhead interior design inspiring storage ideas with top 7 best overhead garage storages of all time reviews. The HyLoft 00540 is built to last a lifetime, and it is the … Ideally put one nut and bolt assembly on each face of the vertical posts. } Most competitors use L-Channel for the shorter side rail components. Sort by: Showing: 1 - 16 of 20 1; 2; Show: SAVE $389. REFER TO THE WARNING PAGE ON INSIDE COVER OF THIS MANUAL FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. margin-left: 5px; Our installers are fully licensed and insured and have years of experience in the garage. Saferacks Garage Storage. IMPORTANT: Ensure the skinny sections of the teardrop holes are facing down, and that all vertical posts are adjusted to the exact same length (Figure 14). Ceiling Drop Range: 12"-21", 18"-33", 24"-45" Accessories Kit Includes: 4 Deck Hooks Be sure to take into consideration objects that could come into contact with the racks: garage doors, garage access doors, overhead lights, automobiles or auto parts, etc. In either orientation, run the hex bolts through both ceiling brackets. Some horizontal deflection can be expected when racks are loaded near maximum limits. In this video I install the FLEXIMOUNT garage ceiling storage rack.
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