If your keyboard doesn't have the Scroll Lock key and you are using a Windows … Somehow Excel 2010 got the Scroll Lock on. Scroll lock isn't used that much, but for example in Excel it lets you scroll with arrow keys instead of moving between cells You may have to hit Shift + F14, depending on your settings. Scroll lock uses the arrow keys to move within a window instead of using a mouse and the scroll bar. Open the On-Screen Keyboard. On an extended keyboard, hit the F14 button to turn scroll lock on and off. Now we need to disable it. Step to Turn Off Scroll Lock in Excel: Imagine that Scroll Lock is enabled and it is visible in the status bar. On-screen keyboard was one of the options, so I selected it, expecting it to be the same keyboard that popped up when I selected the icon on … It is located on the top row of your keyboard to the right of the function keys. Disabling scroll lock on a Mac is just as easy—but only if you have a full-size keyboard. If your computer does not have a Scroll Lock key, do one of the following: For Windows 10. Scroll lock in excel occurs when we press the scroll lock button in our keyboard or from the virtual keyboard, normally when we press the down arrow key from any cells it takes us to the next cell below it but when we have scroll lock on it drags the worksheet down while the cursor remains on the same cell, to disable scroll lock … There's an icon in the bottom right that pops up a keyboard, and there was no scroll lock on that. More Excel shortcuts. To disable scroll lock, press the Scroll Lock key (often labeled as ScrLk) on your keyboard. Windows lock prevents the windows button from being pressed. Once you have gotten bored playing with the scroll lock key, which I am quite sure will eventually happen, you may wonder if there is a way to put it to some state-of-the-art use. If your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, on your computer, click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard. Pressing windows often minimizes fullscreen games, which is what this prevents. It sometimes appears as "ScrLk." If your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key, do one of the following: For Windows 10 1. Shortcut Key: Ctrl + Mouse Scroll Wheel If you want to change the icon size without touching the View panel, this shortcut is the fastest way to do it. (If that doesn’t work, try Command + F14).. The new silkscreening on new model ThinkPads do not list four keyboard shortcut functions (Break, SysRq, ScrLK, Pause). Press once on the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard. However, if you’re working on a laptop or a smaller keyboard, … Excel shortcut: Lock a cell reference; Excel shortcut: Change to Edit Mode; Excel shortcut: Apply number … I have a notebook with no Scroll Lock key (or any shortcut using the 'Fn' key). Turn off Scroll Lock Applies To: Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Turn off Scroll Lock Press the Scroll Lock key ( ScrLk) on your keyboard. Just press and hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel. Scroll Lock Remapping. For Windows 10: If your keyboard doesn’t have Scroll Lock Key, then Click Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard. Click the On-Screen Keyboard … Scroll lock is only used by a few software apps, such as Microsoft Excel. I finally went into the main search of the computer and searched for keyboard. Activates or deactivates scroll lock. Press the Scroll Lock key. Right-click on the Status Bar of Excel Window. I see it left down in the status bar and now I can't navigate through cells using the arrow keys, which is pretty annoying.
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