In the Pacifica’s case combining a P-90 with a humbucker works exceedingly well. Not for those who love heavier genres and distortion, The guitar has a very interesting arrangement of pickups, directed at maximum expressivity in sound. The nut of the guitar is built out of Graphtec. Considering the amount of quality, name-branded hardware included I also think it’s safe to say Yamaha has upheld its reputation for value-for-money instruments. In this video, let's check out the Yamaha Pacifica 612IIVFM! We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. And who could blame them? Meanwhile, the SP90 produces a classic warm Soapbar tone, smooth and sweet and once again ideal for the vintage gain-type tones beloved of Rock and Blues guitarists. Rate product. £642. It sounds fantastic, plays exceptionally well and has a great vintage-inspired twist to the classic Pacifica aesthetics that really suit the raunchy Blues-Rock tones it excels at. Plugging the guitar in, it's immediately apparent just how versatile the Pacifica design is. Its classy, vintage-inspired looks are a pleasure to behold and really suit the style of guitar Yamaha was aiming to build here. "Our example of the 611 is finished in a hue called 'root beer', a colour that's attractively subtle and shows off the body's maple veneer very nicely indeed." Get the guaranteed best price on Solid Body Electric Guitars like the Yamaha Pacifica 611 Hardtail Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. Yamaha Pacifica 611 in Flat Black. to the product. It is incredibly versatile, with the ability to produce heavy and soft sound equally well. Built in Indonesia, the Pacifica 611VFMX comes with a matte finish in translucent blue, translucent black or root beer, the color of the review unit I was sent to check out. If this were done the bar would be much more sensitive to subtle use. The neck of the guitar is set into the body, allowing for superior resonance, durability and playability. They sound great, the price is excellent (many under $200) and they look awesome. Pacifica — a name that recalls the beach, the ocean, the sun. The Yamaha PAC611HFM Pacifica features a Seymour Duncan TB-14 humbucker in the bridge position, letting you dial in killer humbucking tone. An entry level model, it’s been widely praised and loved since its introduction and for good reason. Since launching the Pacifica line of guitars in the early 1990s, Yamaha has enjoyed major global success and re-established itself as a major name in guitar production. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Players who’ve started out with the 112 Pacifica and are looking to upgrade to a more professional instrument will find the 611 VFM instantly comfortable, while players new to the Yamaha world and looking for something versatile to primarily play Blues and classic Rock on would do well to check one of these out. Hey guys, i'm looking for some inputs. The 311 isn't quite as tonally articulate as the 611 - the humbucker is lower in power and the P-90 a little flat. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Priced competitively to suit even the most stringent budgets, this 25.5” guitar resembles a Stratocaster in many of its features. The Pacifica 112V, in terms of both price and quality, sits between an entry-level strat style of guitar and a more affordable non-US made Fender Stratocaster. The sound is where the guitar takes all of the understatement done by the body and blows it out of the world. A Seymour Duncan SP90-1N single-coil in the neck position provides wonderful crisp, clear single-coil tone. It’s a great feature that many players will continue to appreciate, especially useful for covers gigs and other environments where covering as much of the spectrum of guitar tone as possible with a single instrument is a necessity. The Yamaha Pacifica, like most of their affordable range of guitars, is made in Taiwan. You have entered an incorrect email address! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to The 611’s pickups are much better balanced, and have a somewhat more ‘vintage’ flavour than those on the 311. My memory is that the 311 sounded more aggressive and a little harsh, whilst my new guitar just sounds more rounded, and is more articulate.The HB/P90 pairing is very versatile combination and covers plenty of possibilities. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a Yamaha Pacifica 112 electric guitar. Yamaha has gone for quality hardware on this guitar, and you really are getting a lot for the price. The Pacifica was inspired by the Californian session scene of the day, where versatility was key, and this is something Yamaha has retained as a key focus for the line throughout the many successful variants that have been released since its inception. The headstock had a matching finish and the maple neck, with a vintage yellow-y stain, was complimented by a quality rosewood fretboard. In a similar class, have a current model Pacifica 112V and Squier Affinity Tele for basis of comparison, as well as a Yamaha APX600. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The entry-level Yamaha Pacifica 112 is easy as playable as the Squier Classic Vibe or SX guitars without the fancy finish. The Yamaha’s clean and transparent acoustic character translates into a healthy amplified tone. While it was great for scoops and divebombs, it was virtually impossible to create subtler vibrato effects as it came set-up from the factory. Bought the 311. It is also rather fast and easy to restring. However, as a standalone instrument it provides a good level of versatility. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The Yamaha Pacifica 112J takes the Fender Stratocaster template and looks to improve on it by concentrating on build quality and guitarist-friendly improvements to the layout. Yet, what makes it stand apa… Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Originally developed in the 1990’s, the Yamaha Pacifica series has become one of the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. Yamaha Pacifica 112 Review. This combination of the trembucker and the Single Coil creates an interesting tonality and a powerful expressivity for the instrument. While indeed eye catching, the design is masterfully constructed to feel understated. Let us take a look at one of the guitar, the Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM LAB and see what makes the manufacturer so happy to have worked on it. I thought this was a fantastic, complimentary choice of pickups as the Custom 5 is a really great humbucker for Blues and classic Rock with a medium output that produces less distortion than many ‘Rock’ pickups but still has a clear, strong and noticeably warm tone. We review today a guitar designed by Yamaha Guitar Development Hollywood that has been on the market since 1990. The Best of Both Worlds: The Acoustic Electric Guitar, Best Basses: The Grooviest & the Funkiest, Guitar Accessories or How to Access Your Success, The Ultimate (But Not Fully Comprehensive) Guide to Guitar Strings, A Guide to Unique Sounds or Simply Best Guitar Pedals, The Hidden Treasure of Bottom-end – The Best Bass Pedals. This article was originally published in issue #36, To read the article in its entirety, view the digital magazine, Black Stone Cherry | Eddie Van Halen Tribute, Our website uses Cookies - by using this site or closing this message you’re agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Looking at their portfolio, it is not hard to imagine how proud the manufacturer must be of its work. The extra hardiness added to the guitar by using this wood is highly appreciated by the musicians. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. It’s crafted from solid alder, and looks gorgeous in its natural yellow-stained finish, although the Black, Metallic Red, and Vintage White varieties all equally impress. The neck of the guitar is constructed out of maple. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Our review sample was also nicely lightweight. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Between these 2 models, which one would be your pick? These cookies do not store any personal information. Looking at their portfolio, it is not hard to imagine how proud the manufacturer must be of its work. Yamaha Pacifica Guitar Review. In 2012 Yamaha introduced the Pacifica 611 as a new mid-range model aimed at players looking for a professional quality instrument at an affordable price point. This combination of the trembucker and the Single Coil creates an interesting tonality and a powerful expressivity for the instrument. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This material is known to be a high quality piece of synthetics that pays off well for most guitars. The new addition of the Wilkinson VS50 tremolo and Grover locking tuners perfectly finishes off a spec sheet that already includes a TUSQ XL nut and string tree and Seymour Duncan pickups; a Soapbar SP90 in the neck position and a Custom 5 in the bridge position. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The first thing you will notice about the guitar is its design. The first thing that struck me about the 611 was the superb factory setup. At the end of the day, tremolo set-up is a personal preference and the Wilkinson trems are known for being very adjustable - you can set exactly how the bar falls away after use for example. … If you like sailing, following the wind for hours armed only with your courage and a fishing-rod, you'll be disappointed by the present review: this is not a hunting/fishing magazine! As a teacher, I encounter these guitars all the time and they are consistently the best guitars I come across in their price range; they play fantastically, have an impressive variety of pleasing tones to suit most occasions and seem to be borderline indestructible - there’s certainly no better way to torture test a product than observe it in the hands of multiple enthusiastic but accident-prone children! Of all Yamaha’s guitars, the most widely recognised is probably the Pacifica 112. The bar felt stiff and not as responsive as I expected. Straight out of the box, the 611 VFM is an impressive guitar. Here's why. The Best Acoustic Guitars in Every Price Range. The Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM is a guitar for players who are serious about tone and versatility. First and foremost is its recognizable, bright tone. I personally have more faith in Yamaha's quality assurance and consistency than other manufacturers - I think if you don't quite know whay you're buying that A PAC112V would be less of a 'lucky dip'. Some designs, however just can’t be bettered, and the Yamaha can’t live with the playability, nut construction and iconic visuals of the Stratocaster. The Custom 5 produced pleasing single coil sounds when the coil tap was engaged, with convincing country-style cleans and classic thin-distortion tones for riffs and bluesy chords. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Whilst the 611 was designed primarily for Blues and Rock players, the signature Yamaha versatility was still there and the model was received warmly by critics and guitar fans alike. The 311H sports the familiar Pacifica body, which is a well-defined, curvaceous Strat-style double-cutaway shape with a 25.5” scale length. Click here to view more from Best Electric Guitar Under 1000. They produce a lot of things, ranging from instruments to motorcycles, but they have also produced some of the most impressive guitars out there. The Pacifica 611H feels great, thanks to the fine fret job and the very comfortable, oval C-shaped neck profile. Combining these saddles with Yamaha's original steel bridgeplate give the perfect combination of quick response and strong sustain. I’d say that this is one of the best guitars you can get for price that you are paying. This tonewood is well known as the wood used in the 60s and the 70s to produce some of the more legendary Stratocasters of the time. The guitar has a very interesting arrangement of pickups, directed at maximum expressivity in sound. Especially ever since they started producing the Pacifica series. The guitar was provided with 10's on and played like a dream, with a low action and comfortable string tension for bends and vibrato. ... Yamaha Pacifica 611 V FM TBL. Like most other Yamaha Pacifica models, the 612 VII FM features a sleek, modern “super Strat” design with deep, sweeping cutaways and comfortable contours. There is no string buzz to speak of with this instrument. The Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM represents the very best in Yamaha’s revered line of Pacifica electric guitars. The guitar sounds beautiful, powerful, strong and expressive. At the bridge of the guitar we have the Seymour Duncan Trembucker while at the neck we have the vintage appropriate. Our review model had the Root Beer finish option, a transparent gloss finish that really enhances the grain of the alder body and flame maple veneer. The Pacifica 611HFM shoots for professional features and sound, good looks with no gimmicks and that ‘a-little-bit-special’ custom shop feel; all in a guitar which surprises many by coming in well below their budget for a high-spec guitar. © 2020 guitaramplifierblueprinting. On the side of the guitar you will find a three-way lever that allows you to configure the pickups. Ruling the music market for almost 2 decades now, the Yamaha Pacifica Series has been the Holy Grail for many enthusiastic beginners. Yamaha has further enhanced the versatility of the guitar by adding a push-pull tone knob to coil tap the Custom 5 pickup in the bridge position, a standard feature of the Pacifica range. Watch the Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM in action: This new model is the result of more than a year's worth of planning, refining and testing and is based on two Custom Shop prototypes. Yamaha is one of my favorite musical instrument manufacturers. 14 text reviews in other languages available. A combination of colors often seen and yet rarely appreciated in the guitar world make this instrument feel comfortable and homely, yet not ordinary. In the end I chose the 311H over the 611H with intention to mod the PUPs, as aesthetically, I didn't like the 611's thematic and bling, and SD PUPs notwithstanding, just preferred the 311H. Additionally, the tone knob has a coil split functionality if you push/pull the encoder. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. SP90-1. The matte finish and aluminum pickguard are super-cool aesthetic upgrades, so if you prefer that look over the other Pacifica 611 models it’s completely worth the extra handful of bucks and effort to track down this limited-edition beauty. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The Grover locking machine heads really did their job as expected from such an established brand, but the Wilkinson VS50 surprised me a little. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The strings came set-up with a low and consistent action straight out of the box, partly due to the great fretwork on our review model. The body of the guitar is constructed out of Alder. Yamaha is well known around the world for producing quite a variety of different products, from guitars to motorcycles, pianos to robots. They produce a lot of things, ranging from instruments to motorcycles, but they have also produced some of the most impressive guitars out there. The 611 gives you that custom shop look, feel and performance with professional options. It is a guitar for anyone looking for a better-built alternative to the typical budget entry-level Strat style of guitar. Despite minor gripes with the tremolo system set-up, overall this guitar completely impressed me. Powerful and full in tone, this instrument makes for great sound. In 2012 Yamaha introduced the Pacifica 611 as a new mid-range model aimed at players looking for a professional quality instrument at an affordable price point. On the plus side, the bar did return to zero every time and pairing it with the Grover locking machine heads has resulted in the 611 VFM consistently holding tune. In the end you get a guitar that has all of the inviting qualities of an instrument you have owned before, and yet possesses its own, unique character. … Learn how your comment data is processed. There are 6 customer reviews (6) Yamaha Pacifica PAC612VIIFM Electric Guitar - Root Beer . In my opinion this guitar would benefit from the use of slightly longer tremolo springs, which would be under less strain when the guitar was tuned to pitch and therefore require less pressure to generate motion. All Rights Reserved. This means that the guitar has a superior string stability and a great rise for some amazing action. Translucent finishes boast a flamed maple top for that classic tonewood combination. The Yamaha Pacifica 112 is an “s-style” electric guitar. The hardwood has a lot of qualities that make it so desirable. The tuning machine of the guitar is of great quality, preserving the tuning of the instrument for long periods of time without issue. Rock players may very well prefer the stiffer tremolo set-up as well, as all the typical Rock whammy bar tricks are still very much accessible whilst more aggressive playing and palm muting will have less effect on the tuning stability of the instrument. Tone Versatility wise? The controls are fairly simple, with the guitar having just a couple of knobs: master volume and master tone. The Pacifica 311His cut from the same cloth as the more expensive 611HFM, and on looks alone it would be tricky to tell the two apart. Highly recommended. Although the Pacifica has most of its design cues from the Fender Stratocaster, it never the less has its own vibe going on and is unmistakably a Yamaha … Combining these saddles with Yamaha's original steel bridgeplate gives the perfect combination of quick response and strong sustain. Now Yamaha has given the 611 a hardware upgrade and introduced a new incarnation - the 611 VFM. £529.00 Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM Electric Guitar in Light Amber Burst ... Yamaha’s Pacifica 112 guitars are also available in more colours than the 012. Yamaha Original Bridge Plate with Graphtech String-Saver Saddles (PAC611HFM, PAC611H) Teflon-impregnated saddles dramatically reduce string breakage while minimizing the dominant 2KHz tonal spike of metal saddles. Yamaha is one of my favorite musical instrument manufacturers. It is an incredible instrument with a lot of character and enough class to not show off too much of it in looks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. For anyone looking for a more sensitive tremolo, replacing the trem springs is also a simple and inexpensive procedure. Get the guaranteed best price on Solid Body Electric Guitars like the Yamaha Pacifica 612VII Flame Maple Electric Guitar at Musician's Friend. Whilst the 611 was designed primarily for Blues and Rock players, the signature Yamaha versatility was still there and the model was received warmly by critics and guitar fans alike. Of course, the real news for the 611 VFM is the new tremolo system and locking tuners. Out of the entire lot of 8 electric guitars from Yamaha, the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar is an absolute bestseller, owing to its impressive construction, seamless playability and beginner-friendly features. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The body is carved from alder and comfort-contoured so that it fits your posture standing or seated. The fretboard of the guitar is made of rosewood, a prime material for this purpose. But with its roots in the music industry, don’t be fooled by the Yamaha Corporation’s broad portfolio; music was the company’s stomping ground and remains a prime focal point to this day. The design the is reminiscent of the Stratocaster is familiar, and yet remains unique on its own. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51500000222788 site51500000000215836 New L26478 Yamaha Pacifica 611 Hardtail Electric Guitar site51500000222788,site51500000222783,site51500000222785,site51500000222789 false The light weight of The tonewood means that you will never be tired holding the instrument in your hand. I experimented with the bar and removed the tremolo cover on the back to check how many springs they’d installed, but it was the standard three spring set-up and not four, as I thought may have been the case. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. The bridge of the guitar is a hardtail. Customers Love Us! The neck profile of the 611 VFM felt slightly thicker than I’m familiar with from the 112, but still very comfortable in the hand and easy to manoeuvre on. The Pacifica also has 22 frets vs 21 for the Mexican Strat / Squier Classic Vibe - this might not matter to you, depending on what you want to play. 6-string Solidbody Electric Guitar with Alder Body, Laminated Maple Top, Maple Neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 1 Humbucking Pickup, and 2 Single-coil Pickups - Root Beer. The guitar really felt like a professional instrument in my hands, with great quality construction throughout and all the controls in the perfect positions to be right at hand when needed. At the bridge of the guitar we have the Seymour Duncan Trembucker while at the neck we have the vintage appropriate SP90-1. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM LAB Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Light Amber Burst at Show variations of this product (27) Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM RTB. The slight flatness of the tone when compared to maple means that the tonewood is easy to identify and grants more character to the sound. This sturdy piece of hardwood is the favorite go to material for the neck of the guitar for so many guitar manufacturers. The Yamaha Pacifica 611 Electric Guitars offer versatility in tone, classic tone wood construction, and a comfortable body design, all at an extremely affordable price. Especially ever since […] Alder is not the hardest or sturdiest tonewood out there, and yet it is not soft enough to be easily damaged by impacts and scratching.
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