Write a paragraph in which you express what you think were the qualities, both good and bad, of the Spanish conquistadors. Alvarado left South America in exchange for monetary compensation from Pizarro. Gonzalo Guerrero was a Mayan war leader for Nachan can, Lord of Chactemal. As news of the Spanish conquest spread, wealth-hungry Spaniards poured into the New World seeking land and gold and titles. Their units (Compañia, Companhia) would often specialize in forms of combat that required long periods of training that was too costly for informal groups. However, not all Conquistadors were Castilian or Christian. Although the vast majority of the conquistadors came from Spain, … 1 2 3. The Spanish conquistadors took away the Indians right to their way of life and their land. The conquistadors were professional warriors, using European tactics, firearms, combat dogs, and cavalry. Pre-Columbian civilizations - Pre-Columbian civilizations - Aztec culture to the time of the Spanish conquest: At the time of the Spanish conquest the dominant people of Meso-America were the Aztec. I was especially impressed by his witnessing of a Spanish soldier who, not finding anything for his hound to eat, took a toddler away from his mother, cut his arms off and fed the dog with them. The Spanish military never rose past 2% of the native population during this time, yet they were able to conquer the largest empires of that time. In the 1500s Spain was at the height of its glory. The spanish did bad things in america, totally. Initially, forced labor represented a means by which the conquistadores mobilized native labor, with disastrous effects on the population . The first order to make the trip to the Americas were the Franciscans, led by Pedro de Gante. Even in victory, some hundreds of conquistadores may were disputing the booty being killed, executed, fled or imprisoned due to internal clashes. Spanish - even with it's many dialects- is the unifier. When the Spanish arrived in the Americas they were vastly outnumbered by the natives. The two most famous conquistadors were Hernán Cortés who conquered the Aztec Empire and Francisco Pizarro who led the conquest of the Incan Empire. They served as interpreters, informants, servants, teachers, physicians, scribes, etc. Regardless of their enviable feats and egregious plundering, the question can naturally be raised – who were these Spanish Conquistadors? Most of them were 20 something middle class kids. Conquistador, any of the leaders in the Spanish conquest of America, especially of Mexico and Peru, in the 16th century. Belalcázar in 1546 ordered the execution of Jorge Robledo, who governed a neighboring province in yet another land-related vendetta. What is the birthday of carmelita divinagracia? The Emperor commissioned bishop Pedro de la Gasca to restore the peace, naming him president of the Audiencia and providing him with unlimited authority to punish and pardon the rebels. The chroniclers Pedro Cieza de León, Diego Durán and Fray Pedro Simón wrote about the Americas. Gasca convinced Pedro de Valdivia, explorer of Chile, Alonso de Alvarado another searcher for El Dorado, and others that if he were unsuccessful, a royal fleet of 40 ships and 15,000 men was preparing to sail from Seville in June. Lope de Aguirre was an emperor in the Amazon. An uneducated young recruit could become a military leader, elected by their fellow professional soldiers, perhaps based on merit. The conquest of much of the New World by Spanish conquistadors during those few years was surely one of history's turning points. After Mexico fell, Hernán Cortés's enemies, Bishop Fonseca, Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, Diego Columbus and Francisco Garay were mentioned in the Cortés' fourth letter to the King in which he describes himself as the victim of a conspiracy. He did it through a combination of ruthlessness, guile, violence, and luck. King's army officers taught military arts. Spanish Conquistadors would come to the Americas and brutally murder men women and children in the name of a god. Native allied troops were largely infantry equipped with armament and armor that varied geographically. In 1536, Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas went to Oaxaca to participate in a series of discussions and debates among the Bishops of the Dominican and Franciscan orders. ... Cesar Chavez was a good man and had no bad qualities, but he did persist his way. The Spanish colonization of the Americas began under the Crown of Castile and spearheaded by the Spanish conquistadors.The Americas were invaded and incorporated into the Spanish Empire, with the exception of Brazil, British America, and some small regions in South America and the Caribbean.The crown created civil and religious structures to administer this vast territory. Montezuma became Cortes’s prisoner in Tenochtitlan. This method was championed by prominent Franciscans such as Toribio de Benavente. Conquistador Expeditions . The arrival of Pedro de Alvarado from Mexico in search of Inca gold further complicated the situation for Almagro and Belalcázar. The conquistadors were all volunteers, the majority of whom did not receive a fixed salary but instead a portion of the spoils of victory, in the form of precious metals, land grants and provision of native labour. Francisco Pizarro had children with more than 40 women. Indeed, as Karl Marx and Adam Smith claimed, perhaps it … To be a Spanish Conquistador wasn’t at all easy, it involved a dangerous boat journey to a land never seen before. Where they reckless adventurers or simply paid mercenaries of the Spanish crown? The two orders had very different approaches to the conversion of the Indians. They were second cousins born in Extremadura, as were many of the Spanish conquerors. There were Spaniards who would not exploit the Indians, and there were Indians who cooperated with the Spanish for their own profit. European young men enlisted in the army because it was one way out of poverty. Spanish Conquistadors: Military Tactics. They also had good survivor skills and were quick thinking. On his 1528-1530 trip to Spain, Pizarro got royal permission to … They accomplished these great feats by many means. Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? The conquest of Mexico was carried out by Hernan Cortes, who landed at Veracruz in 1519; Peru was conquered by Francisco Pizarro and Diego del Almagro, which began in 1531. Asked by Wiki User. Most Iberians of that time could not read or write. The Aztecs were severely weakened by diseases that the Spanish brought such as smallpox, influenza, and malaria. The conquistadores took many different roles, including religious leader, harem keeper, King or Emperor, deserter and Native American warrior. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? The defeat was likely. Incas were an ancient civilisation. With a force of 600 Spanish soldiers, he was able to conquer a vast empire with tens of thousands of warriors. What were good and bad qualities of conquistadors? 1917). These expeditions often involved African slaves and Native American men or women who often had more training than the troops. The Population of the New World was Decimated . However, after the 17th century, states invested in better disciplined and politically reliable permanent troops. Expeditions, such as Pizarro's Inca campaign or the countless searches for the city of El Dorado, were expensive and privately financed (although the King still expected his 20 percent cut of any valuables discovered).Sometimes the conquistadors themselves chipped in funds for an expedition in the hopes that it would discover great wealth. The Spanish conquistadors raped the American natives of their naiveness. They were sons of a specific historical context called reconquista that made them some of the hardiest soldiers in europe at the time, they lived in a time of sword and bible hard to understand outside of that specific reality. Central America - Central America - The Spanish conquest: Rodrigo de Bastidas was first to establish Spain’s claim to the isthmus, sailing along the Darién coast in March 1501, but he made no settlement. This typical path of disease transmission moved much faster than the conquistadors, so that as they advanced, resistance weakened. Hernán Cortés (1485–December 2, 1547) was a Spanish conquistador responsible for the audacious, brutal conquest of the Aztec Empire in Central Mexico in 1519. Almagro was executed on 1538, under Hernándo Pizarro's orders. Epidemic diseaseis commonly cited as … Catholic priests instructed the soldiers in mathematics, writing, theology, Latin, Greek, and history, and wrote letters and official document for them. In the heat of battle, a wearied Aztec fighter looked up to see a vision of the Virgin … Frequently, Catholic clergy played administrative positions of political responsibility. Conquistadors were knights and soldiers from Spain who helped conquer much of South and Central America for the Spanish crown in the 16th century. In the eyes of the Spanish, they were good because they brought them gold and converted people to their religion. A New World empire spread from Spain’s Caribbean foothold. They were volunteers who sought to make it big, they invested their own money, time and exposed their corporeal being to wounds and possibly death. Gasca repealed the New Laws, the issue around which the rebellion had been organized. Gerónimo de Aguilar, who had taken holy orders in his native Spain was captured by Mayan lords too, and later was a soldier with Hernán Cortés. The Conquistadors conquered the Incas. But the Spanish Conquistadors were … Others were born into hidalgo families, and as such they were members of the Spanish nobility with some studies but without economic resources, even some rich nobility families members become soldiers or missionaries but mostly without to be the heir firstborn. Such groups consisted of young men without military experience, Catholic clergy, and soldiers or mercenaries with military training. Today it is the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. What are the good and bad qualities of the Spanish conquistadors. How long will the footprints on the moon last? A common religous belief can be seen as a huge benefit when one compares areas in the world where it doesn't exist. Ioánnis Fokás was known by Juan de Fuca. For a time mercenaries were important as trainers. The diseases were carried to distant tribes and villages. Even in victory, some hundreds of conquistadores may were disputing the booty being killed, executed, fled or imprisoned due to internal clashes. All Rights Reserved. Even nationals of enemy countries were accepted. Their fellow conquistador Sebastián de Belalcázar, who had gone forth without Pizarro's approval, had already reached Quito. Belalcázar was tried in absentia, convicted and condemned for killing Robledo and other offenses pertaining to his involvement in the wars between armies of conquistadors. Nikolaus Federmann, hispanicized as Nicolás de Federmán, was born c. 1505 in Ulm and died February 1542 in Valladolid. The Spanish claimed Montezuma died at the hands of his own people; the Aztecs believed that the Spanish … Those natives were said to be savage cannibals. Many foreigners hispanicized their names. EXPOSITORY WRITING The conquistadors are often described as possessing both good and bad qualities. The middle east (Isreal vs Syria), Eastern Europe (Serbia -for one), and Asia (Pakistan vs India) are just a few examples. Spanish soldiers had a reputation for rowdiness, and duels were not uncommon. Essentially, most of them were the remnants of the veritable standing army of 16th centurySpain – men wh… Who is the actress in the saint agur advert? Women who travelled thus include María de Escobar, María Estrada, Marina Vélez de Ortega, Marina de la Caballería, Francisca de Valenzuela, Catalina de Salazar. The high clergy were mostly of noble birth. The division of the booty produced bloody conflicts, such as the one between Pizarro and Almagro. Be the first to answer! They were obsessed with matters of honor and reputation. After three months of fighting, Cortes defeated the capital city of the Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan. Over time, around 80 percent of the people living in the Valley of Mexico died from these diseases. Many of the Spanish were already experienced soldiers who had previously campaigned in Europe. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. To enter the Catholic clergy was a way out of poverty and also was a way to obtain prestige and power among the nobility. Where can i find the fuse relay layout for a 1990 vw vanagon or any vw vanagon for the matter? 1 See answer Answer 3.5 /5 0. emilydiane19991 +3 punineep and 3 others learned from this answer The Spanish conquistadors were very resourceful and determined. He Relied Greatly on His Brothers. The Native cultures of the New World were warlike and tended to fight first and ask questions later, so there was much conflict and many Natives were killed in battle. When did Elizabeth Berkley get a gap between her front teeth? Read more about this topic:  Conquistador, “The methodological advice to interpret in a way that optimizes agreement should not be conceived as resting on a charitable assumption about human intelligence that might turn out to be false. Possible answer: The good qualities of the conquistadors were that they were courageous and took tremendous risks in their exploration— both in their personal safety and in their personal wealth. If we cannot find a way to interpret the utterances and other behaviour of a creature as revealing a set of beliefs largely consistent and true by our standards, we have no reason to count that creature as rational, as having beliefs, or as saying anything.”—Donald Davidson (b. A dangerous land full of natives wanting to capture and kill Europeans. What are the good and bad qualities of the Spanish conquistadors? The Spanish conquistadors were mainly explorers and soldiers. In Lima in 1541 supporters of Diego Almagro II assassinated Francisco Pizarro. Franciscans believed that living a spiritual life of poverty and holiness was the best way to be an example that inspired others to convert. The Aztecs were a primitive people who practiced rituals that were inhumane. When did organ music become associated with baseball? While technological superiority, cultural factors and local allies played an important role in the victories of the conquistadors in the Americas, their conquest was greatly facilitated by old world diseases: smallpox, chicken pox, diphtheria, typhus, influenza, measles, malaria and yellow fever. Inter state form of sales tax income tax? I'm reading Bartolomé de las Casas chronicle on the conquest of the Nueva España and it makes me sick. In the eyes of the Spanish, they were good because they brought them gold and converted people to their religion. Spanish rule put and end to those cruel traditions. After Peru fell to Spain, Francisco Pizarro dispatched to el adelantado Diego de Almagro before they became enemies, to the Inca Empire's northern city of Quito to claim it. They could not see how a group of people could follow such a god. Castilian law banned Spanish women from travelling to America unless they were married and accompanied by a husband. Thanks Comments; Some conquistadores married native American women or had illegitimate children. They were obsessed with matters of honor and reputation. Spanish soldiers had a reputation for rowdiness, and duels were not uncommon. Gold and silver poured in from its colonies and Spain was the most powerful state in Europe. Rate! What were some good qualities from the spanish conquistadors? The Spanish conquest and settlement in the New World quickly led to large-scale subjugation of indigenous peoples, mainly of the Native Caribbean people, by Columbus on his four voyages. Motives were plain: said one soldier, “we came here to serve God and the king, and also to get rich.” The Spanish Conquistadors came armed with cannons, crossbows, lances, fine Toledo swords and firearms, none of which had ever been seen by Native warriors before. Negative Effect: Destruction of the Empire. Their armies were mostly soldiers of Iberian or European origin. The Great Lady. Gonzalo Pizarro, another brother of Francisco Pizarro, rose in revolt, killed viceroy Blasco Núñez Vela and most of his Spanish army in the battle in 1546, and Gonzalo attempted to have himself crowned king. that is the main difference, the conquistadors were Spanish conquerors. The defeat was likely. The Franciscans used a method of mass conversion, sometimes baptizing many thousands of Indians in a day. Bit of both really. Write a paragraph in which you express what you think were the qualities, both good and bad, of the Spanish conquistadors. The origin of many people in mixed expeditions was not always distinguished. Conquest and evangelization were inseparable in Spanish America. Pedro de Ursúa was killed by his subordinate Lope de Aguirre who crowned himself king while looking for El Dorado. In 1544, Lope de Aguirre and Melchor Verdugo were at the side of Peru's first viceroy Blasco Núñez Vela, who had arrived from Spain with orders to implement the New Laws and suppress the Encomiendas. Catholic religious orders that participated and supported the exploration, evangelizing and pacifying, were mostly Dominicans, Carmelites, Franciscans and Jesuits, for example Francis Xavier, Bartolomé de Las Casas, Eusebio Kino or Gaspar da Cruz. Well, the answer is far more simple – they were soldiers, more specifically disfranchised, professional soldiers. Not All of Them Were Spanish. Castilian law banned foreigners and non-Catholics from the New World. During the 1650s, most troops were mercenaries. Various occupations, such as sailors, fishermen and pirates employed different languages (even from unrelated language groups), so that crew and settlers of Iberian empires recorded as Galicians from Spain were actually using Portuguese, Arabic, Basque, Berber, Breton, Catalan, Dutch, French, Greek, Italian and Languedoc languages, which were wrongly identified. 3.5 4 votes 4 votes Rate! Montezuma II, ninth Aztec emperor of Mexico, famous for his dramatic confrontation with the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes. This description is based primarily on written documents from the 16th century but also includes some archaeological data. Caramuru was a Portuguese settler in the Tupinambá Indians. The Venetian Sebastiano Caboto was Sebastián Caboto, Georg von Speyer hispanized as Jorge de la Espira, Eusebius Franz Kühn hispanicized as Eusebio Francisco Kino, Wenceslaus Linck was Wenceslao Linck, Ferdinand Konščak, was Fernando Consag, Amerigo Vespucci was Américo Vespucio, the Portuguese Aleixo Garcia was in Castilian army Alejo García etc. Why were Spanish Conquistadors so brutal towards indigenous? Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Cortés founded Mexico City on the ruins of Tenochtitlan.
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