Though you can still buy this taffy and peanut butter confection today, it’s largely a relic of pop culture. Annabelle, the current manufacturer of Abba-Zaba, inherited it through the acquisition of the Cardinet Candy Company. You can now get your Abba-Zaba fix with green-apple flavored taffy, or a chocolate, instead of peanut butter, filling. We cannot cover your shipping charges for returns and exchanges. Sold by Fast and Swift and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Abba-Zaba is a chewy taffy bar with a creamy peanut butter center. Our crack research team tells us the first Abba Zaba bars were manufactured in 1922 by Colby and McDermott. Big Hunk Candy Bars 24CT Box 42.33 Ounce $28.99 ( $0.60 / 1 ounce) In Stock. Abba-Zaba is high in protein and extremely satisfying, truly in a class by itself now available in regular and king size bars. He used the bar's name as a song title on his album Safe as Milk in 1967. If you do not take these precautions we cannot assume any risk of melting and cannot issue a refund or product replacement. Cherianne. Ships from and sold by Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop. Abba Zabba Candy Bars are a genius mix of taffy and peanut butter that you will love. Abba-Zaba candy bar, made with Real Peanut Butter, is typically known as a West Coast candy. Each Abba Zaba candy bar is 2 oz. This Site Might Help You. If you decide to cancel the order altogether, the amount refunded will be for the total product purchase price only ( not your original shipping ) less return-to-sender fees we are charged by the carrier. Chocolate products not melted can be returned under the same conditions noted above for non-chocolate items.You supplied an incorrect address:Please be sure to check both your billing address and shipping address to ensure accuracy. However, the shipper charges for this service and we will pass on the fee to you. If it is determined the product is to be returned we will let you know where to send it.You will not be responsible for any shipping costs to send the product to us, and we will send the correct candy to you or issue a refund.Non-Chocolate Returns/Exchanges: If you would like to exchange your purchase for a different item or for a full refund we would be glad to do so. Abba Zaba Candy Bars - Annabelle Candy minis in 6. These old fashioned candy bars bring back more than great memories; they taste just as great as they ever did. Email me about updates Report conversation as inappropriate ... Yep, bartell drugs is the best for candy bars. Take a trip down memory lane, or introduce this classic to a new generation. Please double check the items with the invoice you received. If an order has been processed and shipped it cannot be cancelled. I usually am crazy about these types of candy but I didn't care for the Abba-Zaba. If all attempts fail, the carrier will send this product back to us at If this happens, the carrier may attempt to contact you to confirm a correct address. Sam Altshuler founded Annabelle Candy Company in 1950. Around since the 192s, this historic candy bar has a taxi cab-esque wrapper that will remind you of the ''roaring'' 2s in New York City. Bar RE: where can i buy a abba zabba candy bar these days? Here is what you need to know when you have to have a melt-able product and it is just plain hot out! {property.value}, A small donation of just $1.00 or $2.00, the cost of a single bottle of water, will have an impact. Artwork on the rear album sleeve also features a black and yellow checkerboard pattern inspired by the Abba-Zaba wrapper. I should know, I'm a candy bar connoisseur. Join the discussion today. Marshmallow, Hunk, Abba Zabba, UNO, truffles, S'mores, Cardinet and Golden Nugget, made by Annabelle's Candy Company. 1-866-929-5477 Abba Zaba bars are chewy taffy filled with a peanut butter center. If you supply us with an incorrect address we won’t know it, and we will ship your order to the address that is supplied. Another West Coast tradition, this bar is a great value! Here is what you need to know when you have to have a melt-able product and it is just plain hot out! If you would like to cancel an order, we will be happy to do so only if it has not yet shipped. You must call within 72 hours of receipt of the delivery. Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1917, founded Annabelle Candy Co., Inc., in 1950. we may be able to contact the shipper and have the package re-routed to the correct address. $9.95 flat rate US ground shipping. In 1978, these chewy delights were acquired by Annabelle Candy Co, who currently manufactures this popular candy bar in Hayward, California. The bar was a favorite of rock musician Don Van Vliet, who is best known by his stage name Captain Beefheart. If you take the these precautions as follows: ... and if your candy STILL melts, we will provide a refund for the melted item. At the present time we add ice packs at no additional cost. These nostalgic candy bars have known quite a few fans over the years, and are generously-sized, and sweetly satisfying. You as the customer retain all responsibility of shipping the package to: WWW.GROOVYCANDIES.COMATTN: Returns & Exchanges6770 Brookpark RoadCleveland OH 44129Returns must be shipped to us within 10 business days of the date the product is delivered to you. We recommend you track your order and if you see the package was delivered and left outside then make an effort to get it inside at a cooler temperature as soon as possible. He named his business the Annabelle Candy Company after his daughter, and began manufacturing Rocky Road in San Francisco. You can sign in … Where can I buy abba-zabba? We will not reship these items. So Yummy and delicious.creamy delicious peanut butter surrounded by delicious white nougat! 0 0. Each Abba Zaba candy bar is 2 oz. If you have any concerns please contact our Customer Service at (888) 729-1960. Your order may take longer to arrive this season. Or – as we like to say – from the Abba Zaba candy bar to the Zero candy bar! Annabelle's manufactures Abba Zaba, Rocky Road, Big Hunk, U-NO, and Look! Abba-Zaba are taffy candy bars with peanut butter centers made by Annabelle Candy Company. Report as inappropriate. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Also, one can trace it back through history on the Internet. If you did receive the wrong items please call us at 888-729-1960. Please include a copy of your invoice in with the return. As chocolate has a moderate melting temperature, we highly recommend that you use an expedited shipping service for chocolate products. Abba Zaba History. in Local Questions & Answers. You can view your wishlist by creating or login account. The candy is Kosher pareve and is even available in new flavors. This item: Abba Zaba Candy Bars - Annabelle Candy minis in 6" x 6" x 6" Box Bulk Candy, 3.5 lbs - 56 oz $29.99 ($0.54 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Shop with confidence. When this happens, you are responsible to pay all secondary shipping charges to have the product reshipped to a corrected address. Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1917, founded Annabelle Candy Company, Incorporated, in 1950. Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1917, founded Annabelle Candy Co., Inc., in 1950. Salt water taffy, an array of bulk candy, vintage favorites such as Abba-Zaba and Pez, souvenir key chains, plus a wide variety of Jones Sodas find a home here in Pawn Plaza… IMPORTANT! Learn more. Abba Zaba bars are chewy taffy filled with a peanut butter center. He learned the art of candy making, and after years of perfecting his recipe, finally achieved success with his Rocky Road candy bar. To avoid melting on idle delivery trucks over the weekend, melt-able orders will not be shipped when the ETA includes transport over a weekend. Read the abba zaba candy bars discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Manhattan food community. If you're hosting a party soon, would like to give a delicious treat away as a gift, or have another occasion in mind, Annabelle is definitely for you. An old-fashioned favorite candy bar made of chewy taffy with a peanut butter center. Our crack research team tells us the first Abba Zaba bars were manufactured in … A chewy white taffy bar with a creamy peanut butter center. Buy in bulk to save money. Kosher Certified We do not charge a restocking fee.Chocolate Return/Exchanges: We stand behind our pledge for total customer satisfaction. In 1978, Annabelle acquired of the Cardinet Candy Co., which manufactured U-NO and Abba Zaba candy bars. If you’re looking for the best selection of retro candy bars for sale, has you covered from A to Z. In 1972, the Company purchased Golden Nugget Candy Company, of San Francisco, the makers of Big Hunk and Look candy bars, and began manufacturing those products. Abba-Zaba are taffy candy bars with peanut butter centers made by Annabelle Candy Company. The Abba Zaba has been mentioned or shown in … Abba-Zaba Candy Bars are one of a kind chewy taffy bars with a rich, creamy peanut butter center. This item: Abba Zaba Bars, 2-Ounce Bars (Pack of 24) $28.49 ( $0.59 / 1 Ounce) Only 11 left in stock - order soon. Where can I get Annabelle Candy? The Abba Zaba is a true classic candy bar, first coming into the world all the way back in 1922. The original ABBA-ZABA that goes back to the 1920's is also acquired from the Cardinet Candy Company. ... Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers Subscription Boxes Pack-a-Bag of Candy ... Buy 5+ Save 6%: $1.40 each: Buy 10+ Save 10%: $1.34 each: Quantity. How do you think about the answers? 9am - 4pm EST Annabelle Candy Co., Inc. is extending its peanut butter-filled taffy bar line with Abba Zaba Mystery, which will be an ever-changing flavor, according to the candymaker.“While I can’t give away all the secrets, I can promise that it will be delicious,” says Victor Moreno, company president. Today, Annabelle Candy Company manufactures the Abba-Zaba bar in Hayward, California. Please note we cannot be responsible for chocolate that melts during shipping, and we will not issue refunds for chocolate that melts during shipping. Find great deals on eBay for abba zaba bar. Source(s): Again, please call us at 888-729-1960 as soon as you notice an incorrect address.Seasonal Products:We do not accept returns of seasonal products. What’s not to like about the Abba-Zaba? Upload Succesful A taffy in a league of its own! Which lead to his Song/Album Title Abba-Zaba in 1967 (the title of the album was later renamed Safe a Milk). If you are unsure of ground transit times please call us at 888-729-1960. The item quickly gained popularity throughout the western United States where it has its strongest hold today, and is currently ranked highly among the top best selling chocolate bars on the West Coast. ALERT : Order processing and Shippers are experiencing delays. It was first manufactured in 1922 by Colby and McDermott, and then taken on by the Cardinet Candy Co. and U-No Bar. Annabelle's ABBA ZABA 2 ounce Candy Bars(24 bars). Email … The makers of amazing classic candy bars such as Abba-Zabba, Big Hunk, Rocky Road, and many more, there's a candy for every member of your family. Enjoy an Abba-Zaba today! 5 years ago. Please note that all items that you wish to return/exchange must not be damaged, must be in the original unopened package, and of course not have been consumed/missing. We have the complete line-up of big-name standards in our candy bar list, plus hard-to-find items such as Clark Bars, Bit-O-Honey, Abba-Zaba, Zero Bar, and Mallow Cups. Cardinet apparently acquired Abba-Zaba from the long defunct Colby & McDermott, who copyrighted the bar in 1922. Please note that Annabelle Candy Company items are not distributed Nationally. Source(s): buy abba zabba candy bar days: As chewy, sour apple taffy goes, these Abba-Zaba Sour Apple Bars are sure to please a bevvy of candy lovers. Abba Zaba Candy Bars - Abba Zabba - Minis, Annabelle Candy - Yellow Candy - Bulk Party 2 LB Party Bag Family Size Description. The Abba Zaba candy bar has been providing happiness in the form of taffy and peanut butter for nearly a century. Once it leaves our warehouse we do not have control over where it is and how long it may sit. © 1999-2020 Sugar Memories LLC.All Rights Reserved. Please create account through ##customer_email## email. Abba Zaba Are one of the Top 20 Retro Candies 2 oz. He learned the art of candy making, and after years of perfecting his recipe, finally achieved success with his Rocky Road candy bar. If you’ve got a royal hunger, shop our king-size candy bar list that includes all the heavy hitters like Hershey’s, Kit … Locate Annabelle Candy Company products by store and zip code: RockyRoad, BIG HUNK, LOOK!, ABBA-ZABA, U-NO. Unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee satisfaction on all chocolate products due to melting. This candy's name will roll right off your tongue and make you want to come back for more! A minimum of one week’s notice is required. Abba-Zaba bars can be found almost exclusively west of the Rockies. America's Online Candy Store for 20+ Years, Encrypted Payments With Credit Card or Paypal, Phone: 888-729-1960Fax: 216-274-9200----------------------------. candy bars. 4/7/2008. Abba Zaba Candy. An Abba Zaba is a chewy taffy bar filled with a rich creamy peanut butter center. 0 0. Display box contains 24 wrapped Light Blue & White Swirl Whirly Lollipops, each with a net weight of 1.5 ounces. 24 full-sized Abba-Zaba candy bars in each bulk box Each Abba-Zaba candy bar is 2 oz. After the package is received, we will issue you a refund for the returned product. Of course you have the option of returning the product if it is unopened, is non-seasonal, and it is done with 10 days. You must contact a customer service representative by calling 888-729-1960 as soon as possible as we typically process orders the same day. Mon - Fri, © 2020 The Old Time Candy Company, All Rights Reserved. High in protein, long lasting and very satisfying. "Abba-Zaba, you my only friend", the famous words from the movie Half-Baked starring Dave Chappelle also known for their slogan: "One Won't Do - Better Buy Two!" What started as a family business continues today as the one of the largest independently owned candy bar manufacturers in the United States, producing some of the most popular and traditional West Coast items available on the market today. {}: Free for orders over $250. At that point, a representative will review the situation with you. If we shipped the wrong item:If we shipped you the wrong item we are sorry for the error and will remedy the situation. If you realize the address is wrong after it has shipped ( missing APT #, wrong street etc. ) However, we have found that it is loved by many of our Midwest customers.
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