The Bank of China Tower was the tallest building outside of America until the completion of Central Plaza in 1992. Foundation Loads: The foundation load for the Bank of China Tower is 2.16x10 8 lbs, or 9.6kips/ft 2. $150 Million Chinese-American Harvard & MIT Famous Architect Most Famous … The Bank of China Tower's budget was announced in the local papers -- before Pei had started on his design -- to be $130 million, approximately one fifth of the budget allowed by HSBC. THE BANK OF CHINA TOWER Background Information Located in the Heart of Downtown Hong Kong 1208 ft. tall 72 Floors Commercial Use, Bank Branch Hybrid of Hancock (X Brace) and Sears Tower (Tapered) 5th Tallest When Built 11th Tallest Currently Steel, Concrete, Glass, Aluminum Cost of Construction: Approx. The Bank of China Building is a tower located at No. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong make a point of visiting this tower. It was built on the site of the old German Club (c. 1907). Loads of these values are typical for high rise, commercial spaces like the Bank of China Tower. Pei of I.M. 23 on the Bund, in Shanghai, People's Republic of China.Previously the headquarters of the Bank of China, it now houses the Shanghai Branch of the Bank of China.. 18th May 2019 – (Hong Kong) Upon its completion in 1990, Bank of China Tower was the tallest building in Asia, and Architectural Record called it “the most innovative skyscraper since Mies van der Rohe’s Seagram Building.” The skyscraper was designed by … The top four and the bottom 19 stories are used by the Bank, while the other floors are leased out. Introduction . The Bank of China Tower by architect Sherman Kung was built in Western financial district, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China in 1985-1989. Given this information, it would be expected that the structure … The Bank of China Tower is a skyscraper in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong and is arguably the city’s most iconic building.It houses the headquarters of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. The Bank of China Tower stands 70 stories tall, reaching a height of 1,209 feet. Bank of China (BOC) Tower is located at No.1, Garden Road, a flourishing centre of activity in Hong Kong's business and financial core. It is one of the tallest office buildings in Hong Kong. The project is located in Central, Central and Western, Hong Kong, China. Pei and L.C. Built between 1985 and 1990, The Bank of China Tower was designed by I. M. Pei & Partners and is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Hong Kong. It was designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. The BOC Tower is a masterpiece of the world-renowned Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei and has won many construction awards locally and globally. It is 367.4 m high, The Bank of China Tower is good place to visit while in Hong Kong. 1 Garden Road Hong Kong HK China: Status: built. Construction Dates: Began: 1985: Finished: 1990: Floor Count: 72: Basement Floors: 4: ... • Construction of this tower was started on 18th April, 1985 and the official opening ceremony was held on 17th May, 1990. Bank of China Tower 中 銀 大 廈. The changes in geometry, from a square base through several geometric changes to a single spire, result in a multifaceted facade of angles and profiles that reflect the light and seem almost crystalline in composition. Bank of China Tower is an office building and steel-reinforced concrete composite structure that was built from 1985 until 1990. The building was initially built by the Hong Kong Branch of the Bank of China; its Garden Road entrance continues to display the name "Bank of China", rather than Bank of China Hong Kong (BOCHK). It is one of the eighteen buildings involved in Hong Kong’s Tourism Commission.
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